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Volkswagen Cabrio Warning Lights and Problem Codes



  • I have a 2000 VW Cabrio that I need to get through the deq. I have had someone look at it twice and I keep gettting the code P1582 (Manufacturer specific code?) and P0411 (which is "secondary air injection system incorrect air flow detected").
    The breather tube was broken and I had that replaced. And then had the codes cleared from the computer. The check engine light is not on but also does not come on when the key is in the ignition. Is it possible that the bulb is burned out? I did not have a VW shop look at the car. Is it possible they could not clear the codes completely from the computer? Any help is greatly appreciated!!
  • My key will not go all the way into my igniton, so I cant unlock my steering wheel. Volkswagen say I need to replace my ignition switch. My electrial devices still functions so I dont need the housing part. Volkswagen is charging of course out of the pocket crzy expense...Any suggestion.
  • joracojoraco Posts: 1
    edited April 2011
    Is it really possible to clean the Mass Airflow Sensor on this vehicle. I heard rubbing alcohol works fine, as long as it dries up really good. Can anyone let me know if this is true? Thank You.
  • I recently purchased a 96 Cabrio, and I knew it had a few problems with it. However, after fixing a few of the problems, the car started idling extremely rough, and shuts off if you don't press the gas when stopped. I replaced the throttle body, as per the dealer suggested, and it still runs horribly. If you drive it like you are racing, it drives fine. However, if you try to be gentle, it bogs and shuts off after you shift right around and under 2700 RPM's. After that it drives fine. I even replaced the Mass Air Flow Sensor, and it didn't change the way it drove. Any ideas? Please help! Oh, plus the speedomotor doesn't work. I replaced the speed sensor, I believe the tranny one, but still no speedomotor.
  • Hello i'm having same prob did u fix it and how :confuse:
  • Have an 01 Cabby with only 114 k miles,picked up car cheap. Here is my Prob, Just got it on the road, only driven it 2 days parked to clean the inside in my driveway. When i go to crank it up to go to the store nothing happens, thinking the Bat was to low i jump it off but still nothing.. Come to find out the Indicator in the cluster is reading the trans in D (drive) while the shifter is in park..Can move the shifter from P to Manual 1 and the indicator does not move in the cluster just stays at D. Trying to find out if this is a trans Issue or a computer Issue?
    If anyone has any info plz help..Thanks
  • I am looking for the heater motor (fan) resistor location on my 99 cabrio. Fan positions 1,2,3 do not work only the high position 4.
  • The way you remove theThe engine diagnostic connector cap located directly above the cigarette lighter is to first remove the ashtray by pressing the small button located on the bottom front of it and then sliding the cap to the left where the ashtray was this will take no effort
  • Hi everybody i have a cabrio 2002 i bought 2 years ago went threw the worst nightmare ever when i bought my car because the person who sold me the car screwed me by taking the check engine light bulb out had it illegally smogged so i would never know it until i got it smogged again which would be 2 years later or if i had engine problems which i didnt have.  He apparentlly removed this bulb to hide the catallack convertor problem from me. Anyway with all that being said all of it was fix and my car been running fine. But the other day in to it and all of sudden my windshield wipers wont turn off unless i pull the fuse and when i turn on my lights the light in the dash go out or fickers out. I turn the light switch on and off the come on and off. I took off the instrument panal and clean all the stuff off by the sterring wheel and seem to work better for a while but it still doing it. I dont know if theres a seperate bulb for the dash light in the instument panal or not. Does anyone know this ??
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