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Older Civic Maintenance and Repair



  • bigfurbigfur Posts: 649
    edited January 2013
    Its a 2001 with about 130K on it. Have to ask my brother about the timing belt but my best guess would be no. It has not restarted since but the fuel pump is coming on. When trying to start now it sounds as if the starter isnt engaging, but i dont see how that would stop a car that was already running. If it was a timing belt i would expect a trouble code, or am i wrong on that? Any help is greatly appreciated, thanks!
  • hi everyone if someone can tell what problem i have in my car
    started in a day when it was -30c and i was on the hightway runing about 110km/h then one time i felt the shifting knob is shaking ,the same feeling like there is a spark plug not working and the car going on 3 spark plugs, so i check them and i found oil on 2nd and 3rd spark plug, i cleaned everything even changed the joint-set of the head gasket installed every thing back in place but still doing the same thing .
    not all time only when i reach 70km/h on 4th and 5th depend specially when im going on a bridge ,at 80km/h it return no shaking again
    1st.2nd.3rd has no problem at all with smooth shifting or burning and the engine gives good power also
    so what is that and why exactly at 70km/h ?????
    my car has 256000 km
    thank you
  • azfarazfar Posts: 8
    Does adding a Vtec to a non vtec 2004 civic lx gives any increase in Horsepower ? im thinking it may be does because same model of car with EX trim that comes with a VTEC gives about "12" more horse power... correct me if im wrong
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  • tpcitpci Posts: 3
    AC was not cooling well. Mechanic put in dye to tell where leak was, then recharged system. Same day (and first time ever) intermittent rattling from engine area. The following day I noticed regular-timed engine power drops (2 seconds lightly sluggish, then 2 seconds normal... continuously). When I turn the A/C off, it immediately stops.
    By the way, no leaks detected.
    Any ideas?
  • Hey all,

    Our '05 LX is approaching 105,000mi and looks like it should be due for a few maintenance items, like the replacement of the spark plugs and an inspection of the valve clearance. I want to say that in the past I have seen Honda mention not needing a tune up until 105k miles, but I'm not sure what that entails exactly.

    We had the timing belt/water pump replaced last year so while that is out of the way, is there any other large ticket item that should be inspected?
  • olddustofferolddustoffer Posts: 16
    edited July 2013
    Since the Timing belt is done, the only other item is transmission flush if it's Automatic.
    They should check the suspension components as well. Civic Struts last about 150K as a rule.
    Not sure what they do on a tuneup as they hook it to a computer and it tells them about everything. My "Shade Tree" tuneups ended with the need for the computer diagnosis.
    Of course, they need to do a compression test, but that would be a given when they pull the Plugs I would think.
    I'll look at my Civic Book and see if I can add anything.
  • Thanks, I appreciate it. I will put a suspension check up on the to do list.

    In January I brought the car to a local Honda dealer for an oil change and they told me that the compliance bushings and front stabilizer links needed to be changed to the tune of $600. I've been meaning to have the car looked at by an independent mechanic that I know but I haven't had a chance and the car has been fine as far as I can tell.
  • that is your compressor turning on and off. can be caused by a few different things. More often than not it is because you are low on r134-a(coolant). did the mechcanic find a leak and repair it?
  • Three times now my kid tells me he has braked and the car would not stop. He said the pedal was normal did not go to the floor like a master cylinder problem. I drive it, it seems fine. Any one else have a intermittent problem like this.

    I am thinking air in the lines, sticking caliper or glazed pads or rotor. Hate to just guess at it but not sure how to diagnose it other than process of illumination.
  • I have a 94 Honda Civic 4dr with new shocks on the rear end. What solutions are the best to get the sagging effect out of the rear end?
  • You really have only 2 choices. The best is new springs, as undoubtedly the old ones are weak, and may even have breaks. The other way would be replace the new shocks with air shocks, something that probably doesn't appeal to you. Ordinary shocks don't provide lift, just reduce bounce.
    If you can't find springs, there are many shops that will fabricate new ones for <$500. Just depends on your budget and how badly you want to fix it. There is a shop here in Albuquerque that will make springs, got some for my 64 T-Bird for less than I could buy them from Bird searches on the Net.
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