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Toyota Sienna Uncontrolled Acceleration



  • Toyota Sienna Mini Van Spontaneous acceleration Our Minivan spontaneously accelerated. I don't know if you know Toyota has been having this issue with older models, but ours is a 2012 Toyota Sienna XLE Limited All wheel drive mini van. I put on the Brake to let my wife out when the van took off as if I had the gas pedal to the floor, yet my foot was on the brake. We kept moving, so I pushed the stop/ignition button and the van would not stop. I then put on the emergency brake and the van was still moving, I watched the RPM's keep going up on the tachometer. I then pushed the off/ignition button again, still would not stop, my next step was to put it in neutral, but I didn't want to blow the engine, so I pushed the off/ignition button again and the engine finally stopped. We were freaked out we had only read about this not thinking it would ever happen to us. Now the biggest problem is I don't feel comfortable having wife drive the van anymore. I called Toyota of Nashua, they basically said we can inspect it and call Toyota of California. I called Toyota of CA and they seemed nice and talked about giving us a loaner car. Both Toyota of Nashua, NH and Toyota of California both inspected the van and said “there is nothing wrong with the van”. They said you can come and pick it up. There are many YouTube Video showing this problem and even re-enacting the situation, yet Toyota claims user error. I have grown up working on cars for about 35 years, I fixed and driven cars hard. I’ve done things with cars that most people only see in the movies. I can promise you it was not user error and it was not the floor mats FACT!!! BEWARE Toyota & Lexus Owners
  • mommaklinemommakline Posts: 1

    I cannot tell you how relieved I am to find this forum on the topic of uncontrolled acceleration in the Toyota Sienna! My 2005 Sienna gave me the scare of a lifetime a few days ago and I've been researching this topic ever since! I was following a slower driver doing 40 mph on a rural road and decided to pass when it was safe. As soon as I pressed the accelerator down further to gain enough speed to pass, I knew there was something wrong. It felt like there was an invisible force taking over the accelerator as I was no longer pressing on it but the van continued to gain speed. I pressed on the brakes even before I entered back into my lane because something was drastically wrong. I moved back over into my lane but the van continued to go faster and by now, I'm stepping on the brakes with both feet but the van wasn't slowing down! In my panic, I was able to shift it into neutral, continued standing on the brakes but nothing was helping! The engine revved faster and faster and the van kept going. I knew there were curves coming up in the road and I was faced with putting the van in the ditch if I couldn't get it stopped. Instead, I was able to get the van turned into a farm field where I almost opened the door to jump out! I stayed in the van though and was ready to do donuts with it until I could get it stopped. Looking back, I was running on sheer adrenalin and I honestly don't know how I was able to stop the van, but it did stop, finally! The smell of burnt tires/brakes was so strong! It was by the grace of God I didn't hit someone! I sat there shaking uncontrollably until I could gather myself enough to call 911. I then called AAA to have the van towed to the dealership where we purchased it and have had it serviced for the past 9 yeas. This incident scared me so bad I will never drive that van again! I filed a report with Toyota and the NHTSA and we're waiting to hear from the dealership as to what they find. From reading other posts on here though, it doesn't sound like I should get my hopes up that Toyota will make this right. We'll wait and see!

  • capriracercapriracer Somewhere in the USPosts: 855


    Sorry about your bad experience, but you should be aware there is a glaring discontinuity in your story. I'm not saying you didn't experience it. I'm saying that there is something in the story that investigators are going to be troubled with and that part may result in an inconclusive result.

    The part of the story that is inconsistent? Where you shifted the car into neutral and it kept accelerating. Again, I'm not saying that didn't happen, I'm saying that portion of the story is going to require an explanation above and beyond the unintended acceleration issue - or it has to be part of the big picture that links both events.

    It's possible that both NHTSA and Toyota will not be able to explain what happened. let alone make changes to prevent reoccurrence.

  • legohlegoh Posts: 1
    Jul333: I've experienced exactly what you described in my 2006 sienna. The first time was in 07/08 shortly after we bought the van. As I was pulling into my driveway it suddenly accelerated and smashed into the house. My hood was damaged, among other things, and the repair cost was $5,000 which was covered by insurance. Over the years I've had smaller almost barely noticeable incidents of unintended acceleration while driving.

    Then yesterday, as I was pulling into a driveway, the same thing happened. I am quite sure I was braking when the car sped up and hit a low wall, I pressed much harder on the braked and it stopped. My bumper is severely cracked. I called the NJ dealership where I bought the car and they seemed uninterested. The Toyota dealership in Greenwich, CT where I now live will look at the van tomorrow.

    Your post has reassured me that I did nothing wrong in both these incidents.
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