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Toyota Yaris Rattles & Squeaks

jbclark2jbclark2 Member Posts: 2
edited March 2014 in Toyota
I have the Sedan version. I noticed when i'm backing up either foot on the break or off, there comes a noise. It's like a slight rattle. Once the car is warmed up and been out and around it stops. But onces its cooled down it does it very time. Werid!? I took it to the dealership and they can't find anything wrong. They left me with the option of letting it sit overnight and then starting it up and hearing it again. Anyone else notice this?


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    ryancp76ryancp76 Member Posts: 3
    Yes, I hear something too. It doesn't have to be cold either.

    Foot on the brake. Back out of my parking space and right after I release the brake is when I hear it for just a second. It can be any time of the day.

    I have the Sedan too.
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    number55number55 Member Posts: 8
    Ya that happens to my sedan everytime i reverse out of my driveway. If I let the car sit for a couple minutes it is not nearly as bad but if I take off 30 seconds after starting it, the rattling tends to be loud.
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    mashedpotatoesmashedpotatoes Member Posts: 2
    I have this exact same problem with my sedan. Mine was purchased in April of 2007. Seems to only do it when it's cold but the rattle is very loud and then goes away after driving for about 20 seconds. Anyone find an answer to this question? Any ideas would be great.
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    05azprius05azprius Member Posts: 2
    Sounds very fimilar, I too had the same issue very loud noise when backing (engine cold), or has set for an extended period of time. The dealership discovered lines going to/or from the transmission not braced properly; after making some minor adjustments the noise is gone and has been for over 15k miles.
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    tbg1tbg1 Member Posts: 22
    I have taken my lift back, back to the dealer four times - the last time it involved their QA manager. I have since given up and decided I'll just have to live with this irritating rattle.

    It's a low pitch rattle, kind of a bumping sound coming from the back of the car. Kinda sounds likes it's up, under the car, like maybe something in the suspension. So the first time I took it in, they added some kind of spacer kit to the shocks (or at least, to the left shock). That wasn't it - so another time, the dealer worked on the latch to the lift back door. That seemed to fix it for a day (or was it just wishful thinking on my part?). After that, the rattle was back as loud as ever.

    I seems to be most noticeable when I'm driving in a parking lot, going over expansion joints or asphalt patchwork. Has anyone else experienced this? (If so, PLEASE tell me what the fix is!) :(
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    biff9biff9 Member Posts: 6

    I assume it is NOT the little cargo-hider/cover? That can bounce around as it has a lot of slack in its attachment. You could take it our and see.
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    tbg1tbg1 Member Posts: 22
    Yes, it's not.
    One day prior to leaving work, I actually did take out the cargo cover and put it in the seat with me for the drive home....didn't make any difference. (Also the little tool/tire changing kit too).

    The QA manager had told me he made an adjustment to the latching mechanism on the lift back door - that was the one time I thought it might have helped but didn't really.

    It's a great little car and would be darn near perfect if it wasn't for this incredibly irritating bumping sound coming from the back!
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    ttaittai Member Posts: 114
    I wonder if you are one of the unfortunate ones that got a Yaris made in France instead of Japan. Maybe you can check with the dealer and demand a Japanese Yaris.
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    lhansonlhanson Member Posts: 268
    I doubt that it was made in France, but you don't have to check with the dealer. Place of manufacture is on driver's door post.
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    omikirtzzomikirtzz Member Posts: 2
    mine when the engine is off then turning it on and accelerate, i hear a clicking sound underneath like a metal that snaps
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    lyndseavlyndseav Member Posts: 1
    Has anyone figured out what the issue is? My car always rattles a bit when I am stopped at a light or driving slow. I have a 2007 yaris and it is already starting to do this? I don't get it. I thought toyotas were supposed to be really good cars? It even sounds like my brake pads are failing me. Anyone have any ideas/solutions?
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    madmike5madmike5 Member Posts: 2
    I have a 2003 toyota tocoma TRD pac Extened cab 4X4 that squeaking,sound like springs. Dealer says it may be bushings.This is the first toyota that i purchased and the last.always owned Gmc.The toyota sounds like a piece of junk.The clunking sound when you stop you might as well get use to it, Also the dash rattles.I bought a new toyota because i thought the made a good truck boy was i wrong.
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    PF_FlyerPF_Flyer Member Posts: 9,372
    You're in the wrong forum. Try using the Browse By Vehicle search tool on theright side of the page to find the Tacoma forums over on the Pickups board.
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    linzz82linzz82 Member Posts: 1
    It's probably the seat belt reel behind the plastic panel rattling. I had a rattle in my corolla lift back, and it was the seatbelt reel knocking. Take the plastic panel off and give the seatbelt reel a tap if it buzzez or knocks it's probably that.
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    eightballmagseightballmags Member Posts: 1

    I think the noise should be coming from the dashboard. I had mine checked by my dealer today and true enough, they have to replace a part inside the dashboard. Do you still hear a noise from your Yaris? My Yaris is 4dr base sedan.
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