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Lexus RX 350 Service Contract and Extended Warranty



  • I am glad that I could help. I am sure that you will be able to comment on your experience with Lexus soon. They have a great customer satisfaction survey team. They will send you something in the mail and even call you. Remember that Lexus is a company that will honor your service agreement anywhere in the US. I currenty own two Lexus vehicles. So I am a loyalty customer. Congrats and enjoy your new car. Happy Holidays!
  • steverstever Posts: 52,683
    edited December 2011
    Please take a few minutes to write up a dealer review. And you can mention to the owner that if you get a survey you plan to ding the dealer for the treatment you got from the finance manager. They may offer a sweetener (okay, a bribe) for a better rating. If you don't get a survey, you may want to contact Lexus and let them know about your experience.

    Enjoy the new ride!
  • Thank you!
  • I purchased the warranty today from the Lexus dealership in Macon GA. VERY nice man, Mr. Hart in finance. Really helpful. I'm very happy with his service! Too bad the lexus dealership in Jax was not so nice! Thank you all for the advice on here, saved me a lot of $$!. Awesome!
  • Hello! Could you share the final pricing the GA dealer gave for the warranty options you mentioned earlier? I'm signing papers tomorrow.
  • armorarmor Posts: 1
    I just bought a 2013 RX 350 in Southern California. It actually took about a week to come in but I signed everything initially but had to re-sign b/c of a different VIN #. The first time I signed, I had not researched the extended warranty and bought what they were selling b/c it wasn't too bad $2225. Then, I read here about the dealer in Macon, GA, called him, and he quoted me $1710 for the 5 yr/125,000 mile warranty. When I went back to my dealer to pick up the car and re-sign, I told the finance woman I had another price on the warranty. She put on a good face and told me that these warranties are from Lexus who sets the price and that price is actually their 2009 price. They are supposed to raise them X % every year but they didn't. I said no thanks...Then she started printing more papers and talking about how I probably wasn't comparing apples to apples - this warranty was for the platinum, 0 deductible, and was from Lexus - the quote I had was probably specific to one dealer. I didn't play along. Then she said that the best she could do was to take off a few hundred dollars. She didn't say she could take off five hundred, so I said no thanks. I'll get it through the dealer in Macon, GA.

    I appreciate how informative these forums are. Thank you all.
  • pjirvinepjirvine Posts: 5
    Aren't the first 4 years covered by the manufacturer's warranty? Are you buying a 1 year for $1710?
  • The warranty for a lexus vehicle is valid according to the amount of miles your car has not years. Lexus has additional extended warranty plans fro your car that you can purchase according to mileage you think you will put on your cars and years accordingly.
  • ldh313ldh313 Posts: 4
    Hello! This forum was great when I was purchasing my 2011 RX350, so I feel it is important to warn against "shopping on the internet" for warranties. I work in the automotive lending business, and have seen many customers unhappy with NON-manufacturer warranties. I bought the Lexus warranty, and always recommend going with the manufacturer. This forum was very helpful in negotiating a lower price, however. :)
  • steverstever Posts: 52,683
    I wouldn't trust any of those third party companies. I barely would trust the ones backed by the manufacturer.
  • I just bought a pre-owned Lexus RX350 with 62k on it. I am interested in buying extended warranty from Lexus. Anyone knows where should I buy it from? I called couple of Lexus dealerships in MD and they are selling it for ridiculous prices. Some of them will not even sell it to me as I didn't buy the car from them.
    Any help is greatly appreciated.
    Thanks in Advance
  • Purchased 8 year/125 k mile Platinum warranty for my new Lexus RX350 for $2710. Happy about it!. Just incase any electrical problems happen after 100k.

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