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Kia Rondo Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • I visited Kia U.S.'s website yesterday and much to my dismay realized they're now offering the same $4k mfg's rebate toward most versions of the '09 Rondo that they were offering for remaining '08 models just last month (note: the '08 promotion supposedly ended on March 31).

    Had I anticipated this might happen I would have waited for the '09's to arrive in lieu of purchasing our '08 just over 5 weeks ago. Of course, at the time Kia was only offering $2.5k rebates toward '09 Rondos & $1.5k more for '08 models. Along with some changes in the options list, for '09 both the 4 and 6-cylinder engines gained several hp. The 4-cylinder models now generate 175 hp (just 7 hp less than pre-09 V-6 models produced) while 6-cylinder models also gained 10 hp for a total of 192..

    Also, the knowlege that our "new" '08 with just over 1k miles has already depreciated by one model year when we could have purchased an '09 for about the same $$ just a few weeks later is disappointing to say the least. :sick:

    Although so far I've been quite pleased with our '08 Rondo, one issue I failed to recognize before purchasing our car was the manufacture date.

    Our Rondo's mfg date wasDecember '07, whic means it probably sat out in the weather and under the sun on a dealer's lot for at least year before we purchased it in late February.

    Note that we test drove and negotiated to purchase the car all in the same evening (after dark). Shortly affter taking delivery I noticed how some of the black painted and powder-coated surfaces looked a bit flat and dull. After realized the car's mfg date I now believe this may be indicative of how long the car may have sat outside in the weather before we purchased it.

    Contrastingly, similar black surfaces on my '05 Mazda3 (which I've owned for over 4 years) are still glossy and look like new since I generally keep my car covered when its not driven.

    I've come to realize that shielding your possessions from the damaging effects of the weather and sun's uv rays can really cut down on the rate of deterioration of painted and plastic surfaces outside and inside.

    Oh well...
  • Hi, njmom91
    We also compared Rondo & Mazda5, in the beginning we like both, but after test drive we selected Rondo because Rondo has bigger room, V6 2.7 engine( mazda5 only 2.3 v4).
  • alamocityalamocity Posts: 680
    I went to the Kia Motors web site and only saw a rebate for the 08 models good through 6-1-09 for $4000.00. I'd be shocked if they offered the same rebate on the 09's since they haven't been out that long.
  • Interesting. Just checked Kia's web site and found they're only offering $750 off '09s and $4k off remaining 08's. However, I clicked on the following link from my dealer's website and was was left w/the impression that the $4k rebate would also apply to some '09 models.

    You be the judge: - - - - - - - ake=Kia&model=Rondo

    After looking a little closer I guess the $4k rebate may apply to '08 models. However, when viewing the information at the above link, this is not clear least not to me. The only references I see there are to '09 models. However since the $750 rebate is associated w/some models I'm assuming the $4k rebate may only apply to remaining '08 models. Sadly, just last month they were offering $2.5k rebates off most '09 Rondos

    Sorry for the confusion. In any case, I feel better about purchasing a '08 now!

    I've also noted that some changes in the standard equipment offered w/the LX models for '09 vs '08 and in some ways they've taken a step back imo.

    For example, my '08 LX V6 has the 16" alloy wheels and body colored outside mirrors as standard equipment.

    Contrastingly, for '09 you have to purchase an options package that includes heated seats to get the 16" alloys in lieu of 16' steel wheels on an LX. Also instead of body-colored outside mirrors, for '09 LX models are now equipped w/black mirrors. On the other hand, looks like '09 LX models now have 6-speaker stereos standard vs 4-speakers standard on my '08.

    For a '09 LX V6 comparably equipped to my '08 MSRP is about $700 more than was my '08...but the price difference would include the heated seats option packaged with the alloy wheels. I've also noted that the third row seat option for the LX is now prices $150 more than it was for '08 ($650 vs $500). However, the third row is now standard on EX models and so are leather seat trim.

    All in all, if I was planning to purchase an '09 I'd probably choose an EX over an LX since you seem to get a lot more extras in exchange for the $1.8 k difference in price over a standard LX now.
  • larrytbmlarrytbm Posts: 10
    Using a nationwide website, I found very few Rondos within 500 miles, regardless of yr or trim level. From the KIA USA web site, I also located all KIA dealers within Texas and couldn't find a single '09 like I wanted ( loaded, White with Beige leather), but found a single '08 over 400 miles away. From the national website, I would have had to travel over 1200 miles for the same vehicle or search more dealer websites from outside Texas. MSRP was $24189 and the dealer took off $700, so I paid about $1000 over invoice which isn't such a great price. But the dealer gave me exactly what my trade in was worth. Then considering the same '09 will have an MSRP that is $1500 more, plus the $1700 rebate, plus 60 mo. 0% financing saves about $2600 in interest, I really saved about $5800 compared to an identical '09, so I'm satisfied.

    So, we had dinner with a brother-in-law on Friday and 10 min. after leaving, they called to say their car broke down (second time this year) and could we take them home (40 miles in the opposite direction). So, a BMW 7 Series owner riding home in a Rondo, priceless.
  • Glad to hear you're happy w/the deal negotiated for your Rondo, but if you only managed to get the dealer to knock $700 off the MSRP of $24,189 for a '08 you probably paid too much imo.

    Contrastingly, I supposedly paid "dealer invoice" for mine which was ~ $1.7k below my Rondo's MSRP of ~ $20.7k. Yet based some of the deals others have posted here believe I probably still paid too much! So for a fully loaded '08 Rondo you should have been able to get $2-3k off MSRP before the rebate imo.

    Your cost in time lost and $$ to make a 400 mile round trip to pick up your car is another factor which you may not have considered.

    I'm curious though: did you get 0% financing for 60 months through Kia? If so, either I was lied to by my dealer or similar offers did not apply in my area.
    I ended up financing the car through my state employees' credit union @ around 5%. Also unlike you my dealer was unwilling to make what I felt was a fair offer for my trade-in which I'm planning to sell privately after April 15.
  • I'd say yes! What was the MSRP for your car?
  • larrytbmlarrytbm Posts: 10
    Your cost in time lost and $$ to make a 400 mile round trip to pick up your car is another factor which you may not have considered.

    Retired, so no lost time and less than $40 in fuel.

    I'm curious though: did you get 0% financing for 60 months through Kia? If so, either I was lied to by my dealer or similar offers did not apply in my area.
    I ended up financing the car through my state employees' credit union around 5%.

    I didn't even call the credit union til on the road and was approved at 4.75% before arrival. Got the Kia 0% approved at the dealer in just a few min., but this may not be available in all areas.

    No doubt there are better "deals" for those with more flexiability in colors and options, I could have gotten the same car in town for less, but Black on Black, not for me in Texas at any price. So, for me I would have paid much more for the right '09 and/or traveled much further, probably by air w/o the possibility of the trade-in, and dealt with multiple state license and tax issues.
  • njmom91njmom91 Posts: 20
    After over a week of looking, I cannot find any 2008's with third row seats in the NJ (NYC) metro area. I'm limited how far afield I can go so I'm off to look at the 2009's. Wish I had decided to car shop a month ago!
    I did go to a dealership (Fette) that said they had some in stock only to be told they didn't so I walked out. Flipped the salesman out (who was not the one I had spoken too, he was not in yet). Oh well, their loss.
  • I bought at LA, I am sure in your area you can find dealer who has the 2008 ex v6. please fill a online quote, then for sure at least three dealer around you will send you information of 2008 rondo ex v6/third row seat. you can read my experience of rondo buying experience at
  • boskbosk Posts: 1
    I bought a 2008 Kia Rondo EX V-6 with Third Row for about $13,150 a few days ago. This was in Southern Massachusetts and there are a couple dealers left with several left. I talked to 3 different dealers in Mass that had 08's left, 2 of them were close in price and the other was a little more. The one I purchased from still had 5 left all EX V6 with 3rd row. Another dealer had similar amount but not sure if they all had 3rd row.

    Also another dealer who sold out the 08's was advertising '09 LX with 4 cylinder for $18,000.
  • garnermikegarnermike Posts: 72
    I own an '07 Rondo LX (17K miles now), and have noticed that I can get a 2008 now for $14k locally. But the price you paid for a V-6 EX is truly a steal!

    I haven't had a single thing go amiss with mine since taking delivery in Oct. 2007. I paid $16K. I still don't think I'd opt for the V-6 because my mpg has gotten significantly better since passing 15K miles (general driving now up to 26.5 mpg), and, for some unknown reason, the car's acceleration has gotten better.

    Just added the Kia aftermarket roof crossbars 'cause, unlike most of vehicles I buy, I have no plans to replace this Rondo for a good while. Maybe the best car I have owned in terms of overall room, drive quality, and mpg. And I've owned some 25 cars (mostly new) in my life so far....
  • All I can say is "wow". Congratulations on scoring an awesome deal on a '08 EX V-6!

    Clearly even though I only paid ~74% of MSRP for my '08 LX V-6, apparently that was still too much.

    Oh and learn. :(

    So far we're still pleased w/the car in any case.
  • stewpidasostewpidaso Posts: 45
    6% sales tax, $15.5K OTD
    We like it, great grocery getter!
  • trdsddtrdsdd Posts: 14
    Hi -

    We've narrowed our search down to a Kia Rondo or a Mazda 5, and are really leaning hard toward a 2008 Kia Rondo. Would you mind if I asked the dealer that still had 5 EX's with 3'rd row left. We'll be in the Mass area in a week and I'd love to pick one up for even close to the price you got. We're in central new york, and I'd have to do some things with temp tags and etc, but it would be worth it for us.

  • trdsddtrdsdd Posts: 14
    Hi -

    We're buying a 2008 EX V6 Urban Gray/Gray with 3'rd MSRP 21895 for 14,395 + TTT.
    I think it was the last one that they had with 3'rd row. I'll check for sure on Saturday if anyone is interested. Just post a reply if you are, and I'll get the info when I'm there.

  • jfritschjfritsch Posts: 958
    A look at for a used 08 rondo with average miles shows a trade in value of $8500 for the LX auto version (msrp $18500). This is what the 09 bought new will trade in for in about 12 months. I doubt if a $21000 msrp model has a 08 trade in exceeding $10000.

    Even 5000 off msrp is nothing to write home about on these vehicles. Depending on whether you can pick up a new 09 18k model for $13000 or less, you may want to consider the M5,M3hatch, Pontiac Vibe or Toyota Matrix.

    Good luck
  • rondo2009rondo2009 Posts: 1
    I was quoted $11,700 + TTL for a new 2008 Rondo LX automatic V4, with those following options : CONVENIENCE PACKAGE BUMPER STEP PROTECTOR CARPETED FLOOR MATS CARGO TRAY WHEEL LOCKS ( MSRP $19200). Please let me know if this is a good deal? Thanks alot :)
  • jfritschjfritsch Posts: 958
    There are about 300 or so messages in this forum the last 3 years. It is not very active. You may want to just read the last 20 or so messages. If you could do the 09 for $13000 or so I would go there.

    Good luck
  • njmom91njmom91 Posts: 20
    Sorry for the late reply.
    The dealership I walked out of was one who had replied with a 'quote' for a 2008 with a third row seat through Edmunds. When I got there they had none on hand, said they didn't even have any 2009 on hand with third row but they could find one for me. I was not going to deal with them after their dishonesty to start so, as I said, I walked.
    Two other dealerships also said there were none in the area, neither were willing to negotiate a deal on a 2009. (one even said 'here's the deal I can give to you!' and quoted me sticker price. When I pointed that out he said he couldn't negotiate on a 2009 Rondo, but maybe I'd be interested in a 2008 Sedona).
    I got so frustrated with the dealerships/salesmen I jumped to the 'other' car discussed as very similar on this forum. Happy with my choice so far.
  • larrytbmlarrytbm Posts: 10
    After buying the M3, Vibe or Matrix, another $13k will buy a Smart Car so that a total of 7 people can be transported. The Rondo 3rd row is both suprisingly comfortable and ez to use compared to the RAV4, Outlander or even larger 7 pass. vehicles. We have used ours with good results. Or for cargo, the Rondo can carry more than any of the others mentioned. There is nothing good about buying a vehicle at a good price that doesn't meet the buyers needs.
  • trdsddtrdsdd Posts: 14
    Thanks for the reply. We had tried a number of vehicles out and based on our current family needs it came down to the M5 and the Rondo. We needed a usable 3'rd row seat and did not want a large vehicle. My wife and I both preferred the Rondo. We like the driving position better, the ability to have our right foot in a comfortable position, and the general feel of the Rondo better than the M5. The other pluses were the Rondo had heated mirrors, traction and stability control. For almost 2 weeks I had hunted around and searched websites/contacted dealers within about a 5 hour radius for the best deal on an 08 or 09 Rondo. The best I could find on an 09 LX or EX was 2550 below MSRP. We picked up our Urban Gray / Gray 08 EX V6 with 3’rd row and cross bars on Saturday. At 7500 off MSRP I think we did pretty well. I really do not worry about depreciation, since we keep our cars a long time. The Rondo is a replacement for my 82,000 mile 98 Dodge Avenger ES that was in an accident 2 weeks ago. That's why I moved faster than I normally do on buying a vehicle. Anyway, we were planning on replacing it in August - October, but we ended up doing it sooner. It’s so much easier to get a 2 yr old in and out of our new Rondo.

  • fuelmizer1fuelmizer1 Posts: 2
    Hey all just bought a 2008 LX V6 from a Honda dealership in So Cal. The vehicle was a prior rental with 16,500 mi. Exceptionally clean. $12,200 Other than the ac compressor/oil pump knocking issue, no problems to report after 5 days. lol
  • tourist1292tourist1292 Posts: 31
    I can only get one at $5400 below MSRP on a 08 Rondo EX V6 Premium with leather option. It is the last one in my area that came with the last shipment of 2010 Soul. There was one I got quoted in March for a few hundreds less but the moon roof was aftermarket installed and I was hesitated. I am paying about last week's Truecar average cost which is around $3000 less than the overall average. Anyway, it is still over $3000 less than the 2009 model and there is no 09 EX available in my area yet. I am going to pick it up tonight.
  • kasikinkasikin Posts: 14

    That is about what I paid for my the same version of the car a month and a half ago. They gave me a little more than I thought they would on my trade in, but I still didn't get as great a deal as a number of others on these forums have.

    That said, I'm extremely happy with what I got for what I paid. I had to have 3 rows, I wanted leather, I enjoy the upgraded stereo, the sun roof, I'm using the cross bars.....I paid less for this car than any of the previous 3 cars my husband and I have bought over the last 13 years and in many ways, I like it the best of all of them.
  • tourist1292tourist1292 Posts: 31
    It seems we got exactly the same options. Do you have rear bumper guard too? It definitely has a lot more features and power than my previous car bought 13 years ago while it costs only 10% more. Mine is silver/black, what color is yours?
  • trdsddtrdsdd Posts: 14
    Hi Tourist -

    Where are you located? I picked mine up in Glenns Falls. They are out of 08's right now. Anyway, a friend of mine is now looking for one too. He searched the web and told me today that Shorkey Kia outside of Pittsburgh has over 100 2008's listed as in stock. I'm not sure if he is serious about buying one, but if you are near there it might be worth it to give them a call.

  • tourist1292tourist1292 Posts: 31
    Hi D2,
    I am in SE Michigan. There is actually another one available besides mine, but that has been in the show room for quite some time and has been test driven a lot. There must be a reason why it is still there. While the one I got was shipped just a few weeks ago. I will be surprised if there are that many left in Pittsburgh. There were only 3 EX left with the config I want in the whole Michigan state a couple months ago. Anyway, thank you very much for your info.
  • kasikinkasikin Posts: 14
    Yes I have the rear bumper guard too - I also have an upper spoiler, but not the lower. This was the only 3 row 2008 left at the 3 dealers in my area and I took it as it came. It is black cherry on the outside with grey interior. I feel lucky to have found this particular version of the car. In addition to having all of the options I wanted, it is extremely quiet and does not pull or drift!!
  • trdsddtrdsdd Posts: 14
    HI tourist1292 and kasikin,

    How do you like the rear bumper guard? I have not seen one on a rondo in person. I have seen similar ones on other kia models and they seem to be plastic. Is the rondo's rubber or plastic? Yeah, I also thought there was no way that that pittsburgh area dealer had soo many 2008's in stock. I checked their website and they do have 75 listed as in stock. So hopefully it is accurate and he can get a great deal if he gets off the fence about buying one.

    Mine is also extremely quiet and no drift. : )

    Have a great weekend and enjoy the new rides.

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