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Kia Rondo Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • whew! I was like so confused by the end...I said the dealer -- I still think I could have gotten more off and his reply was "Lady, no one's going to Hawaii on this commission. I basically just made a $600 profit..." I don't know whether to believe that our not -- knowing that 3% holdbacks are built into the Invoice price and there must be SOME Factory/Dealer incentives to sell 2008s and that figure is unknown to me...
  • It is a very good deal. I got mine at $3000 more a few weeks ago but with leather package as well. So yours is $2k cheaper than mine. Anyway, mine was right at the average price of the week. I guess you are lucky in the area with quite a few in stock. There is almost none left in my area so I did not have much bargaining power.
  • Yea, you know, I was hoping you'd respond! I've read all your posts. I was on the fence about the leather. I've survived so long w/o toasted buns and that stuff does get hot in the summer time, I don't always blast the AC in my vehicles. I just didn't think that feature was worth $1k. None of the dealers I spoke with had the cars -- they had to get them. This one came from CT. Whoever wrote about the motherload in PA was right. One of the other dealers was ordering me one from PA and they decided to get a "truckload" so the PA supply is dwindling...I knew I had hit a wall when 2 of the 3 dealers walked at $15,900...This was my first car buying experience and I have to say -- I didn't like it one bit.
  • Leather option is actually not my option. There were a couple without leather package a couple months ago but I've waited too long to make the decision. I almost gave up in getting a 2008 Rondo until 4 weeks ago that I found one that came with the shipment of 2010 Soul (as a bundle requested by the manufacturer) a couple weeks earlier.
    I live in the mid-west and I only use AC a few days every year. In addition, I have the windows tinted last week. Even in the last couple days above 80F, it wasn't too bad even without turning on AC.
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    In April I paid $16,000.00 + tax & tags for a 2008 LX V6 7seater, convenience package, crossbars, rear bumper guard, wheel locks, carpet floormats, and a dealer added imobilzer security system. The dealership had a 30% off sale going. We thought our deal was fair, but we aren't hard negotiators so may have been able to get it lower I don't know.
  • $16k seems to be right on target with your configuration ($3900 below invoice). Basically they charged you and Kia $100 above invoice.
  • Ooooooooooooh....I'm so excited! I just picked it up! Rides like a dream. Really quiet and lots o'pep! The salesman and I had a comedy routine with the interior dome lights (getting them to fade off..) and getting the headlights to shutoff automatically when the key was removed...but other than that it was a good experience. I WAS a hard bargainer -- I had 3 dealerships competing against each other and when one dropped a price -- I pitched it to the other 2. When I walked in to pickup the car, they gave me a standing ovation.

    Howz the window tint applied? Thinking about doing that -- I noticed the moonroof was tinted...Did you get it done at KIA or outside place?
  • My dealer does not do it (not even contract others to do that) but recommend a shop nearby. I shopped around town and got 3 quotes ranged from $149 to $200 to tint the rear doors and behind (front doors are not allowed to be tinted in my area). Finally I picked one BBB accredited auto windows specialist that quoted me $160 with lifetime warranty on film and labor (paid $169 OTD). Check your local state restriction on windows tinting. I choose 20% light transmission for the same level as most factory tinted SUV, while some states only allow down to 35%.
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    I think you got a Great Deal. Enjoy the new ride. :) I picked up my 2008 EX V6 with 3'rd row, No Premium for 14390 +TT&T about a month ago. I have been enjoying it since the drive drive. Anyway, my buddy that told me about the dealer outside of P'burgh that had a lot of 2008's decide to wait on a new vehicle.

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    A reporter is looking to see if you were looking to purchase a Toyota or Honda vehicle but after doing some comparison shopping, purchase a Hyundai or Kia because of price/value . Please send your daytime phone number to by Friday, October 9, 2009.

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  • Where did you lose all of your cd's? I found cd's in 2007, huge binder, been looking for years for the owner.
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    If you bought a Kia in the past year, a reporter wants to hear about your decision and your experience to date. Please email with your contact info before Saturday, March 27, 2010.

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