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Honda Civic: SQUEAKY BALL JOINTS !!! Beware

BEWARE ! ! ! ! * *

92 HONDA CIVIC............... Squeaky Ball joints.

This can sound like a squeaky strut or shock when you press down on the car at one of the four wheels...... This problem is sometimes mis-diagnosed and can cause you serious headaches or DEATH in an accident. In my case....If they squeak they have worn badly.....My fired mechanic told me that he could simply pull back the cover on the ball joint and add some lubricant.....careful.....this solution is VERY SHORT TERM ONLY ! ! ! ! !

IT IS ADVISABLE NOT TO ATTEMPT THIS. MY BALL JOINT ENDED UP SNAPPING WHILE DRIVING. This caused the tire to turn sideways in my fender and bend the crap aut of every steering component and ** MOST IMPORTANTLY ** left my car completely un-controllable until it cam to a stop. If i was in the mountains, like a was a month before, I would have wend off of a cliff or smashed into something...........OR even worse.....oncoming traffic. Do not leave these squeaky ball joints alone. You can run with them for a bit but act quickly.......dont listen to your mechanic if he says he can lubricate them. They were made a certain way.

This is my experience.........if anyone has anything to refute my claims....go ahead....I would like to hear everything.....I am just sending a warning out there. I noticed someone had asked a question like this in the message board _ CIVIC - PROBLEMS AND SOLUTIONS - and someone told this person to slide the cover off the ball joint and lubricate it. In my case....very dangerous...

I now have a 92 prelude and I love it. What a beautiful car. It has 215,000kms and drives better than my 2001 accord (60,000kms) that I sold recently!! The prelude seems to have the same ball joint problem as my old 92 civic and it is currently in the shop getting the lower right replaced.

Enjoy your HONDA everyone ! ! !



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