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Jeep Grand Cherokee Transmission Problems



  • nnealnneal Posts: 72
    This question should have been posted by itself and not as a reply to gbeesjeep's question so you would get more coverage.

    I have a few questions that might help get ideas from someone:

    First of all you didn't mention which transmission you have (42RE or 545RFE) or what motor (4.0 or 4.7 liter)?

    When putting it in reverse do your backup lights work?

    Do you have a code checker and tested/read it for any trouble codes?

    Have you looked underneath the vehicle for anything that doesn't look right? (Broken shifting cable or bent linkage)

    Please keep us posted on what you find. Good luck.
  • 1river1river Posts: 1
    I have had similar issues with my JGC 2000, and my 2006 JGC. My regular mechanic who is superior to any Jeep mechanics said the shudder is coming from a defective torque converter. Since it is out of warranty, he said to treat it gently, change the tranny fluid every 20K miles, and live with it. I also did the s/w chip upgrade on the TSB Jeeps recommends. Jeep had fixed a few of these shudderings, they admitted, by replacing the torque converters, but were unwilling to replace mine even though at the time it was under warranty! I am reading your comments with disbelief, that with the new tranny Chrysler STILL had the same problems! I run my 5.7L overland in 3rd gear most of the time on hills and around town due to the premature shifting. It is criminal for such a huge engine to run (esp up hills)at 1200 rpms. The shuddering I experience is accentuated at higher elevations (I live in Lake Tahoe area), so I just take it easy and keep it in 3rd gear so it does not shift much.

    The vibration in my 2000 JGC was caused and fixed by Jeep in replacing the drive shaft. It was out of alignment with the front axle, which they also replaced at the same time. The vibration was between 60 and 65 mph.
  • nomi91nomi91 Posts: 3
    I am having problems with my 2000 jeep grand cherokee laredo.
    It shakes horribly like the steering wheel wants to go off by itself but most importantly i have had an issue with it heating up for the past 2 years.
    Its leaked out the antifreeze ive had the radiator replaced and alot of the insides replaced as well.
    With summer coming its starting to act up again as soon as i turn it on it just kind of shakesfor a few minutes then stops
    also when i turn it off and ive had the ac on it sounds weird like a loud hurricane sound.
    so far ive taken it to 3 different mechanics just this month alone
    but now im worried because last yr i had it straight wired and now the electrical system is whats wrong but i told the mechanics i chose to get it straight wired because of the previous problems before.
    so now im not sure what to do and if its possible to get it back to the way it was before without straight wiring and what kind of mechanic am i looking for or if i need a new motor as one mechanic told me.
  • kluda11kluda11 Posts: 1
    I have a 05 jgc laredo. 80k and just started having shifting problems and i diagnosed the code as shifting problems then researched it. Found out the speed sensors are located on a conductor plate in the tranny. I took off the pan and valve body then replaced the conductor plate for $240 after talking the dealer down. Everything seemed good for a week and bam the same problem just not as bad. The check engine light came back on and i shut off the code. Dealer recommends trying to replace the 13 pin connector which is cheap but is anyone else having these problems? Also does anyone know how to change the light bulbs for the heat/ac controls all three knobs have no lights and it is kinda annoying. O and now the airbag light comes on for seconds at a time now....
  • check the bolts that hold the engine and transmission together. theres one on each side might be more. i had a 95 jgc 4.0L straight 6 with 230,000k and alot of garages couldnt figure out what was wrong. i found one bolt missing and other one loose a couple months later. but i love jeeps
  • optimasoptimas Posts: 2
    edited March 2012
    Hi gbeesjeep,
    I also have 2011 JGC Overlander and have had nothing but problems the list is longer than my arm, so was wondering if you would be so kind as to help me with contacting the CEO of Chrysler, because I would like to send them a email so I can also express my disappointment with this product. Its pretty sad that a person spends $50k on a SUV and they can't even fix any of the problems.
  • issmissm Posts: 3
    Hi Optimas, I was thinking about purchasing 2011 JGC, but after your message I am confused. So can you tell me about the long list of the JGC 2011 problems. and have they told you that they solved them in the 2012 version. Thank you.
  • optimasoptimas Posts: 2
    I'm sure the 2012 models have a lot of problems worked out. I think mine was one of the first hundred out the factory door.
    I had the Jeep 3 days and I went to open the rear lift gate with the key fob and it started going up, but the spoiler got hooked on the roof and crushed the roof in and $5,000 later and a new roof skin (not even 200km) fixed under warranty of course, but I wanted a new jeep at that point and they wouldn't do it, so now I have all these problems (Sun Roof leaks "They can't fix it")(the back window leaks "can't fix it") (the back lift gate is not lined up with the body lines "they can't fix it") the jeep went back to the body shop 5 times and I finally said enough. Now I have Brake problems and they can't figure that out either. The heated seats work sometimes. Two weeks ago the thing was dead and was found that a module was power on and killed the battery. Now last week the thing wouldn't start and left my wife calling for Road Side help and that happed twice. I've also heard that if the jeep is having a starting problems that there is a good chance that the Jeep could shut down while in motion. (Not safe to drive) so now its back at the dealer waiting for a new ECM (The Main Brain) which is on BACK ORDER along with 22 other jeeps waiting for the same part, so my Jeep sits for 4 weeks at the dealer and my wife is driving a Caravan. I just wish that Chrysler would reconize that if they want to build a high end SUV they better improve the level of sevice and give the dealers better support. They build it so that there own trained techs can't even fix half the problems. Other then all that, I love the Jeep I think I just got suck with a BIG LEMON. Never buy the fist year of a new product.
  • garyd50garyd50 Posts: 1
    My automatic gearbox on my Grand Cherokee jeep, 2003 2.7 crd has developed a gear change fault. It shows when you put it on the diagnostic machine there is a voltage drop from 12v to 2.5 volts to the solanoid on the gearbox. Can you please tell me where the 12v volts to the gearbox originates from and where do i find it's source ?
  • issmissm Posts: 3
    Hi, I hope you overcome that. Did you mean by ECM: the ECU (main computer) or the Gear Box computer. Is there any problems with the gear box like shuddering?, and is your car manufactured in the 2010?, and does the brake problem solved?. Thank you for your advice: "Never buy the first year of a new product".
  • gbeesjeepgbeesjeep Posts: 21
    Hi Optimas,

    You can use this to contact the assistants of the CEO.;jsessionid=8B4B24F88C70AFE31432F746- 1D9F3DBE?&id=5404&mid=

    If you don't start yelling REAL LOUD they will push you aside because they are dealing with so many customers and their problems.

    They have changed my drive shaft and this seems to have resolved the vibration at low speed shifts. I still have a vibration at high speeds but I will be changing my winter tires/wheels out soon and this will confirm whether it is a tire/wheel issue (I use after market wheels/tires for winter).

    I have had some minor issues but nothing like you are experiencing. There has to be a lemon law for that. There is no way I would put up with that crap. Chrysler is at the bottom of the list for reliability for a reason. The least they could do is provide top notch customer service to make up for their poor engineering, production and assembly issues.

    They want to offer upscale products and than expect you to accept low end customer service. As I have stated in earlier posts and in my email to Chrysler, I bought the 2011 JGC expecting to deal with issues because it was the first year of a new design. I will not accept poor customer service and if they want to have the buyers of the 2011/2012 JGC continue to support their product, they better get off their asses and accept responsibility for the issues and stop trying to nickel and dime people on the service side of things.

    Maybe we need to start a petition and send it to JD Powers and the major news centers. It seems like that is the only way to get these companies to do anything. Any one with half a brain reading the comments on this website would sure think twice before buying the new JGC. I know if I knew they were going to screw around like this when trying to fix the problems I probably would have waited on my purchase.

    Good luck to my fellow 2011-2012 JGC owners, it sounds like we are all going to need lots of it.

  • gbeesjeepgbeesjeep Posts: 21
    Well, they changed my drive shaft on my 2011 JGC which seems to have cleared up the vibration at low speed speed shifts but I still have a vibration (regardless of shifting or not) at higher speeds (80-95 kph and 120 kph). You can feel it right through your seat and you can hear a hum. They have checked my wheel/tire combo twice but no difference. I will be bringing it back in. It is still a drive train issue of some kind. Anyone else still dealing with this??

  • If you do start a petition, don't limit it to the 2011 and let me know. We have the 2007 JGC Overland Diesel and it has had problems since it was at 12k. Now it is at 114k and it has been in the shop every 6 months since we have owned it, with 8 computer modules replaced and a variety of other issues to include a "swirl" valve replacement. Now it needs one more module replaced that has already been replaced (1.5 years ago but only had a 1 year warrenty) and the oil cooler has to be replaced for it to run. In the latest JCG fiasco, the oil cooler failed, somehow poured oil into the cooling system and caused it to die. Waiting to see if "Chrysler Cares" is going to help cover any of the costs since our warrenty expired at 100k. If we didn't owe more than it is worth we'd get rid of it. We bought a diesel so we could put high miles on it and it wasn't cheap.
  • We purchased our 2007 JCG Overland new and when the computer problems (among other things) started at 12k, we should have tried to have it returned under our state's lemon law. I suggest you do the same.

    4.5 years later, our Jeep has been in the shop on average once every six months. I wish we had not been complacent because we had an extended warrenty to 100k because now, our latest bill will be close to 4000.00 if we want our Jeep back from the shop. Cut your losses now while you can. Just an opinion but we'd do things differently with our piece of expensive junk if we could go back in time. Its a shame because it drives well when it is working.
  • cotovanucotovanu Posts: 1
    My jgc 2000 shifts in 1 2 3 but thats it it wont change in 4 or 5 i dont know if it goes in D any ideeas ?
  • issmissm Posts: 3
    Hi every body,
    If anyone has JGC 2012, Is there any of the problems that many of the 2011 owners talking about?
  • marsha75marsha75 Posts: 3
    My 2011 JGC caught fire while I was on the expressway. Inside was my two sons 2 years old and 14 years old. My car displayed a check engine light, traction light and red thunderbolt. It then lost power and shut down and began to smoke. The car then began to blaze fire from under the hood. I was terrified and now I am trying to figure out why the process of me getting another car is taking so long. I have called Jeep so now I am waiting. The crazy thing is that I want another Jeep! "I live, I ride....
  • How terrifying! I can only imagine. Thank goodness you were all ok!

    I think this last incident of mine is what finally threw me over the edge. I was driving home, at night, up a 1 mile single lane paved road and the dash lights flashed, it said something like check guages, the Jeep went into limp mode and smoke started coming out from under the hood. I was able to limp it to a pull out and then it died. The smoke was oil sludge (a combination of oil and coolant fluid since the oil cooler failed and somehow oil went into the radiator and spew oil gel out of the overflow tank causing the car/transmission to overheat .

    This happened at night in a remote rural area where typically there is no cell service. I thought I was going to have to walk nearly two miles home in the dark, where Mountain Lions have been seen as well as illegal immigrant traffic being picked up by Border Patrol.

    By the grace of God, I had one bar of service for some reason and my husband was able to come get me. We had to have the Jeep towed to the dealer where it sat for over a week, waiting to hear back from Chrysler Cares (which has of yesterday declined to provide any financial assistance). Today, I spoke with a Chrysler "Top Care" representative and they have also declined to provide any financial assistance.

    I was advised I could either pay for it to be repaired at the dealership or take it to another non-dealer mechanic which would probably cost less.

    Both are unacceptable in my opinion.

    Shame on me for thinking something might be different this time around.

    I'm like you though. Aside from it being completely unreliable, I love my Jeep!

    Unfortunately it has now broken down three times in three separate locations where we do not have cell service and it is not safe.

    I wish Chrysler would rethink its position on this. The Overland Diesel was not cheap and the vehicle is worth 10K less than we owe on it.
  • marsha75marsha75 Posts: 3
    Wow! Yes, God is good and I knew that he would see you through! That is awesome that you were able to come out on top with your life in that incident! I think that something should be done. I think that we as the consumers need to voice our opinion about these vehicles. We love jeep and we even want another one when the one we own brakes down. They need to know that it is us, the consumer, that keeps them in business. I think that we should all get together and plan a trip to the Detroit office.
  • rb2006rb2006 Posts: 1
    i have a 2006 JGC and the displays says to check the shifter wife drove to work and parked....the trans was in 4 high....when she got off work she went to the jeep and started it and it was in 4 low and the display says to check the shifter pressure.......

    what does this mean????

    IT has the 5.7 hemi if that helps
  • 1stx_jgc_owner1stx_jgc_owner Posts: 1
    edited May 2012
    A couple of weeks ago I bought my first JGC loreado, I AM SO IN LOVE WITH IT!!!!!!! Its a 2000 with a little over 110,000 miles on it its a V6 inline engine (4.0 litre I think the dealer said). However the last few days I have noticed that it shifts hard sometimes and it takes time for it to speed up and sometimes I dont feel like Im going 55 when the speedometer says 55. But then again I am used to driving a 2001 oldsmobile Intrique and I know that every car feels different form the inside when it comes to how fast you are going. Plus it feels like the time (in the Jeep) I had problems with the crank shaft sensors in my old olds. to day I went out of town and I had the cruise on and the RPM went up to 3 from like 1.5-2RPM and then back down and I was on flat land no hills no curves. plus the over drive turns off sometimes and I dont touch it but I notice it when I go up and down a lot of hills at 30mph so I dont know if that is normal. The dealer I bought it from said that there was nothing wrong with it. and that the owners before me took very good care of it. and I sort of belive them because I know the former owners from the title (I live in a small town) I know that it needs a new muffler Or exhaust or whatever its called because it is loud when out side of it and when you rev it up, but Im not to concered about that right now unless it has to deal with the problem I am having. I am thinking about on payday or the day after taking it up to a different dealer (my moms cousin) and have them put it on the computer to see what if anything is wrong with it. I have already decided that if it needs a new transmission I am only putting one in it once. Im hopeing that there is nothing to badly wrong but if there is something wrong I hope its not to expensive.
  • I have a 2003 Grand Cherokee with the Selec-trac transmission and 144k miles. About a month ago I started it and put it into gear. The rpms climed and the jeep barely moved like I was "riding a clutch" in a manual tranny. I pulled over and put the jeep into park then drive again and it was fine. A week ago I was driving and out of nowhere it did the same thing. The rpms would go to over 3k and it was just crawling. I had to put it into 4 low to get it home and it STILL wasnt acting right in 4 low. I get in it the next morning to pull it around back b4 I call the transmission shop and it goes into gear and acts fine. It happened again today and hasn't cleared up. I will be calling transmission shop tomorrow. What confuses me is if the transmission is "shot" why would it correct itself from being barely able to move under its own power and then mysteriously clear up. Could it be something electronic and not the physical tranny. I had fluids changed last week and there was some gunk on magnet but no chunks.
  • tuggajbtuggajb Posts: 646
    your trans is shifted by electric solenoids not to expensive to change can change with trans in car
  • davides8davides8 Posts: 2
    can a person change these solenoids at home?
  • tuggajbtuggajb Posts: 646
    yes if you are machalicle inclined can get them off ebay need to get under car and get numbers off trans so get the rite ones

    also need to replace pan gasket and filters
  • I have a 2011 JGC, I've had it in three times and Jeep has done several flash updates, but acceleration is very poor. Between 20 mph - 40 mph, its very sluggish unless you press the acceleration hard. Risky in rush hour traffic.

    Has anyone had any results with Jeep on a fix? They don't seem to care about the quality.
  • gbeesjeepgbeesjeep Posts: 21
    Unfortunately there is nothing to fix. Jeep has set up the shift pattern on the JGC to up-shift as fast as possible to try and get a reasonable mileage rating. When you are driving around town, it will shift from 1st to 3rd before you get through the intersection unless you floor it. Because the engine gets most of its torque at high rpms the engine cannot handle the low speed (20-40) runs when it up-shifts so fast.
    You can either run it in Sport Mode if you have the option or manually shift into 3rd so it wont jump into 4th and 5th gear around town. The 8 speed tranny should help but the mistake they made was putting a high rev engine into a heavy vehicle like the JGC which need lots of low rev torque to get moving. For me I use 3rd gear in the winter and Sport mode in the summer around town and it runs ok. I thought about a cold air intake and new exhaust but I don't think this will help enough compared to the cost.

    By the way, I have 30,000 KM and I have already had to have the front bearings and the drive shaft changed and I don't even do any 4 wheeling with it. Not a good sign for long term reliability.

    Good luck.
  • kath10kath10 Posts: 1
    I have a 2008 Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited with the 5.7L Hemi w/ 192K on it. The Jeep has been running and performing perfectly until a couple of months ago when I took it to the local Chrysler Dealer to service the transmission. As soon as I picked it up I noticed there was what they are calling a "shutter", at 40+ mph. It feels and sounds like the car is going over rumble strips, this goes on intermitently. It has been at the Chrysler garage for over 7 weeks and they can't figure out what's wrong with it. They have replaced the converter, a valve in the transmission, all fluids and filters, replaced all 16 spark plugs. Now they're are trying to tell me it's the gas, so they keep having me pay to fill it up while they drive it around. As you can see by the mileage I drive I put a lot of gas in it, I fill up at different gas stations and run either 89 or premium in it. It doesn't feel to me like it is coming from the engine, could the AWD be jumping in and out?

    I did e-mail the CEO of Chrysler and he responded within a few hours, Monday they are flying a tech in to look at my car.

    Any ideas would be a great help.

    Thank you
  • mval09mval09 Posts: 1
    I have a '11 Grand Cherokee with a 5.7L with 9,000 miles on it. For the past several months the transmission will fail to engage for 3-6 seconds when it is cold. On most days I will shift it into reverse and it will engage in 3-6 seconds then some days it will engage immediately then it will disengage for 3-6 seconds before I can continue driving. The dealership is trying to convince me that this is acceptable. The transmission is sometimes "clunky" when coming to a stop or starting from a stop. One morning I shifted the transmission into drive and about five seconds later the indicator showed that it was in fourth, when I tried to shift it either up or down nothing happened. It remained in fourth until I turned off the engine and re-started it. I also has had an issue with it shifting into overdrive one day while driving at highway speeds. Last week the dealer flashed the transmission with a new software version (which they said had just come out that day) and they tried to convince me that this would resolve all of the issue but it didn't. I have contacted Chrysler customer care and they asked if had driven any other 2011 GC's to see if this was just mine or all GC's. Has anyone else encountered this type of transmission issues and how were they resolved or is this "normal" of all 2011's with the 5.7L
  • gbeesjeepgbeesjeep Posts: 21
    I went through that shutter issue with my 2011 JGC (V6). It would shutter as it shifted and when it is at 2000rpm. They started changing parts but the issue was resolved by changing the drive shaft. You may want to suggest this to them. The drive shaft issue seems to be common. Pretty sad commentary for the reliability of the JGC.

    Good luck

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