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Jeep Grand Cherokee Transmission Problems



  • I have a 1995 Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo that has about 210,000 miles on it. I bought it and drove it for about 4,000 miles before it started having some problems. One day I was towing a trailer and the engine started to get really hot and overheat. I pulled over and coolant was leaking out all over the ground and boiling. Ever since that day the Jeep has been overheating for everyday use. I drove it for about 4 months like that always being very careful to not let it get past a certain point and to keep the coolant full. I recently went to a mechanic to see what the problem was. They checked to see if I had a blown head gasket which I didn't thank goodness... They also hooked it up to a computer to check if it was the transmission. They said it wasn't. So the next thing they said it might be was the temperature gauge. I agreed to change the temperature gauge and it seemed like everything was fine. It ran great for the next 5 days! Like it never had a problem. All the sudden the other day I was driving it and I lost all power.
    When I push on the gas the RPM's go way up but the truck moves like a slug. I can so about 15-20 MPH and thats it. As I was trying to get it home I had to climb a hill to get it to the house it only made it half way up and stopped. I put my foot on the brake and waited a moment then I got it to go the rest of the way. At this point I am to scared to drive th truck anywhere because I dont want to get stranded.
    Has anyone had this problem before or know what it might be?
  • taffy3taffy3 Posts: 26
    To actually boil the coolant does not indicate a problem with the temperature gauge. Something is blocking the passage of water and it's probably a faulty thermostat, usually found between the engine block and the radiator hose. Your driving difficulty is no doubt a fault in the solenoids in the gearbox that get seized up due to overheated and burned gearbox oil.. The oil should be changed annually. It will be necessary to drain the old oil from the gearbox and probably fit a new set of solenoids (not expensive - at least here in Mexico) as a kit. i hope this helps.
  • Your message was very helpful!I actually got the thermostat fixed not the temperature gauge. my bad.... I havent driven it in awhile. I started it up today and drove it around the block and it seemed to go just fine. It did pull a little and have some trouble shifting into the gears. Then when I got back to the house to park it it started to make a whineing noise from underneath the truck. I think it was coming from the driver side. It only made the noise if I was in drive or reverse. If you still think it might be the burned gearbox oil and the solenoids I will be very happy!
    Thank you so much for your advise! Seems like every mechanic wants to do the most expensive thing to fix it.
  • jdm123jdm123 Posts: 1
    edited June 2012
    I have a similar problem. I just bought a 2012 Grand Cherokee Overland and my transmission takes 3 - 6 seconds to engage, but the problem is not consistent. So as you can imagine, the dealer cannot replicate the problem and the computer isn't recognizing any issues. One day I backed out of my driveway, stopped, put it in drive and it shifted so hard that the car died. It's the only time that has happened, but at least once a day, the hesitation on engaging occurs. I put it in drive or reverse and will just move slowly with the engine reving up, then I let off the gas until I can feel it actually fully engage. I'm about at my wits end. I only have a few thousand miles on it.
  • 2008jeep2008jeep Posts: 1
    I also own a 2008 Grand Cherokee with 3.7 litre engine which is having the same issue. Were you able to determine the root of the problem? If so, what was the solution?
  • biganth30biganth30 Posts: 2
    It ended up being my ignition and shifter module both.
  • My 2012 Grand Cherokee has 7600 miles and from day one experienced odd transmission issues. I have the Hemi V8/Overland package. About 1 in every 6 starts the vehicle lurches forward as if the trannie wasn't all the way in park. Dealer says "thats normal". When traveling at highways speeds the vehicle seems to be in a constant battle with itself as the cylinder deactivation and the transmission try to find a happy place. If you gently accelerate from 60 to 65, the transmission shudders; so much so passengers think that I am unsteadily applying the gas. Typically I use the cruise control on highway driving to help reduce the issues. Driving in traffic is another story. In daily driving when shifting from park to drive or drive to park, the transmission engages hard and often sounds like two weights dropping on top of each other. Dealer again says "sensors indicated all is normal". Often there is vibration during acceleration and gear shifts tend to "drop" into the next gear vs. modulate into next gear. Anyone else experiencing this problem?
  • kigginskiggins Posts: 5
    Hi have a 2011 JGC Limited with Hemi V8 and experience the same problems - exactly. I have been to the dealer and the reloaded some sort of software, but it has not fixed the problem..... Not sure where to turn...
  • Can anyone help i have a 97 jgcl 5.2 all wheel drive has a shutter when pulling out hard or when going up a hill slow starts making a grinding sound and acts likes its in neutral stops pulling till u let off the gas then gose agian
  • sgervinsgervin Posts: 1
    Did you ever get your Jeep fixed....I also own a 2011 Limited with a Hemi and have taken it to the dealer with the problem you described only to be told that the engine was built that way...hmmmm! I have also had problems with the cruise control engaging intermittently beginning about a month after I purchased my JGC as well as key issues. This past Monday I took my jeep in and the Dealer again told me they could not recreate issues I was talking about and finally after much discussion they found a problem with the keyless start and was given two new fobs/keys. The following day I again came across the cruise control issue and drove directly to the dealer did not shut off my jeep and got the service manager to come and see that I had recreated the issue. He immediately told me it was the win
    module....they have order it and will see if this fixes the problem. The transmission problem is still an issue! Can you provide me with the number I can call at Chrysler so I won't be sent through a bunch of hoops! Have your issues been fixed?
  • lorenskilorenski Posts: 2
    Thanks for the info. I've just emailed Lou Ann, will call afterwards. I have the 2011 JGC and only17000 miles on it. I have the same concern, slow to start and does not change gears or speed up going uphill. Took it to 2 dealers and all they did was to flash CPU firmware. Told them to check or change drive shaft, like was mentioned her, but they did not. maybe because it is still under warranty and no charge. I'm in if someone start a petition.
  • lorenskilorenski Posts: 2
    I have the same exact case like you, especially when going uphill. 2 flash updates but did not fixed it.
  • I own a 2011 Grand Cherokee Overland and my vehicle has been lurching forward when I start it, while in park. This problem has existed since I bought it in January 2012. Recently, I experienced a bigger issue while I was driving. On my way into work Wednesday morning, I was stopped at a red light about 3/4 of the way there, and as I accelerated to take off, my vehicle would not shift into second gear. The engine was revving and I reached 4,000 rpm's at a speed of 30 mph! I had it towed to the nearest dealership, and they did not find anything wrong with it. They said there was no code thrown, and it didn't act up when they test drove it. I know that there is a bigger issue than what they '"aren't" finding, or telling me. What is the most frustrating is that I bought this vehicle brand new, and there should be no problems with it, I should feel safe, and it should be 100% reliable. Chrysler should take responsibility for these mistakes.
  • Last summer I bought a 2011 Jeep Grand Cherokee which is the biggest mistake of my like. It is the biggest piece of over priced crap on the planet. The Lithia dealership in Santa Fe sucks the big one!!! At 4000 miles the transmission had to be replaced due to the robot at the factory not positioning the transmission fluid filter correctly so it ate up the gears and had metal in the tranny pan. Ok I could write a novel here about my horrible experiences at Lithia and with Jeep but I won't because it wuld take too long.Jeep replaced the transmission. The new tranny is still acting up at random and odd times so somehow that is my fault? It leaks crap on my driveway another fault of mine. Of course, I am a woman and must not know cars right? Wrong I used to restore 1969 Mustangs so I know automobiles!
    So buyer beware- I just got off the phone with some corporate jackass and they are not going to make it right so I will trade it off for something that works and I am not afraid to drive. You suck Jeep- I hope you get instant Karma for this!!!!!

    The NM Lemon Law states that the dealership has the right to rectify the issue 4 times within one year. My problem is the dealership is denying there is a problem. I explained to them the tranny is still acting up in random ways. If I am excellerating to get onto the highway and going 45 MPH it will shift itself down to first gear. I think that is rough on the vehicle and might cause an accident. I always use D for drive and the car shifts and locks into first. They told me I have to be moving the gear knob. Whn I told them that would be hard with both hands on the wheel they just shrugged their shoulders and said if the computer isn't registering a problem then there is none. This Jeep was brand new with ten miles on it when I bought it and I have had nothing but problems with it. So since they won't buy it back I will just trade it off. Since they won't step to the plate for customer service then I will wash them with comments on FB. I purchased from LIthia Jeep in Santa Fe and the only thing they do well is take your money and give you poor customer service after that.

    I spoke to Sherry at Chrysler Concern and I really don’t see how this can be resolved. She said that your service manager wants to test drive my Jeep between Albq. and Santa Fe. That to me only devalues my vehicle and racks up miles. I am no comfortable with liability issues with my insurance either with strangers driving my Jeep. The issue of this vehicle down -shifting itself by itself creates a very unsafe condition. Bottom line- I am afraid to drive this vehicle. I had 2 FORD Explorers and drove both of them from brand new to over 90,000 miles. My Volvo S80 had over 100,000 miles on it. I never had any issues with any of them. This Jeep Grand Cherokee had a transmission that crapped out ay 4,000 miles. What? A brand new vehicle? Seriously? This is when you dealership should have made this right and traded me out of this one and into another. YOU have ruined my new car buying experience. I am afraid to drive this vehicle and I have anxiety attacks every time I am behind the wheel. I think it is unsafe and dangerous to drive. In fact I drive as little as possible because I am afraid to drive it anywhere that I might break down. My friend Beth, bought one from the Jeep dealer in Albuquerque- Marks Casa on The Westside and she had an issue right away and not as serious as a transmission going to hell. Guess what? They wanted to make her happy so they put her in another new one and she has had no problems. Maybe you could hire their customer service person. They seem to know how to treat their customers. Bottom line- I am not going to risk my life in this vehicle as a crash test dummy so I will probably get rid of it for something I can rely on and from a dealer who knows how to treat their customers. And guess what? I don’t work for you and I don’t need to spend my time away from work to drive this back and forth to your dealership so you can tell me nothing is wrong with this piece of junk. Would you put your family in a vehicle that down shifts itself by itself to first gear going over 45MPH trying to merge into traffic? I wouldn’t! Not for $45,000 or $45 million. You need to rethink your priorities.
  • Sounds like Jeep has a major transmission problem and they are not admitting their problems. My dealer does the same thing! It doesn't show up on the computer so it must not be them. Sounds like a RECALL huh Jeep. Get real take care of your customers!
  • I have the same problem with my 98.... has anyone gotten back to you? If it is a easy fix that would be awesome, otherwise I might a s well scrap the Jeep and get another one :(
  • transmission wont shift to second unless I place it in neutral , and once in second it slips into neutral intermittently, where I have to shift to Neutral again, give it a shot of gas, and place it back into drive. Third gear just makes grinding noises after a minute or two, if it does happen to shift into third, and OD is stuck "off" on my dashboard. I also tried to reset the computer which made things even worse. Any ideas. Should also note I swamped it, but had all the fluids replaced by a local shop immediately after.
  • davides8davides8 Posts: 2
    A couple of months ago, I posted a request for information in regards to my transmission releasing drive or not wanting to upshift and the tach going up to 4-5K while in first. Well, I took it in to a transmission shop and was told the solenoids needed replaced....$350 later the problem occurred the same day as getting it out the shop, so I took it back. The tech said he would call Jeep and called me to pickup my jeep the next day at no additional costs. Apparently jeep uses the computer case to ground and according to the jeep tech has had grounding problems. The transmission shop installed a ground from the main computer to the more shift problems. Hope this helps someone.
  • amznamzn Posts: 6
    Hi Rojosneakers,

    did you get the issue fixed or any progress?

    I got a very terrible issue with the 2012 JGC Laredo that I just leased about a week ago. Every time I drive it for more than 30 minutes and then switch to the local road and then get back to the highway, the RPM will go up to 4000+, and the Jeep is not gaining any speed. I could barely get a speed of 40-50 miles per hour with 4000+ RPM, which is very dangerous on the highway. Its a 4x4 V8 5.7L hemi leased from Lithia. Couldn't believe what's happening. I wish I had read your post 2 weeks earlier. then I would have avoided this terrible deal.
  • amznamzn Posts: 6
    Hi Folks,

    I leased a 2012 Grand Cherokee Laredo Altitude 4x4 5.7L from Lithia about 10 days ago. The price is great: MSRP ~$42K. The price before TTL is ~$36K which is used to calculate the down payment and monthly payments.

    However, there's a serious problem that I identified after I drove it a couple days. The RPM would go up to 4k+ while the car was not gaining much speed (40-50 miles per hour), each time after I drove the car for 30-60 minutes. The only thing I did was turning on the air conditioning, before or while I was accelerating on the ramp to get onto the highway - then there's noticeable increase with the RPM to 4K+ while other parameters remained about the same. Typically the RPM stays in 1K to 2K range. The typically toggling "ECO" indicator disappeared. It seemed that the 8 cylinder mode is running. There must be something wrong with the transmission, or some sensors.

    I have a couple of questions:
    1) the lease is with the Ally bank. Should Ally, Chrysler, or the Lithia dealer be taking care of the problem?
    2) This is a brand new Jeep. When I leased it, the mileage is less than 50. Is this considered a lemon car such that the lease should be invalidated?
    3) I called the dealer. they were hesitating that I use the 24-hour assistance/towing service. they said they will have the service department to pick up the Jeep tomorrow. Do you think I should actually insist on using the Jeep 24-towing service, and/or tow the car to a different dealer (5 miles away) so that they can independently check the Jeep?

    thanks for your help.
  • 510akcali510akcali Posts: 2
    edited August 2012
    amzn sorry to hear about your car. Ally won't do anything about your vehicle, it's not a lemon unless the same problem happens four times. Lithia is a great company they will take care of it for you. I would use Jeep roadside because it's free and get it towed to the dealer you bought it to take care of it for you. It's an amazing vehicle and I can't wait to get one.

    Can you post the details about your lease. The Cap cost, Residual, Money Factor, Term, Total Down, and Payment.

  • amznamzn Posts: 6
    edited August 2012
    Thanks 510akcali for your response. here are the details:
    Cap cost: $37K (excluding the GMAC acquisition and admin fee)
    Residual: $26.3K
    Term: 24 months for 12K miles per year
    Down: $3K
    Payment: $410

    The dealer showed me the money factor but I couldn't remember. At the end of the day, it really depends on the price as if you are buying the Jeep. I built an Excel model, similar to the mortgage calc when you buy a house, and figured out that I would pay ~$3K extra in terms of interest, vs. buying the Jeep now with cash. I just like driving new cars so I would look at it as the cost of driving new cars. What sucks is that Ally bank will add $2500 to the residual value if you buy the car at the end of the lease. To me, it just means that probably I wouldn't buy the car when the lease ends.

    For the issue I mentioned, I had the dealer checked the car but they couldn't replicate the issue. I'll just keep an eye on it and bring it back to them if necessary. I like the design and the Jeep brand. I hate the quality/reliability of the Chrysler cars though. But I like Jeep more than other brands such as Toyota, Honda, etc. Chances are that in 2 years I will buy or lease another Jeep Grand Cherokee, especially when the diesel version will be available soon.

    By the way, you sounded like a Lithia employee :). I'd say a 20-30% of the folks at the dealer just suck: no credibility, very rude, and cheap. The sales person I dealt with was great though. He had lots of experiences and was very polite and could talk to the point. Also the service director was good when I brought up the issue to her. Other folks were just in-experienced, and they were treating you like low-end customers, without any understanding that you are throwing $30-$40K to buy one of the most expensive cars they are selling. This is not surprising in that some deck sales persons are only making $10/hour, the minimum wage, with a high school diploma only. During some conversation I had to yell at / remind them that I can escalate along their reporting chain for some issues that I wasn't happy with - they are employee of the Lithia company, they should understand that any escalation might impact their career and employment with Lithia.
  • hey guys my dad just bought a 96 grand cherokee 4wd,automatic 4.0 motor and 2 daz later when u put in gear its seems to spin the rpm`s raise but doesnt shift into 2nd,now also when he bought it the vic(vehicle info center) was flashing and by the time he got home was completely blank and had burnt up,but he still drove it for 2 daz like that,well on my way home to take out the stated the shifting problem,my question is.......does the truck need the vic to run and shift correctly or is it another problem all together? i dont mind replacing the vic as i have already taken it out,but dont want to buy another if the tranny is bad also? trans fluid is red and doesnt smell bad to me,and when u first start up it runs and shifts fine then after a few minutes it starts slippin? p.s ive tried it in 4wd low,high and 2wd drive they all work but it still slips in any of them,ive tried to include how its acting but if u need more info to help just ask,any clues or directions to head are appreciated thnx bb
  • lee145lee145 Posts: 1
    I have the same problem. It is a shudder coming from the tranny and/or the torque converter. It gets worse every month. This would have been the best 4x4 on the market if they would have fixed it. They can't fix this with out redesigning the tranny and tourque converter. The only answer is to trade it and never buy any Chrysler product again.

    It's time to close the doors on this company.
  • I bought a Chrysler-certified used 2007 Cherokee Laredo with 18,000 miles and have had nothing but headaches. Without warning, it just won't start one day and flashes the message "transmission over temp." I have been stranded 12 times, towed six times, and two separate Chrysler dealerships have attempted to fix it. The only thing found to be wrong is the starter is bad each time. I have had 4 brand-new starters put in in barely over 13 months: June, February, April, and August 1st. "Customer Service" at corporate headquarters will do absolutely nothing and conduct themselves in a completely ridiculous manner. They suggested, for the FOURTH time, that it must be fixed now that I've had to put in yet another starter. This is a band-aid fix at best and is sheer insanity to think that repeatedly doing the same thing will result in a different outcome. Their lack of concern or assistance and waste of customer's time has certainly lost them this consumer as a customer.
  • Check into something called the Magnsuson-Moss Warrenty Act and get an attorney. I have tried to get resolution to our problems with our 2007 Jeep Grand Cherokee Overland Diesel that has been in the shop on average once every 6 months since we bought it new in 2007. We should have returned it but we had the "platinum warrenty." until it expired last year. Big mistake! The last problem turned out to be an oil cooler gone bad-cost $2000.00 and 9 weeks. Ended up being fixed by our Mercedes mechanic. He gave us a reduced rate because he worked on it on the side. Chrysler Cares has been incredibly non-responsive and also made innapropriate comments to me. IE, you can either pay to have it fixed at the dealer or take it somewhere else where it will probably be cheaper and then refusing to respond to my emails after that. The latest issue just last week was that it just wouldn't start. Lights came on, all electrical worked but it wouldn't start. No warning at all. We had it towed and are now trying to find a mechanic to replace the starter because it is in a nearly inaccesible location for a do-it-yourselfer. Your post has made me nervous that it might not be the problem now. The alternator and several computer modules have already been replaced. I've been meaning to pursue the Magnsuson-Moss Warrenty Act , it was recommended to me by someone in the car industry since Chrysler has refused to take responsibility. I've also been told Chrysler will not do anything unless an attorney gets involved. Unfortunately we are upside down on the Jeep and we would never saddle some unsupecting private buyer with this dangerous vehicle. Good luck and keep us updated!
  • Check out this link. It was just sent it to me. Seems some have found a solution with a ground wire or something or another? The shifting from park to neutral thing did not work for us, we do not have the clicking noise but we haven't tried this ground idea yet.
  • I posted this thread, and would like to update what happened. After leaving the problem for some months I finally decided to get the problem fixed.

    After two garages and £300, I ended up taking the car to a gear box specialist. They identified the error code and then had a second opinion before replacing the gov sensor. This has done the job.

    The problem is now fixed and cost £700. Every one wanted to replace the gearbox, including the main dealer.

    My Advice find a gearbox/auto transmission specialist not a main dealer.


  • Thanks for the info and I totally agree with your comment about being mistreated by Customer Care at Jeep--at one point, the service agent just snapped at me on the phone, saying "What are you even expecting? What do you want?" when I kept pushing for some kind of a response. I will check into the link you sent about grounding the battery better, but it is frustrating that this should even be done, especially because the Jeep already has two grounds that the dealership assured me were in perfect working order. I will continue to post if I find out anything new; best of luck to you.
  • deuceydeucey Posts: 1
    Did that end up fixing the problem for you? Can you tell me that after the hard shift and the noise, did it ever trigger the check engine light to come on? I think I'm having a very similiar issue with my 2006 Grand Cherokee, and I've had it in the shop twice now without any luck. Two differnet transmission sensors have been replaced and the check engine light just came back on. The dealership has offiicially had the car more than I have in the past three weeks.
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