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Jeep Grand Cherokee Transmission Problems



  • Sorry it is a voltage thing we think something is only alowing marginal line pressure when it sits over night and then it causes the car not to shift corectly setting codes it is a new rebuilt trans and they have had it out twice to recheck their work
  • Hi,

    Am having the same problem with my Jeep Grand Cherokee. When I drive in automatic "D" in heavy traffic, the jeep vibrates/shudders and I suspect the reason is the jeep is not able to identify the gear it should be in. This does not happen when I use Tiptronic (manual) gear.

    Can you let me know how you solved this issue.
  • Hi, I have been having transmission problems with my Grand Cherokee Laredo since June 2012 (at a cost of $3,000 to date)with an intermittent problem of going into limp mode. It has been back to the JEEP DEALERSHIP on each occasion (being four to date) and they advise me that it is a supply voltage problem to the TCM which in turn affects the solenoids in the transmission. The last time (early October) it was in and only the last time they informed me that the battery fail the test so I purchased a new battery and voila!!!!! I am mystified why the battery was not checked at the first visit because in my mind that if the problem is voltage would you not go to the source to start the fault finding. Also at the last visit they told me that I need to replace the TCM & Solenoides at a cost of $7,250.00 . I told them to reset the codes and I drove away and have had no further problems to date.
    I hope this helps. GOOD LUCK!!!
  • 2002 42RE Transmission 130K stopped working properly after overheating the engine 4.0L 2WD (radiator cracked). Transmission has no reverse. Does not up shift from 2nd to 3rd in D. Reverse initially was shuddering (jumping ) at first which lasted a short time before losing All power. No problems with shift selector 1 or 2. Starting off in normal drive mode (D) 1st shift takes place @ 2000 rpm 2nd shift @ 25 mph .... and from there as soon as the speedometer hits 35 mph tranny hits whats feels like Neutral, I then have to put the selector in D2 which is OK as long as I don't need to drive faster than 35 mph. If I leave the selector in D I have to put the gas pedal down a bit enough to increase the RPM to approx. 4000 rpm at that time the tranny will continue to drive as long as I'm increasing the speed. The tranny does not slip it feels like neutral. Transmission fluid was Dark when checked filter was replaced as well as the transmission fluid ATF 4 was used. Graphite greased was noted on magnet in pan. No metal was seen although fluid was Very Dark before Fluid Change. Transmission shop wants $2000 for rebuild. What else could cause this ..... Torque Converter ? any suggestion would be appreciated. Thank You
  • Sounds like Jeep or the NHSTA needs to do a recall of Jeep transmissions. We only have 50,000 miles on our 2007 JGC, and we are being asked to pay almost $3,000 for various repairs, including a new transmission. We'll just park it before we pay that much!
  • Transmission problem fixed.... Broken Reverse Accumulator
    Spring. Removed Plate on valve Body 4 Torx screw(s). Spring was in 2 Pieces.Cost to replace Spring $4.00
  • vinnie69vinnie69 Posts: 1
    edited December 2012
    I have a 2011 JC Hemi Limited....what a piece of junk that transmission is. I currently have 64k on my jeep and I am on my second transmission. Like a lot of what I read, my second trans is doing what the first on did. Low RPM it rides like a tractor. Shutters, vibration at time it seems like it does not know what gear to go in, sometimes it shifts very hard while driving, other time it seems to take for ever for the passing gear to kick in, when it does she shakes while the engine is screaming. I have brought this jeep back 27 times already since the transmission has been replaced and they keep telling me that its normal. I brought in my X5 to show then how much better the completions product is. Since I have owned this junk I have replaced the drivers window module 3 times, the power steering, the water pump, navigation system and the transmission. Lets be real here, this is a jeep and when you watch the commercials this thing can climb walls, yet I have never been off roading, never towed anything it has all been highway miles. I am very disappointed with this truck and I paid big bucks for this thing. I'm tired of fighting....I just want to burn it to the ground.....thanks for reading and best of luck....
  • Did you ever figure out what it was? My 06 JGC has been doing it off and on, and when its idling at a stop light/sign it bounces...
  • honpudhonpud Posts: 2
    I have been trying to post but it's hard to get back to this site. I had to get my transmission rebuilt because the gears would not shift automatically. I'm still having problems with it shifting sometimes since December 2012. The mechanic said that now it's the cable to the transmission so he wants to look at that. I paid 850.00 to get the transmission rebuilt. Too much money but this is what I have to do for now.
  • So when I am at a complete stop, then accelerate.. i can feel a slight 'bump'. I almost though that the motor was off the mounts but thats not it. It varies in severity. I drove off of the interstate the other day and stopped. Started to accelerate and *boom*. thing shifted like a darn train. Any thoughts?? Its like the vehicle isnt shifting completely down into 1 at a stop. Are all jeeps this way? Can anyone feel this sensation from a stop/start, stop/start?
    Jeep.. as usual.. can never duplicate the issue.
  • ev10ssev10ss Posts: 2
    I have the same issue. I thought that my spare tire was loose and thumping upon take off. I have the 3.7 liter and the problem hasn't gotten any worse.
  • fap1fap1 Posts: 2
    I had the same problem, it is not the transmission temp. problem. It is not the battery and it is not the starter. After spending a lot of money and no one could find it, I ran into the Shores Auto Clinic. They were able to fix the problem and it was relative inexpensive. It turned out to be a charred connection under the battery housing. They fixed it and now it runs great and the transmission temp message is also gone.
  • fap1fap1 Posts: 2
    I had the same problem, it is not the transmission temp. problem. It is not the battery and it is not the starter. After spending a lot of money and no one could find it, I ran into the Shores Auto Clinic. They were able to fix the problem and it was relative inexpensive. It turned out to be a charred connection under the battery housing. They fixed it and now it runs great and the transmission temp message is also gone.
  • i have a 2001 jeep grand cherokee 4x4 4.0 6 cylinder straight 6 motor with a 42RE transmission. i had changed the oil and radiator house the day the problem started. i drove about 5 miles and shut the car off, then about ten min later i started the car and started driving home, i drove about 3 miles stopped at the red light and then took off, as i accelerated the car did not shift out of first gear, had too drove home doing 20 mph for about two miles, when i got home i checked the tranny fluid and it was fine, didn't smell burnt, color was right and fluid was not low. the next day i took the sensors out cleaned them did not replace them, changed the fluid, filter, and gasket. now the problem is worse. it took about one minute for it to shift in reverse then when putting in drive it still won't shift and its very rough riding and wants to stall out now, money is tight and have to have the car running, someone please help, if you have any ideas please let me know
  • wwilgimwwilgim Posts: 6
    ur being taken the governor pressure sensors are the problem.My 98 had this problem.
  • tahoegal1tahoegal1 Posts: 11
    Our 2000 Jeep Grand Cherokee keeps dropping into limp mode and the speedometer works sporadically.

    My husband replaced the TCM (which was matched to our part number and programmed per our VIN) and he replaced the input and output speed sensors, oil and filter for the transmission. The speedometer started working but the transmission is still dropping into limp mode. Next, we took our Jeep to the local dealership to have the TCM flashed which did not fix the problem. Note: the speedometer is now back to working sporadically. Back to the dealership, again, and they said that PCM was turning off the TCM. So, we purchased a PCM for our Jeep and installed that. Our car drove about 5 miles before the check engine light came on again, back to the dealership, again, sigh… They spent 3 hours checking the electrical for shorts and said maybe it’s the Relay switch for the PCM/TCM. But, they really don’t know anything for sure. We really need to get our overdue smog check completed so we need the check engine light off and we can’t afford to keep throwing money at this problem.

    Any suggestions???
  • tahoegal1tahoegal1 Posts: 11
    Thank you for the info. Is replacing the governer pressure sensors something we can do or do we have to continue to fee our local Jeep Dealership more $$$?
  • tahoegal1tahoegal1 Posts: 11
    Regarding my problem with my 2000 GJC tramission stuck in limp mode and speedometer works sporadically. It seems like the answer should be installing a new transmission output speed sensor however, that was one of the first things my husband tried. Do you think after all of this time and money that the output speed sensor he replaced was bad? Should he go through the time and trouble to buy a new one and try again?
  • tahomastahomas Posts: 2
    My daughters Jeep GC is behaving oddly. I the got a call from her tow was on the way because it was struck in traffic. By the time I got there It was working fine and was able to get home. After home since then the trans mission has worked intermittently, able to move forward and in reverse but never far. Checked the fluid and it was ok. I was talking to someone who suggested that it may be a clogged tranny filter and to replace it with the fluid. She has not a lot of money to put into inspection, especially seeing a 19 year old girl come through the door. I can do some work i.e replace a filter but that's about it. any ideas Jeepsters or any tranny Guys?
  • hoser147hoser147 Posts: 2
    DId you get the above problem figured out? I got a Jeep GC 00 4.0L Drove it about 30 Mile today no problems or noise. Later drove it about 5 mi and on the way home it wouldnt shift out of 1st. I just had it serviced about a year ago. Checked fluid level it was fine all though it has air bubbles in it. I coded it out and got P 720 P0720 (M)

    Low Output SPD Sensor RPM Above 15 MPH

    The relationship between the Output Shaft Speed Sensor and vehicle speed is not within acceptable limits.
    Any Idea's?? Thanks All!!
  • hoser147hoser147 Posts: 2
    changed Rear Sensor and Everything is back to normal. Thanks ALL!!
  • bigt67bigt67 Posts: 2
    Never had a minutes problem with my 2004 JGC 4.0 with 118,000,until I was about 45 miles away from the house,I was sitting at a redlight of course with my foot on the brake waiting for the light to change and it felt like someone rolled into the back of me gentley,just felt like it wanted to take off,well when the light turned green I went to take off and it was in drive,or 3rd gear,I pulled it down manually and proceeded on.
    It doesn't do it all the time,I changed the fluid and filter,pan was clean and oiled smelled fine.
    But you can feel it shift while I am stopped,when it does that, it takes off in drive,thanks for any help?
    I am not sure what transmission I have.
  • mickey96mickey96 Posts: 1
    I have a 98 Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo and it has recently had several problems. It started overheating more frequently even after I repeatedly fill it up with coolant/ water weekly. I was on my way home from work the other day and it started overheating. So I stopped the car and there was smoke every where. I waited for a good ten minutes until the smoke cleared and the thingy wasn't hot. Then I put more water in it and it ran fine. The next day it started overheating again but it also started to click and not in the way that there is little oil because the oil is at the safe area. It also dies a lot when it starts to overheat. I am crazy con fused on what is happening to it nd I need some advice.
  • Hello-I have a 2000 Laredo 4 cylinder with 145,000 miles. It recently started to accelerate on its own. It's slight and it just started today. I put it in cruise and hovered over the pedal. Sure enough, it was accelerating a bit and then going back to normal, same when not in cruise.

    I have a few other problems(I am illiterate about vehicles so bear with me), it doesn't feel right underneath my feet when I drive. I have been driving for over 20yrs and haven't felt this before. It almost feels as if something is grinding? I'm sure that's not the case but sure how else to describe it. My engine ticks and the dealership mechanic couldn't figure it out.

    Just had breaks changed because they were sticking, still feels that way. I have a new electrical system put in because the alternator blew and fried it. And a gasket was leaking so it had to be drained of oil and replaced, it was underneath so dont ask me what it was lol. I love my jeep and want to keep it even.
    tho it kills me in gas(45 miles to work one way). Anyone else have any of these issues?
  • dave473dave473 Posts: 1
    Hey guys,

    I have a Jeep grand Cherokee 2009. 86K in total, looks like when I accelerate the transmission just gets stuck as though there is a limit? it wont go over 60mph.

    what could the problem be?
  • becool1becool1 Posts: 1
    Fap1, I'm having the same problem, I can pull the battery housing, I installed a new battery when I just thought the battery was bad being 5 years old, but the problems returned. I even swapped the starter relay with the AC relay thinking that could be the problem, since I couldn't get the jeeep not to start. but the problem happened again last week, the wife stated the dash stated a transmission overheat message. Did they say what wires were charred, or did they show you the wires? I will do another inspection of the wiring harness leaving the battery going to the fuse panels and see if I see anything. I just love working on intermittent problems... Thanks Joe
  • Just bought one and wish I could give it back. It constantly downshifts when I am trying to coast, even when going downhill. Do not buy one without driving it first. If you still want to buy one after driving it make me an offer, PLEASE!
  • jeeper94jeeper94 Posts: 1
    I have a 1994 Jeep Grand Cherokee. I started it and got out it was in park and not moving, I ran back in my house and when I came out the jeep had went backward down a hill and across the highway and into a ditch. Needless to say there is quite a bit of damage. I am the second owner and never thought to check to see if there were any recalls on the Jeep. I see there is a recall for the exact thing that happen to me...does anyone have any suggestions for me on any recourse I might have with Chrysler?? Any suggestions would be appreciated, even funny ones...
  • bigt67bigt67 Posts: 2
    All though no one helped,I decided to post what the problem was,I replaced the Solenoid & Sensor & of course changed the fluid & filter while I was in there,that's been about 2500 miles ago,it's doing great.
  • I have a 2001 Laredo that has been doing the exact same thing. I was wondering if you have fixed yours and what was the problem. Every shop that I take mine to says that they don't know what it is or that the computer needs to be rebooted. I have done that as well and it hasn't solved the problem either.
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