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Honda Odyssey vibration



  • deeleedeelee Posts: 35
    I also had my torque converter replaced two years ago on my 2007 Honda Odyssey. It had around 45,000 miles on it at that time. I haven't had a problem since. They have also given me several software upgrades and fixed a recall on the brakes, something to do with the master cylinder. I think the software updates made it burn more gas although I couldn't prove it. I've got my fingers crossed. I have heard it didn't last for alot of people. I had to have it done. I couldn't stand it like it was. Good Luck
  • sreisssreiss Posts: 65
    I can 2nd or 3rd other comments here - I had this fixed (fortunately under warranty) on a 2007 Ody in January of 2010. No problems since. There have been additional software updates made when I've had it back to the dealer for other servicing. I had the broken motor mount issue fixed at the same time, and all has been well since then. Be careful that an unaddressed torque converter issue doesn't progress to snapping the rear motor mount also. For these reasons and others, I ended up buying the Honda extended warranty (nearly at the end of the 36 mos original warranty period) because my confidence in the brand was shaken very hard ... after literally 30+ years of owning various Honda models.
  • deeleedeelee Posts: 35
    Are you aware that the warranty on your 2007 was extended to sixty thousand miles because of this issue with the torque converter? If you bought the warranty before 60,000 it was still under warranty. Also since you had the torque converter replaced once you will be covered for this issue for the life of the car.
  • Just had the Torque Converter and one engine mount replaced on my 2006 Odyssey. I took several years of persistence to get Honda to cover this repair under my Honda Extended Warranty. They would not do the repair until they could demonstrate the vibration that you discribe so after several prior failed attempts at getting the dealership to repeat the problem I drove down their and grabbed the service manager and took him for a ride. After they officially "condemned" the converter they replaced it, and while doing the repair, discovered on of the engine mounts was damaged and replaced that. Glad I was able to get this taken car of 6 months before my warranty ran out, however, I'm not convinced that this repair truly fixed the problem. I noticed today that it seemed like their was a small but continuous vibration while "lugging" up a hill at low RPM, so I will be watching and listening closely over the next few months. Considering the problems I have had with the Odyssey, which I bought new, and the Clear Coat deteriorating on my 2004 Accord, I may have to pass on a Honda the next time. Sad to say, because I have had quite a few. It's also unfortunate that the vehicles I have had the most problem with were assembled in America.
  • I have a 2006 Honda Odyssey EXL, with 135k on it. For the last 5k miles, I've noticed the shuttering between 35-45mph. Taking O/D off, nothing happens. Took it to the dealership and they were more than helpful, fixing the recent recall on the master cylinder. I asked for a PCM update, and they said none was available. I asked for them to check the engine mounts (of course all of them were quoted as being bad). So, since consistency is the key, I replaced the rear and side mounts which were quoted as being "cracked". They said the front one needed replaced, but even the service advisor got the feeling like it wasn't a necessity. At the end of the day, nothing has changed, and I still have the same vibration. After all the posts, websites, complaints, phone calls, Honda has refused to fix their issue, and I'm quite disappointed. Now, apparently I am expected to have the torque converter replaced, and I truly feel this is a software issue with the VCM/PCM module. I have also started a facebook group: and hopefully this will get some overdue recognition for the six years of failed inaction. Please join this cause if you feel that it is worthy (and for some, it's $2300 or more worthy).
  • sreisssreiss Posts: 65
    The full warranty was extended to 60K, or just the torque converter? I seem to recall something specific being extended but I don't recall the entire warranty being extended to 60K. My primary reason for extending the warranty was that if something this major went wrong, I did not want to take a chance on something else going terribly wrong. Basically, the cost of the extended warranty was cheaper than getting a new car, because I have completely lost trust in the quality of the engineering, which is what I believe to be at the core of this specific issue.
  • ddssjskddssjsk Posts: 26
    Finally got disgusted with my 07 and traded for a 2011 Toyota Highlander.
    No more Hondas. Ever! Went through the whole gambit. Torque converter replaced. Fuel economy went to HE@@. Multiple re programs. Arbitration, (a joke). Free at last. Free at last. Received another recall the other day to re program again to prevent premature trans shaft ware. Anything to keep from really fixing the trans issues.
  • I bought my 2006 honda odyssey certified preowned; have had it for 2 years and for a couple of mths now i've been hearing this vibration sound from the hood. i've rotated, aligned, and balanced the tires, but didn't fix the sound. i'm glad to read the problem here.
  • I recently purchased 2012 EX-L and I am experiencing vibration and pulsating noise from engine. During my first dealer visit, I was told that the vehicle is working as designed.

    Later I observed that compressor was kicking on and off very frequently and the sound was so apparent and the vibration can be felt from the floor by the passenger as well. On my second visit, after I explicitly reported about compressor problem, dealer fixed the issue and per the report, it was set at high pressure that caused the frequent cycling of compressor. However for the engine’s pulsating noise, service manager said that it was normal and this happens on ECO mode and handed over a literature on eco mode.

    As a consumer, I want 36K vehicle to run smoothly or at least at the same level that I test drove the vehicle. Within 100 miles, the vehicle behavior and driving feel has changed and right now I just do not feel that I am driving a new vehicle on that particular aspect. I plan to test drive another odyssey from a different dealer to make sure if it is common symptom and accordingly plan to talk to a lemon layer .. I would appreciate if anyone else have similar issues and if they can share or shed some thoughts on how they are dealing with it ...

  • claim5claim5 Posts: 22
    I think the sounds and vibrations you are hearing are not normal. I have a 2007 EX-L with 53,000 miles that is still running like new. The only way I know that the eco mode is working is when the eco light comes on. I'm getting 26-30mpg on the highway. I did go through the apparently common problem early on of the juddering in the transmission after an ecm update, but the problem was solved by the dealer replacing the torque converter, and that was 3 years ago. I also replaced the stock slick Michelin's with Cooper CS4 tires which greatly increased the stability and traction on slippery surfaces, not to mention the dramatic improvement in the snow.
  • blackexv6blackexv6 Posts: 503
    edited November 2011
    link title

    Above is a link to the court documents filed for a pending class action suit against Honda for the defective torque converters.

    Everyone experiencing the juddering should read this document. I've been down the same road with our '06 but finally there might be justice!
  • deeleedeelee Posts: 35
    I've been waiting for this for a long time.... I just read over the class action suit and the one big thing I didn't see was the fact that getting a new torque converter doesn't solve the problem for many people. One of the managers at the Honda Dealership is on his second torque converter. I got mad when they told me that I had to get the first software update and drive it for another thousand miles before I was eligible to get a torque converter. I told the manager at the dealership that I had suffered with this crap for long enough. He said his hands were tied and I should call Honda. I called Honda and some dimwit woman on the phone told me that I hadn't even given the software a chance!!! So I drove it and needless to say nothing changed and they finally replaced the torque and so far it is fine. I have been hearing a clunk in the tranny when I decelerate going down a hill. I thought I bought a great car when I purchased it. Now I feel like I got a lemon!!!
  • roy63roy63 Posts: 1
    finally... i m joining on this fourm... i have 06 Honda EX-L.. i bought it last 7 months ago... it was used van... it was running excellent and i m happy for my family...

    until around after 3 months later.. i notice the vibrator just begin.. just tiny vibrator..i thought, it was timing belt... it was on around 85K miles....

    so, i went to Honda service and they replaced new Timing Belt and water pump.. it cost me over $800...

    then when the service called me that the van is ready.. i was so exciting! then i went to the service to pick up the van...

    then i sat inside the van... turn it up... feel smooth.. i m happy... then when i drive this van.. less than 2 to 3 min... the damn vibrator still there!!!!!

    i did replace new spark plug myself... it cost me $12 EACH!!!

    then i did tried my best everything i want... rotate tires and alignment... new brake rotor and pads.. all of them!!!

    the vibrator still there!!!!

    today, this morning... i will going to Honda service to get Diagnosic test for my van... i hopeful, it is not Torque converter!!!!! it is sooo expensive to replace that!!! my van is just like new!!! it is 93K miles!!!!

    before, i have Honda Prelude VTEC... i love this car sooo muchy... sport car!!!.. it had over 200K miles.... yes 200,000 miles.. it running soo smooth!!!! i love this car so much... so i had to trade this car for that damn Van!!!!

    I hope, Honda should pay for this!!!! thank to lawsuit!!!

    06 Odyessy EX-L
    94K miles
  • Most likely the dignostic test will not show anything on your torque converter. The juddering at 93k is more of an annoyance (and embarassment). I don't know the longevity of the torque converter I've been told they last 150k miles or more. Each case is different.
  • Thank you for posting this. When will we receive notice about this case in the mail so we can respond to it? I'm glad someone did something. I do have a 06 Honda Odyssey and the sound gets worse and worse each day. I need to take the car in and hope Honda will fix it for free as recall as this is their fault knowing selling these cars. Where is quality check in this country? I'm thinking of buying Toyotas from now on.
  • jonr3jonr3 Posts: 1
    Read with interest the class action against Honda. I fought for months and finally engaged Auto BBB (Better Business Bureau) and State's Attorney's office before Honda at the last minute finally relented and replaced transmisssion and torque converter on my 2009 Odyssey for the vibration problem referenced in the lawsuit. Honda kept claiming problem was a "characteristc" of the car and I would have to live with it. Wrong! I decided to fight. The problem was never disclosed nor admitted yet obviously exists. Right before I was going to go for arbitration Honda called and asked me to meet with a Regional service representative. I did and he acknowledged immediately the problem and authorized the replacement which supposedly the local dealer is prevented from doing. Even after the agreement Honda America stepped in and unsuccessfully tried to stop the agreed to repalcement. Even after replacement, the condition still exists although admittedly not as much. However, based on other customer feedback it appears the fix will not be permanent and is likely to reoccur. I should have refused their offer and just proceeded with arbitration which I'm sure I would have won and had my purchase price refunded. I'm fortunate that I have a 7 year extended warranty so it should help somewhat with resale but nevertehless the problem will still affect me and the ultimate price I am able to get for a defective auto. I have copies of the numerous letters I sent to Honda executives and a detailed log of all my attempts to get action taken. I was put through a classic stall job. Ignore the complaint and it will finally go away. I refused to go away. I logged 22 separate contacts on this issue and that was before Honda decided to take some action. I'd be happy to provide copies of everything I have to attorneys of record if they ask. Honda should be held accountable for failure to disclose the defect both before purchase and after as problems were noticed and experienced by owners.
  • The information on this link explains the oddyssey transmissions problem in detail.
  • Thank you for taking such a brave action. I completely agree on standing up for the right. You did what is right. These companies need to take responsibility. Where is FTC or Consumer Protection Agency of America? They need to come through and investigate these things. Honda can't just assemble a car knowing full well its problems then sell it knowing it will make them more money when it breaks down so to take more money out of people's pockets. This is evil. It needs to be stopped by people like you. I take my hat off to you. Honda always says "it is normal" for the car to have that noise. I've heard that being said to me when I accelerated at 12mph and the car makes a certain noise, then the service guy said it is normal for the car to make such sound. Honda will go down if they keep being dishonest. My next car will be a Toyota preferably not assembled in America.
  • There is a Class Action Lawsuit against Honda for the Odyssey . There is a problem on most Odyssey Transmissions and it has to do with the Torque Converter that are difective.

    Link to it: yssey-torque-converter-class-action-lawsuit-complaint/

    Dont let them give you around around...until the warrenty is over and them they will tell you is the Torque Converter...and you have to pay for the repair...which is a costly repair. The transmission has to came down. The Torque Converter is bellew the engine and Transmission

    You should have not have to pay for this reapir...

  • longo2longo2 Posts: 347
    Thought you might like to read this report from Larry Bloodworth who runs an a/t repair shop and attended a meeting of re-builders of the Honda a/t's

    > Eric,
    > While we've finally figured out the converter problem, among others, we are still debating the 3rd clutch issue. The sum of everything our industry knows about Honda/Acura problems can be found HERE.
    > I believe the 3rd clutch problem is a software issue causing an overlap of 2nd clutch release and 3rd clutch apply; also the 4-3 downshift. This overlap condition is exacerbated by a lot of in-town driving where upshifts and downshifts into 3rd gear happen a lot. Most notably in the stereotypical Soccer Mom's kid bus. We rarely see 3rd gear clutch failure in Hondas that are primarily freeway driven; because they don't do a lot of shifing in and out of 3rd gear.
    > The patented sonnax pressure regulator valve mentioned in the report retails for only $210 bucks. A cheaper, but more difficult to install, product that addresses the same issues is made by TransGo that I E-mailed you a while back.
    > Let the Honda buffs and DIY'ers know what's up.
    > I'll Keep You Posted,
  • jv1jv1 Posts: 1
    I have had my 2012 EX for less than a month. Same problem, I believe. Seems to happen just before overdrive kicks in with a moderate load (slight incline). Sounds like it cycles on, but doesn't go away unless it downshifts or upshifts. This would point to a torque converter as the core problem. It is most likely locking at an rpm range that "luggs" the motor. Beside the fact that it seems completely unrefined to have this issue after purchasing the most expensive mini-van on the market, the chronic problems will be the strain on the drivetrain and problems with motor mounts from vibrations. I will drive another to verify, but I don't remember it when I drove the tester. If this is a common problem with the Odyssey, we will be stuck with it or they will issue a recall.
  • payurpayur Posts: 2
    I started seeing the symptoms and the issues discussed by folks here in this group on our 2008 Odyssey EXL. Initially I was getting the judder at 40-45 mph when accelerating, once a week and now it is happening at least once a day.
    This is the first complaint I have seen so far, I have around 30K miles on the van. This has been there for 2 months now

    Please clarify the following:

    1) How serious is the issue, should I get it fixed ASAP?
    2) Please advice what I need to do, to fix this issue. Not sure how to communicate this to dealer /car mechanic.
  • deeleedeelee Posts: 35
    I understood it to be the full warranty. I am not sure and you would have to call a Honda dealership and inquire.
  • I also have a 2011. Has 26k at 1 yr. Started having similar problem a few months ago. Has gotten much worse recently. Brought it in for service today. They said they did. Computer update on the transmission. Haven't driven it yet so don't know if it will help. It happens like yours at about 35 mph and 45 mph. Shutters and seems to shift roughly. Also had to have rotors resurfaced. Can't imagine why. I know they had a problem because it was shuttering on braking, but my 02 Odyssey never had to have the brakes fixed and had over 100k on it. Is there a brake problem with these things too?
  • payurpayur Posts: 2
    Anybody from South Florida had this issue and fixed? I called 3 dealers and none of them had any customer report this problem, which is strange to me.

    I do not want myself taken for a ride and end up spending more than what it costs. I would somebody to please advice if you know any dealer in South Florida who has fixed this issue.
  • Take the car to Rick Case Honda. They have an awesome repair facility. On a side note, I have gotten rid of my Odyssey, but Honda should be ashamed of themselves allowing this to go on and on unchecked. We had a 2006 and I started this thread a couple years ago. Wow, I still get all the emails and it still amazes me. Best of luck! :)
  • I as well have a 2011 Odyssey with vibrations. They come and go all the time, but when they get very nasty, like going over rumble strips, I've lost the ability to accelerate (3 times). I also have the compressor coming on at will, when it should not, and after several attempts to fix the proplem (replace AC clutch relay, replace ac head unit), and the inability to troubleshoot, they have given up and now say that this is normal - HA! As well I have other issues with this vehicle that they cannot fix. I am in the process of going to CAMVAP. Check it out.
  • ciao888ciao888 Posts: 24
    I went through CAMVAP process for 2010 Odyssey, unless you can get a technical expert dont bother. Email me if you want to discuss.
  • Just curious if the vibration issues are also occurring with the Touring or Touring Elite models. These two have a 6-speed transmission instead of the 5-speed transmission Supposedly it makes a difference. Anyone having these issues with a Touring or Touring Elite?
  • blackexv6blackexv6 Posts: 503

    Yes the 6 speed Touring & Elite have bad torque converters.

    February 2012 Motor Trend Long Test Article

    2011 Odyssey Touring Elite, 6 months old, 14999 miles

    "...we'll have the technicians look at the transmission as well. Over time, shifting has become rough, and occasionally upon acceleration between first and second gears, the transmission seems to be shuddering."
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