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Honda Odyssey vibration



  • OK, let's start. The vibration could be caused by the transmission. There is a recall for that. Take it in to get checked. If you still have a problem then it could be the front ball bearings of the wheels. Honda put very low quality bearings and they will only last about 40,000 miles. If you have less than 60,000 miles on it, they will replace them under warranty. They will only want to repalce one, I suggest that you insisit that both get replaced. The faulty bearings give you a grinding sensation that you feel through the gas pedal. I bet that the rear bearing should be bad too, but they are harder to detect.

    Now, to the A/C condenser, there is an actual class action lawsuit against Honda. It is Civil Action No. 2:08-cv-4825 (KSH) (PS). For information about this you can call 877 389 4472.
  • All the Odysseys are affected. There are 2 things that can cause the vibration. First there is the recall to re-program the transmission (it helped in my case) and secondly the front bearings of your wheels will not last past 40k miles. You will feel a grinding sensation through your gas pedal. If you have less than 60k miles, they will replace the bearings for free. Insist to get both bearings replaced at once. I got one replaced, drove out of the dealer and drove for a day to have to come back and get the other one done. Waste of time and by the way get ready to have problems with your A/C, it will surely happen sooner than later. There is already a class action suit going on for it.
  • I purchased my Odyssey on January 2, 2012 and am having the EXACT problem you are describing above. I am taking it in for service on Tuesday, January 31, 2012. I have about 1200 miles on it. In the meantime, regarding a recall, I have filed a complaint with Honda Motor Corporation and have also filed a complaint with the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration. The only way consumers like you and I will get any satisfaction is if we bring it to their attention. At just shy of 40K, this vehicle should feel as though it rides on glass. Honda claims it will make this right, but we must ban together to get action.

    If in fact Honda knew about this problem with the redesign of the 2011 model, shame on them for staking their reputation with such a disastrous vehicle issue!

    My advice, file a complaint and lets work together to get some action~
  • deeleedeelee Posts: 35
    There is a class action law suit starting. Read down and you will find the information on the forum. Too bad you didn't know before you bought it! Is your van a 2011 or 2012?
  • tdadamchiktdadamchik Posts: 5
    edited February 2012
    Hi... can you send me the post where the class action lawsuit is located. (I have a 2012 EXL with Res)

    UPDATE from today: Spoke to Honda Motor Company today. The woman on the phone stated that Lehigh Valley Honda informed her that there was nothing wrong with the vehicle and that this is normal. I almost blew a gasket. I informed the woman that they are lying and do they think that I am "making this up?"

    I WILL NEVER, EVER, EVER purchase a Honda vehicle again. Additionally, I will use every media outlet, social avenue and consumer and government agency to get this message out. If i can convince 27 people to not purchase an Odyssey at the price I did, Honda will lose over 1 million dollars. My goal is to have 1000 people not purchase a Honda based upon my message.

    Honda does not believe their customers. They provide vibrating vehicles and then claim it is part of the ECO transmission.
  • it!

    I drive a 2008 accord and so far knock on wood have been ok with it. But nothing pisses me off more than a dealership passing the buck on problems w/ the cars they sell. Nothing!

    Good luck!
  • I am still catching up here. Is this a problem with 2012 Odyssey models also or just the 2011?
    I was looking into buying a 2012 odyssey soon..but now I am worried :(
  • 2012 also. It's the same Transmission. :(
  • Personally I don't prefer buying a Honda odyssey, most of the times the dealers wont accept there is a problem.

    all they will say, that is the default behavior of the van/car.

    do some research on other models/cars.
  • ddssjskddssjsk Posts: 26
    edited February 2012
    That's right and that is why this issue has gone on so long. Ran into the same thing trying to get my oddysey fixed. Could never get honda or a honda dealer to admit there was a shudder in my vehicle. Honda tells the dealer that it is normal so the dealer tells you the same thing. Apparently Honda has warranty repairs buttoned down so tight that the dealer can not initiate a repair unless Honda approves. Unless the vehicle is inoperative or the noise or defect is beyond doubt. If they do not admit there is a problem then no problem exhists and if it doesn't exist they do not have to attempt a repair. That is how they are side stepping the Magnussen Moss Warranry Act. All automobile dealers sell new vehicles with known defects. The Warranty Act is there to protect the consumer. (Its not working people.) Contact your congressman and complain.
  • DO NOT, I REPEAT, DO NOT BUY AN ODYSSEY. All these posts are exactly what I have experienced over the last week. Dealer claims that is the way the car is supposed to function. Honda corporate stated the dealer told them there is nothing wrong with the car.

    UPDATE: Today, I emailed the VP of the Honda Dealership that I purchased my vehicle from. I must have caught his attention as I received a phone call in about 20 minutes following my email. The general manager of the dealership called me, but to no surprise, stated the same thing that everyone else has already told me. I do have an appointment with him next week to take him for a ride in the vibrating Odyssey. I guess it's the least I can do since they took me for a ride for close to 40 grand!

    I have three children, my wife is a nurse, I am a working professional. We are rather intelligent people. I feel as though these people are treating us as though we just fell of the "turnip truck". If I tell you the car vibrates, the car vibrates.

    Our second choice was a Toyota Sienna. 6 grand less with all the same feature and NONE of this [non-permissible content removed] headache!

    One slice of advice that I would give you is prior to making ANY purchase, Google the kind of vehicle with the word "recall" after it. Even it there are no official recalls yet, you will hit blogs of consumers that are stating there should be a recall and you will uncover TRUE user issues if any. If you find none, that is the minivan to purchase.

  • deeleedeelee Posts: 35
    Read all of page 22 for all the information you need on the problem with the transmission and the class action which is in the making.
  • deeleedeelee Posts: 35
    Yes there is a brake problem. There has been a recall on the brakes. I have a 2007 and the brakes went all the way to the floor. They fixed them but still aren't right.
  • deeleedeelee Posts: 35
    Go to page 22 of the forum and read!
  • I would be careful recommending any newer Toyota. Not for the cheap materials, shoddy build quality (I recall inside lines test sienna had a broken door with only a few miles on it) or ridiculous number of safety recalls. I had to get rid of a 2009 Corolla that was eating a quart of oil every 1000 miles and the dealer said that is normal for their vehicles. The Corolla had less than 60k on it and the dealer (walnut creek, CA Toyota) wouldn't budge on this determination even after showing them the tsb for the exact issue.
  • deeleedeelee Posts: 35
    I agree with checking on the forum about the Sienna's problems before running out and buying one. The Honda Odyssey has it hands down for comfort, but the Sienna steers easier. The Sienna do have alot of issues also. I checked on it a while back.
  • I bought my 2007 Odyssey new and it also had the transmission problem. I had to fight long and hard to get the torque converter replaced. It was good for 2 years and now the problem is back. It also has the down shift and major air conditioning problem (shutting down abruptly while driving and some substance released automatically) that I am fighting to get fixed. They basically told me they mine is no longer under warranty and I need to pay for the repair myself. Hate Honda and this will be mine last one.
  • I do not know what your A/C problem is, but I have a 2007 Odyssey that the air was not cooling. Everyone wanted to charge me for replacing a valve, condenser, etc, etc. I took it to one final guy and it was a simple electric part that plugs in under the hood. Total price $35
  • Please look on your invoice and type in what that
    "one simple electric part' we will all know what to
    look for or tell our mechanics to look for. Thanks for helping us all
    save $$$$$$!!!!

  • mbtech79mbtech79 Posts: 1
    edited June 2012
    Recently I had a Honda Odyssey mini van with a weird viberation at 45-50 mph. The dealer did the motor mounts all four wheel bearings, sparkplugs, and a rotate and ballance and was still not fixed.

  • I have a 2007 Odyssey with 130k miles. In my case, I recently had timing belt, cv joints and motor mount replaced. We live in Fl where there aren't too many hills. On a trip through Ga I noticed the described vibration in Eco mode. My observation was that during acceleration up a hill (not Eco mode) everything was fine. Real-time MPG meter is showing just over 20, which isn't too bad for going up a moderate hill. After cresting the hill, the engine shifts into Eco mode and mileage jumps to over 40MPG (this is expected since we are basically coasting). About halfway down the hill, the is a definite "shift" in the engine behavior. Mileage drops to approx 20MPG while going downhill(!), and vibration picks up substantially. It feels similar to going down a mountain and downshifting to use engine braking. When starting up the next hill, it remains in Eco mode for a few seconds and the mileage drops to 10MPG in Eco mode! When the Eco mode turns off I am again seeing 20+ MPG.

    To make a long story short, I get 20+ MPG going uphill when engine is firing on all cylinders. When Eco mode kicks in, I get <20MPG going downhill, with seemingly excessive vibration. I have had this 2007 Odyssey for four years and have never had this issue before. Overall mileage for the trip is approx 10% less than it was a few months ago.

    Why would mileage in Eco mode be worse than in normal mode?
  • Looking at buying a 2008 EX-L. This thread has made me leary. It has 97000 miles on it and seems to be in great shape. Having a mechanic check it out Monday. What brought me here was that at 70-75mph it felt like the TC would engage/disengage kind of randomly. Not a shutter/judder but more just felt like it was shifting. Is that normal with the eco stuff? Is it the Variable Cylinder Management? I really like the car, I just don't want to buy into a $4k tranny problem.

  • ciao888ciao888 Posts: 24
    What would you risk it with the class action lawsuit due to TC issue? Should class action be successful would you be covered?
  • Our trouble-free 2006 EX-L has 157k miles. Based on our experience, that's the VCM kicking in, then releasing. If you hit the gas a bit and get it up past 75 then the VCM disengages and the vibration-sounds go away, for us. I sometimes wish there was a disable switch on the VCM so when going at highway speeds over 75, it would not try to turn on.
  • ssedsonssedson Posts: 1
    Wondering how your odyssey is working currently?

    We have 2006 134000 miles, shudders on occasion from 20-40 mph. I have noticed in cruise control going down hill it does not down shift.

    I love my Honda and want it to last a lot longer.

    Did you have the PCM Update? It sounds like some people think it is better without.

    Thanks for any replies. :-)
  • Traded my piece of s... 2012 Osyssey in for a 2008 Meecedes Benz Gl450. Couldn't be happier!

    NEVER to own Any Honda again!

    Happy trails to you.
  • wertzeewertzee Posts: 7
    The PCM update was necessary for my 2007 Touring. I had already gotten a new torque converter and the same issue was coming back. Every now and then I get a shudder around 40-45 mph but it is pretty rare. Going on 110k now and running great. We love our van.

  • ciao888ciao888 Posts: 24
    Can you make the shudder happen like I do, I set vehicle at 80 -85 KM/H and feather the accelerator to maintain speed, works best on sight incline. This is on a 2010 Odyssey. Anyone know about progress on the lawsuit that was filed for this torque converter shudder?
  • claim5claim5 Posts: 22
    My 2007 EX-L is north of 65,000 miles and I just took the kids down to Ft. Lauderdale for spring break (from Chicago) It's still running like new, had the torque converter replaced at about 27,000 miles and everything is perfect. Averaged 30.29 mpg for the round trip. After the converter was replaced, I refused to have the "update" for the PCM and am really glad, I heard other owners had more trouble after the updates.
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