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Honda Odyssey vibration



  • sreisssreiss Posts: 65
    We had the torque converter replaced at 24,000 miles on our 2007 Odyssey and have had all the software updates since. It's run fine. We started to have the issue return several months ago (around 40,000 miles after replacing the torque converter, I would estimate) and they made a software update and it's fine again.
  • My van has almost 100k miles and 2 months ago, suddenly, it started to vibrate under acceleration at around 50-60 mph. The vibration is 5-10 Hz left and right and is more pronounced under harder acceleration. The steering wheel does not shake at all. When you let off the throttle it stops.

    The place I took it to (not a dealership because it is far from where I live) said it was coming from the front passenger side after they drove it. They have replaced front and rear motor mount, right axle and "half shaft" (between the axle and the transmission) nojoy. I have gotten new tires, balanced and alignment. They even tried a new rotor and even disabling my front wheel brakes to eliminate the master cylinder (which they said is another common problem).

    Any ideas?
  • ciao888ciao888 Posts: 24
    How about torque converter shudder? There has been a lawsuit filed. You can eliminate the vibration if you let go of the accelerator and you can turn it on by holding a constant speed, then I would suspect that is the issue, esp. with all the work that was done to try to correct the issue.
  • Thanks for the reply.

    All of the stuff I have read here and elsewhere about the TC shudder seems to be at lower speeds, 25-45, and related to transmission shifting. When my issue occurs it is in gear, not shifting, and only at noted speed range, 50-60, while accelerating. It feels like some sort of resonance, not a mechanical shifting issue, or am I misunderstanding the TC shudder issue?

    Just because there was a lawsuit filed, does that mean they will replace the torque converter for free?
  • On our 06 Odyssey, I've noticed this sometimes when the engine is in Eco mode and really should be running on all cylinders when accelerating. Is the ECO light on when you hear the vibration?
  • No, it is actually rare that I ever have the accelerator depressed and the ECO light is on unless I am basically coasting downhill. And it isn't just hearing a vibration, it actually shakes everything in the car, seats and everything. Bottles of water in the cupholders don't just show the water jostling about, the bottles themselves will actually bounce back and forth in the cupholders.

    I am also curious as to whether this is just an annoyance or if there is an actual danger to the vehicle. Is this benign or if left alone will it make the vehicle unsafe to drive?
  • sounds like you got the raw end of that deal....a Honda for a Mercedes? ouch
  • feiyfeiy Posts: 1

    just bought a brand new odyssey 2014 ex-L. Felt the vibration right off the dealer's parking lot. Now working with Honda to find out what they can do about it.

  • Also have the ECO vibration issue in my 2006 Odyssey Touring with about 80K miles. Bad vibration if in ECO and it is just about to jump up from 4 to 6 cylinder mode. I'll see what my shop says about it. Sounds like it is either the rear motor mount or the torque converter based on all these other posts. Not happy that this is a widespread and known problem that appears to be so expensive to fix, and then the fix may not last terribly long. Honda may call it a "known drivability issue", but as they say in the helicopter world: "there ain't no such thing as good vibrations." I can't help but wonder what else is wearing prematurely with that level of vibration. Even the view out the rear view mirror is blurry due to the vibration.
  • We just bought a 2015 EX-L. My wife thinks I'm crazy and just looking for problems but I noticed issues as soon as I drove it home. I feel resistance and can feel the transmission jerking between gears. I was hoping to turn off the VCM as this might be causing it..but don't see a button to do that. Its really annoying that I can feel transmissions issues especially with only 200 miles on it.
  • Wow! I had always considered the Honda Odyssey as being the ultimate van to buy. After my last major disappointment with Chrysler Town & Country we decided to down size and looked at CR-V's......forget that with the vibration issue. Started stepping up to the Oddy but after seeing the problems listed and the apparent lack of concern on Honda's part I will probably be considering a Toyota product or Nissan instead.
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