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Honda CR-V Timing Belt



  • charlesewcharlesew Posts: 18
    Run, don't walk to a new shop. :)
    The CR-V has had a timing chain since 2002.
    Unlike a timing belt, it is very unlikely you will ever need to replace a timing chain.
  • cjz7cjz7 Posts: 5
    Thanks for the advice/reply. Seemed odd, b/c when I was reviewing owner's manual at around 60K miles, I saw no mention of timing belt replacement. It was def in the '98 Accord's manual. And I sensed an "awkward" moment between the two guys when I was paying for the oil change, b/c the one guy was telling me I needed belt replacement, and the other one kind of "mumbled" something about thinking it had a "chain."
  • cjz7cjz7 Posts: 5
    I have a 2005 CRV that is making a noise - only when the outside temperature is above 70 and only at speeds of 65 mph (highway.) Doesn't matter if A/C is on or off. It is intermittent, not continuous. It kind of sounds kind of like a "muffled kazoo" noise. It's coming from somewhere in the front, not sure if it's under the hood or somewhere in the "ventilation"?? It started last fall on a few warm days, NEVER heard it all winter, and now that the NW Ohio temps are rising, I'm hearing it again on warm afternoons on the highway???? Any ideas?
  • I've been quoted $1,000 by my Honda dealership to replace the timing belt on my '99 Accord which now has 105,000 miles. This price is for the "timing belt package" which they said requires about six hours of labor. Just wondering if this is a reasonable charge?
  • Price seems high. I've paid up to $695 for replacing the timing belt on a 1990 Accord. Is there anything else in your "package", like replacing the water pump at the same time?

    Here is a similar Q&A from another site (

    Question: 1999 Honda Accord mileage: 106,000. The mechanic at the Honda dealer suggested the we replace the timing belt. Cost would be around $500. With this low mileage, should we be concerned about the timing belt?

    Answer: Honda normally recommends replacing the timing belt at 60,000 miles. However, with your low mileage and the age of the car, it would be a good idea to replace the belt and the water pump.
  • griptitegriptite Posts: 2
    The timing belt change needs to include the following:

    change at a Honda repair shop:
    The belt
    The belt tensioner
    Water pump
    Cam shaft seals and crank shaft seals
    Drive belts.
    check radiator hoses
    check pvc valve or replace if hard to replace

    I have owned a 1993 and 1991 and now a 2003 Maxima and a Double over head cam 1995 toyota Camry 6 cyl.
    I used my local mechanic to change the belt on the 1991 maxima. After about three weeks later I noticed quite a bit of oil in the engine compartment and drove to my mechanic Pronto.

    The oil was running out of the timing belt enclosure, engine compartment splattered.
    We found that the crank shaft front seal failed and ruined the belt. A front cam shaft seal failure will spray all the oil out of the engine in a very short period of time and destroy the engine

    I called the Nissan Dealer and asked the service manager if the Maxima had problems with oil seal leaks. He said we don't have this problem. We always replace the seals when we change the timing belt.

    This almost cost me an engine. We replaced the belt and seals and I went halves on that repair.
    I still used him until he retired. he was a good mechanic but didn't know one small detail about the Maxima. Use the dealer for this Job.

    My toyota 6 camry belt change cost about $757.00 for the complete job.
  • When Timing belts are do to be changed which is every 100,000 Klms, they have to change the water pump as well it is $400 max.
  • Our local Honda dealer charges $1,000 to replace the timing belt and water pump.
  • To get the best price from the dealer is to know what the complete job will cost!

    Check with their parts department and get price for all parts, gaskets and antifreeze replacement and labor

    Type this list, triple spaced; (1) (2) etc.

    Discuss this list with service manager, not the service representive. Arrive at a agreed upon price.
    Have the service manager sign this paper or if necessary sign the shop work order under his signature.

    Demand a copy of this contract BEFORE you give the dealer the keys.
    Remember, approximately $1000.00 of your money is at risk here.
    Remember, no copy of the contract, You leave your power with the Dealer.

    I forgot the antifreeze and it cost me about $35.00
  • Daughter just called - service adviser at dealership wants her to have a timing chain cover replaced for $800. Advertised special on timing chain replacement for 599 won't apply to this. I can't find information about timing chain covers needing replacement. Any thoughts? Is this a real problem or a dealer trying to take advantage of young woman?
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 64,720
    What? Is she replacing her timing chain?

    Sounds dicey..


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