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Mazda CX-7 Navigation System



  • kbjhkbjh Posts: 4
    The Navigation system DVD drive in my 2008 CX-7 has stopped working and the dealer tells me it will be $2000+ to replace it with a new one. Does anyone have any experience buying one of these on the second-hand market or getting it repaired? You can hear the drive working while it attempts to read the disk, but it never reads it.
  • I apologize for not responding with an answer but doesn't the basic warranty cover it? I too have a 2008 CX-7 with the nav subsystem and expect that it would be covered.
  • kbjhkbjh Posts: 4
    We have exceeded the basic warranty no warranty coverage applies. I guess I should have mentioned that.
  • I purchased a DVD drive on eBay. I just made sure that the model number matched. I paid $300 for mine.
  • kbjhkbjh Posts: 4
    Thanks for the suggestion. I'll try EBay.
  • Hey, I had the same problem happen just the other day. Did you get any response on what it might be? My car is a 2007 as well...
  • kbjhkbjh Posts: 4
    The dealer said it is dead and needs to be replaced...nothing more.
  • WE bought our car used, the original owner was from California and moved to Utah. Where we purchased the car. We have tried deleting the previous owners home destination and POIs, and it wil save them until you turn the car off. Once you start back up, its back to all of the California presets. Help!
  • Hello to everyone, new to the forum. We are the proud owners of our second CX-7. We chose not to purchase the extended warranty when we recently purchased a used 2008 GT. We loved the car so much we upgraded from a 07 to a 08, everything is working great but am wondering if anyone else has seen or heard of this issue, after reading all the posts here I fear I may be spending an additional 2K to fix it.. When we start the vehicle the navigation screen "flickers" everything works, it just flickers and the screen does seem "dimmer" than our 07 did (even after adjusting brightness and or contrast). Any tips or troubleshooting advice would be greatly appreciated
  • Hi All. Apologies if anyone has posted about this (I couldn't find any posts), but is there anyone that doesn't drive past a Dunkin Donuts every 3 minutes?
    Why is it that when I search by name, I get 2 results... and the closest DD I get is 2 hrs away in the next state? It knows my home location in CT. It knows where I am on the map, so....
    I've tried selecting 'current location' and whatever else is on that screen when you're searching by name, and still get nothing!? ... even if i can see one down the road!? My old Garmin Nuvi would give me a hundred results with direction and time to get there.... and not ask me if I want to find destinations 'near my current location' . No, really, I want to find a DD in Florida while I'm in Connecticut. Geesh! I really have nothing good to say about this NAV system (2008 CX7 GT).
    Does anyone have any clue as to why this is happening? No, I'm not going to spend $200 on the 2010/11 DVD ;) Thanks!
  • Jonathon Ramsey RSS feed
    Posted Mar 12th 2012 11:31AM
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    Mazda is taking the steps necessary to right its financial ship, but when a patient has this kind of issue, the cure can hurt just as much. The small, independent carmaker has been hurt by its relatively Japan-centric manufacturing base and the strength of the yen, the loss of Ford as a noteworthy stakeholder and the resulting loss of financial cushion. Mazda is expected to post a $1.2 billion loss for its 2011 financial year, which is smaller than earlier estimates but it's still the fourth losing year in a row and the largest in a decade.

    The need to act has forced Mazda North America into a five-month plan to shed a number of its 701 employees for leaner running. Select employees will be offered a buyout package, and if voluntary uptake isn't sufficient then involuntary dismissals will occur. The timeline begins this month with lump-sum offers, followed by layoffs at the end of May if necessary, and the stretch to August will see the transition of personnel into the restructured organization.

    Mazda is also issuing shares to raise $1.9 billion in order to aid its position and get production started in Mexico and Thailand. It is also aggressively seeking a partner and considering licensing its SkyActiv technology.
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