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Ford Expedition Stalling Problems



  • For cruise control problems, there is a recall on many F-150 & Expedition models. check if yours is one of them.
  • There is no fuel pump pressure gauge, but the fuel pump regulator is by
    cyl. # 8. diagnose: key on engine off X reading. when the engine is running it should be 5 p.s.i. less of your first reading.
  • I have a 2003 Ford Expedition as well, we have now replaced sensors, coils 6,7, 8 the fuel pump, I tried having the controller module re-programmed today, we will see if it runs better tomorrow. The manager at the dealer told me drive the car at least 30 miles after the re-prgramming and if it still does it to bring it back, that it could be the harness or chaffing of the wiires.

    Someone help ? Any ideas ?
  • abreauxabreaux Posts: 1
    my 2003 ford expedition 5.4 engine has been hesitating, losing power and rpm not getting any higher than 1400 when accelerating. seems like engine boging down and has been stalling during driving for the last few days. engine light came on and code shows cranck sensor. cranck sensor changed with no luck. i have changed 4 of the eight plugs and coils in the past which has helped when the vehicle has been hesitating in the past. now ford diagnostic tests says may be cpm. i am a woman and not very familiar with all of this. what does that mean? Please can anyone help? ford has had my truck for 2 days and cant tell me a thing. just says it is a very unique code and they dont know why. HELP!!!
  • kelrae75kelrae75 Posts: 1
    My Expedition just turned over 110k miles and started doing this tiny little shudder/chug at idle and occasionally at highway speed. I also noticed that my fuel mileage was getting worse and worse. I changed the fuel filter and was told by several mechanics that the spark plugs likely needed changed as well. I had that done yesterday and the vehicle drove great the rest of the day yesterday and this morning. However, this afternoon I took it out and felt a tiny shudder as I was driving. I ignored it until I went to turn a corner and my vehicle died. It was still rolling so I put it in neutral and tried to restart it. It started and started and started even though I had let go of the key but didn't fire/actually start. I finally got it off to the side of the road and had to have it towed. I tried to start it twice more at the dealership but I got the same kept turning over but wouldn't actually start. It will be Monday before anyone can even look at it.

    Last summer my anti-rollover kept kicking on at random times and almost always when it rained. It would make my anti-lock brakes kick off and on and the anti-rollover light would kick on but only once did it throw a code.

    Is any of this related or just two random occurrences? Any ideas on the issue I'm having today?
  • I just let my expedition sit for about a month while I drove my other vehicle. When I started it again it started fine,but when I put it in gear,it stalled. Then when I gave it gas it would go ,then lose power,until I let off the gas,then it would go again when I gave it gas. This now happens in 5-7 sec intervals. Press gas it goes,then loses power,till I let off gas,push gas again and it goes.again and again the whole ride. So very annoying. Does anyone know ant the problem could be??? Pleas let me know. Thanks
  • I would be inclined to say to look at your Idle Air Control (IAC) valve. I had a similar issue with my 2006 Expedition, so I unplugged the battery, sprayed cleaner into the throttlebody and wiped clean around IAC, let dry and problem went away. It took a while before a light even came on, any many other people have stated that they had the same issue with no warning light at all. This was done about 25,000 miles ago, and still running strong.
  • Thanks produce guy. I'll def be trying that. I've also been told it could be a sensor and to use c foam(not sure if that's how u spell it) and spray some in your intake ,alil bit in your oil and the rest in your gas ,and its suppose to clean all the sensors and all that nasty stuff out. Not sure if you have heard about that,but I'd def like your input if you have. Again thanks. I hope this fixes my problem
  • steverstever Posts: 52,683
    It's Sea Foam and I've read mixed reviews. No personal experience using the stuff. Sea Foam Motor Treatment. If you search around for it, many people (including me :blush: ) spell it Seafoam.
  • I've Sea Foamed my '03 Expedition about 20k miles ago @150k, but not my '04. I did the "through the brake booster" technique. I think it definately cleaned things out - it was a smoke storm when I restarted it, but that is what you are supposed to get. After the soak and start through the booster, I did a can in the gas tank. Not brave enough to throw it in my oil. I've got a pair of cans to do it again, just haven't had the time.
  • steverstever Posts: 52,683
    edited September 2012
    I've read stuff like "it's just kerosene and will ruin your rings" and it'll wipe out spark plugs. (one example, another).

    Since I moved away from Chevron territory, I'll add some Techron to my gas maybe once a year. That's about all I trust, but if my ride started falling apart, it's tempting to try a $10 bottle of something instead of taking it to the mechanic. I'm more worried that some gunk will get stirred up and cause worse problems.
  • OMG my damn truck has been doing the same thing!!! I thought it was just mines but I guess not! I still havent found any kinds of answers to why it has been doing that. Have you figured it out yet? My car just died on me a few hours ago and im getting very frustrated with this. If you do know whats wrong please please let me know!! Thanks!!
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