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1 household, 2 engines locked up same day; ???? (other is 2012 KISA Soul)

DFFDDFFD Member Posts: 1
edited August 2021 in Subaru
Ten days later, and I'm still certain this is a very odd coincidence, but seek input from others just in case. Narrative: about 10 days ago I traveled about 150 interstate miles to visit my dear mother. Several days and at least one fill up later, the engine locks up on my 2012 Subaru Forester. After securing a tow, I contact my wife for a lift back home. Twenty-five miles into her trip on bumper to bumper interstate we are having another telephone conversation when the engine on her 2017 KIA Soul suffers a catastrophic failure. The KIA has about 70,000 miles and was bought new from a KIA dealership. The Subaru has 135,000 miles,was bought 8 months prior from a Jeep dealer locally and subsequently serviced by a nearby Subaru dealer (March, 2021 following December 2020 purchase). Aside from routine maintenance, neither car has shown any mechanical issue.

The $64,000 Question is obvious: at first glance do you suspect some sort of “sabotage” or simply a day that will go on our household's Mount Rushmore of Suck? Both vehicles were parked outside in the driveway of our 40 year old 3 BR 2 BA suburban home. We have no mortal enemies and “pranks” like this have never happened to us or neighbors in the 20+ years we've lived here. I am not a “car guy,” and have had to read of potential ways to cause engine failures. The most common methods involved contaminating fuel or oil, and that has confirmed my hunch that this was just a really bad day. I say this because its two cars that were not parked next to each either for the five days immediately preceding the incidents, although my wife has a 250 mile commute over any given five day work week---about the same number miles logged by the Subaru in its trip out of town and a third of the way back. Nonetheless, the fete of sabotaging to different cars in a conspicuous place that then went their separate ways for a week seems much less possible than the million to one shot that is both engines locking up within two hours of each other.

Any thoughts would be appreciated. The KIA is under warranty and should be back in service this week. The Subaru is believed to be a total loss. Engine replacement estimate is still forthcoming as first a rebuilt one must be found.
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