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Chrysler Sebring Coupe



  • Hey Dan,
    If you see coolant in the oil be prepared for a major job.
    The water pump is internal to this engine (behind the timing cover) and it is a maintenance item due at 100K along with a timing chain.
    I have a 2.7l on a stand from a '02 Sebring I just replaced the crank in because of failed rod bearings. Yes, they just failed and not because of the lack of oil or coolant in the oil. I have some theories why but I intend to write a blog when the vehicle is back together. I paid $500 for this car because the body and interior was nearly flawless but the engine had a rod knocking. It is well worth fixing.
    If I was interested in a quick turnover to resell, I could have just micro polished the rod journals on the crank and replace the bearings. And it probably would have held up. But really I need to put the wife into something more economical without going into debt for another car. This will be a win-win.
    The most common failure in these is the water pump leaking. Because it is internal to the engine this means water in the oil, and if not discovered early, this means catastrophic engine failure will happen soon. Usually it is due to the timing chain tensioner failure because it operates on oil pressure. Low or no pressure due to water in the oil, slack tension (on a worn out chain), then the chain jumps; throws out the cam timing and then valve damage. This is an interference engine or non-freewheeling as the factory manual describes it.
    The sludge problem I 100% attribute to piss poor maintenance. There is a reality here that nobody wants to address. These small high performance engines are intolerant to poor maintenance and poor quality fuel.
    The sludge issue isn't only a problem with Chrysler engine but Toyota, VW and other have run into the same issues.
  • remann1remann1 Posts: 1
    I have a 1996 Sebring with a 2.6lt engine. The car does not overheat, but starts leaking once it has started to cool off. It appears to be leaking from around the water pump, but I have been unable to verify that. Does this sound like the water pump or head gasket?
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