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No More Scion xB After 2007?

cbscintacbscinta Posts: 1
edited March 2014 in Scion

I heard that Scion will stop making the XB after 2007. Is this true? Will 2007 be the last model year for the XB? If so, what will be replacing it? Any info would be appreciated. Thanks!



  • The manufacture of the present 2003-2006 model xB ended last month, and its inventory is being sold. In January the 2007 model will be revealed, and is expected to be available a couple of months later. The style, size and powertrain of the new model is not definitely known. It is thought to be larger with more power.
  • autoboy16autoboy16 Posts: 992
    TO LOOK LIKE THE TOYOTA bB! After seeing some sketches in the SCION life room and hours of reading wikipedia, the toyota BB looks like the Perfect evolution of the XB to a more aerodynamic boxy shape! Also thats what the Toyota bB(Aka SCION XB) became in Japan.

    READ and View here!

    I Hope this is it! Hopefully a 5speed automanual will be offered. I heard rumors of it also using the tC's engine so hopefully the supercharger will work!
  • According to a local dealer, there is no 2007 model and there is a slight redesign in store for 2008 (what does that mean?) that will be released as a mid-year car "in the spring". There is a loy of internet buzz out there about what the 2008 is, and most of the buzz shows pictures of the wrong cars. Don't believe evertything you read, unless it comes directly from Toyota. Unfortunatley, they haven't been talking about the fate of the xB. The best way to know for sure is to wait!

    t2B: so far as I know, this is just a concept carimage

    bB: this is the Japanese version of the xB that was released there first... seems to look identical except for the bB logo on the grill. Check out wikipedia for some other interesting differences, like front bench seats, alternate motors, and column shifters. image

    There are photos from a car show floating around that seem to the most likely 2008 xB redesign, if there is indeed going to be one. Personally, I don't really care for it. It looks too much like a Civic hatchback or a PT Cruiser.

    Daihatsu also has something called the Coo. Looks almost identical to the xB from the car show.

    Nissan has had the Cube since 1998, and there is some talk that Nissan is considering selling them in the US. It would mean a minor redesign, since the rear of the car is glass on the left side and metal on the right, taking advantage of natural blind spots a right hand driver would have, but that would be a problem here. As much as I like Nissan (my first 3 cars were Nissans... the xB is the first non-Nissan I have owned), I think the xB looks more stylish that the Cube. It's hard to imagine anyone customizing a Cube.
  • Has Scion mentioned anything about pricing on new 2008 xBs?
    I'm hoping it will stay in the $14-16K range for a base model. What about new/additional accessories?
  • icechuuicechuu Posts: 10
    Just talk to someone at the Scion dept while looking into the 2006 XB few days ago, he said the 2008 XB will have more curvature to it, but still boxy like. Engine will be a little more powerful, however, it will cost a couple of thousand more compare to the 2006XB. But I don't know how reliable this is??
  • It appears that the 2008 xB (which will be officially unveiled next week) will be based off the same platform used by the Toyota Avensis wagon sold overseas, and will definitely use the 2.4-liter I-4 engine found on the Scion tC sports coupe. Leaked pictures from the Autoblog website note the Scion t2C concept car strongly influenced the design of the new xB.
  • iluvmysephia1iluvmysephia1 Manson, WAPosts: 7,238
    a better body design than the xB IMO, too. I think that Americans will like it more than the xB body style. The xB is the only one of the original 3 Scion's I still don't like.

    It's not hip to be square, in the case of the Scion xB, anyway.

    2011 Kia Soul Sport 5-speed

  • image






    Yes I wish they were color, but at least they're something!

    Killerpiece :shades:
  • I was pleasantly suprised to see these photos come from the Chicago auto show on February 8. The new xB's design looks like the t2B concept vehicle, but without the goofy interior and the 3 doors. Too bad, I kind of liked the idea of a sliding passenger door. I guess Toyota didn't want the car to be TOO wierd. Can't wait to see what optional stuff they offer in the showroom.

    These pictures are pretty good:

    Essentially a few inches wider and longer and an inch shorter than the original xB, with a more sophisticated interior, bigger cargo area (shocking!) and a 2.4L engine... supposedly the same as the tC. I haven't heard of any prices posted yet, but I'm guessing it'll be more than the 2006 model.

    Of course, the best information can be found by seaching and putting in scion in the search box...
  • "... The new xB's design... Essentially a few inches wider and longer and an inch shorter than the original xB, with a more sophisticated interior, bigger cargo area (shocking!) and a 2.4L engine..."

    Actually, 3 inches wider and 12 inches longer, 700 more pounds, a liftgate that cannot pass as large an item as the old xB and the big tC engine with the exhaust manifold in the front and the air and fuel systems crammed back against the firewall. Price will be way up and mpg way down. Think FWD Element.
  • arumagearumage Posts: 922
    Under the new system, the 1st gen xB gets 28/31 mpg. The 2008 xB gets 22/28. It adds 50hp and 57 ft. lbs. of torque. The passenger area gains 10 cu. ft., and there is 8 cu. ft. more cargo space. Navigation and HID headlights are optional, as well as the supercharger from the tC. The xB grows up in terms of refinement and space. I like it.

    Think FWD Element that's still atleast $2k cheaper, lighter, and more fuel efficient.
  • aathertonaatherton Posts: 617
    "... The xB grows up in terms of... space."
    Grows up in cargo space, not people space. The new xB has 4 inches less headroom and 4 inches less front legroom.
    2006 xB
    Front Headroom: 46.1", Front Legroom: 45.3"
    Rear Headroom: 45.7", Rear Legroom: 38"
    2008 xB
    Front Headroom: 40.1", Front Legroom: 40.7"
    Rear Headroom: 41.2", Rear Legroom: 38"
  • arumagearumage Posts: 922
    Yet Somehow it has managed to add 10 cu ft of passenger space. My friend has an RS 3.0, and there is no way at all that it has 45" of legroom. I mean, legroom is not a problem, but 45"... no way. To make rear seat passengers comfortable, my knees are 1" away from the dash. Scion needed a new tape measure for 2006.

    Overall vehicle height is only down 2" BTW while length is up a foot and width is up 3".
  • big_guybig_guy Posts: 372
    That's odd, because I'm 6'-7" tall and 215 lbs, and have the drivers seat all the way back whenever I drive. The legroom is not expansive but it is enough that I am comfortable. I have a co-worker that is my same height and probably outweighs me by 70 lbs. He was able to sit in the seat directly behind me and his knees barely touched the drivers seat ... and I didn't have to adjust the driver seat position at all.
  • arumagearumage Posts: 922
    We must be talking about different vehicles then. :P
  • big_guybig_guy Posts: 372
    Maybe ... I am talking about the '05 xB.
  • I can't really decide wheather or not I like the new model. I guess it is nice but I will miss the old style. I drive a 2004 scion Xb and I love it it is the best little car I have ever had. I don't know though if when i go to get a new car if I will be purchasing the new scion Xb. I think that they tried to make it a little more fancy, I guess it works but when I 1st saw it it didn't have the same impact as the old body style(I didn't even know it was a Scion) Well I am curious to see what ya'll think about the new 2008 Xb. I know I love my 2004 to all you who have a 2008 let me know what you think.
  • i bought my 08 xb in august and i love it!! the newer xb seems to have more room inside than the older model and the new upgraded features are a nice addition! the body style has changed a little which i think is for the good! i love the rounded edge look! i know that owners of the older model xbs love that box look and i do too but the 08 just seems to appeal to me a little more. i still shock ppl when they look inside! the space usually blows them away! also the safety features in the 08 are wonderful! curtian air bags that usually is an add-on in most vehicles come standard which is very nice! the dash is more modern looking imo. all in all its a great little box that turns heads! i would def recommend buying an 08! but everyone has their own prefs! also you might want to check into the limited edition gold 08 xb. i wish they had that avaliable when i bought mine! it features power moonroof which i had installed aftermarket cool rims limited edition numbering (they are only selling 2500) added body kit and cool color interior upgrade and all of this is selling for less than what i paid for mine! after all my add-ons of course! well good luck!
  • redd6redd6 Posts: 1
    I call the newer xb's the Corolla Rumion. It's not a true xb. 22 mile per gallon? is this really what they get? if so, you should have bought a domestic car. consumer report rates the 2008 xB as one of the worst fuel efficient car for that year. i can't believe Toyota would approve this. Plus it's ugly. You can put 18 inch wheels on it and paint it a cool color...i'm still not buying it. I'll stick to my less ugly 34mpg xB.
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