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GMC Sierra: Problems & Solutions



  • dsessomsdsessoms Posts: 1
    I recently hit the ditch trying to miss a deer. The steering column in my truck now moves up and down. Being a do-it-yourself type person I took apart the dash to see what is broken or has came alose. There is a bracket on the column that has to V-shaped hooks that to triangle shape pieces hook into and the column then bolts to this. But I can not seem to get the column to come up enough to line this back up. Is there sometype of adjustment bolts somewhere I cant see or dont know about. Please help
  • mgomaizemgomaize Posts: 1

    First post here. I have browsed the achives and have found a dizzying array of posts that seem somewhat related. I am hoping I can get some direct advice. I have a 99 GMC Sierra 5.3L Ext. Cab 4x4 that has developed what I would call a shudder that you can feel and hear, and especially feel in the pedal. It mainly happens acceleration in the 55-75 MPH range, sometimes lower. It is a bit out of alignment which I intend to take care of this week. I am hoping I can get a diagnosis on the shudder so I can decide if I can hadle it or so I can point a mechanic in the right direction.


  • weelsweels Posts: 33
    Our 98 tahoe did that and I eventually changed the rear u-joint out. The original really didn't look bad and I wasn't able to get any play in it by trying to move it by hand, but (knock on wood) after I swapped it out it's been good. I grease it every time I change the oil and right before any big road trips.
    -Good luck. - Tim
  • canamguycanamguy Posts: 5
    The ground wire didn’t solve the problem. We’re having 90+ weather with humidity and it’s back to not starting when it sitts for more than 4 hours. I had it in to a GM dealer, at the time the truck wasn’t acting up so their “best guess” was the fuel pump relay. Not sure what the fuel pump relay has to do with it, but I put a new one in, didn’t fix the problem. Any idea’s anyone? :confuse:
  • I posted a message on the same problems about a month or so ago and haven't gotten any responses. Let me know if you find anything out.

    1) My noise occurs mostly at low speeds or low rpms in each gear. But I took everything loose out of the truck and checked for loose parts to rule out just a vibration. Still haven't isolated it. The dealer didn't know and was hesitant to start tearing things apart without a direction to go in cause the bill might grow big.

    2) I looked up a few things on the internet about replacing the digital readout, but I'd have to tear it apart myself and send it in. They could have it replaced in less than a week. This is from an aftermarket installer..

  • 97trk97trk Posts: 3
    My truck does not have hydroboost power brakes. It has a normal vacuum booster so the power steering fluid level has nothing to do with the brakes.
  • mrussmruss Posts: 1
    after driving it seems like any distance, and walking away from my truck i'm beginning to hear a noise almost like a pressurized gas tank popping. i've only got about 50,000kms on it and i haven't heard this noise before...anyone else heard this?. i'm going into the dealership in about another 3,000kms for service and would like to address this with them...
  • What's the difference between the 4.1 axle vs. the standard one found on a Sierra 1500 SLT 4WD extended truck? THANKS.
  • dcraigdcraig Posts: 1
    Bought a 99 GMC 1500 today, it's started making a constant beeping noise whenever the truck is moving - in forward or reverse. (like the dinging noise it makes when the doors open ect. There are no warning lights on, and it has plenty of gas. The noise stops as soon as the truck comes to a stop. But as long as it's moving, it's beeping.

    Please help!!
  • iltskiiltski Posts: 2
    Hi, I just bought a 2002 GMC Sieraa 1500 4x4 that often produces a drive train clunk/clang when accelerating from a complete stop. I assume that the transfer case has a worn or stretched chain. Did you determine what caused or is causing your problem?
  • iltskiiltski Posts: 2
    Had a similar problem with a 2000 Astro (4.3) as some days it would start and other days it would not. After replacing various electrical parts including the coil and checking the fuel pressure (was OK) I changed the distributor rotor and also cleaned the cap then sprayed both the inside and outside of the cap with silicone and the starting problem was gone.
  • gmctruckgmctruck Posts: 186
    Make sure the emergency brake pedal is fully released. If you drive the truck with the "E" brake on, it will beep. Your "E" brake pedal might not be pressed down enough to turn on the brake light, but it could be pressed down enough to where the computer thinks the "E" brake is on. That's all I can think of that would cause a beep while moving. I also have a '99 1500. The only time I've ever heard a beep while moving is when I had forgot to release the "E" brake. :blush:
  • gmctruckgmctruck Posts: 186
    This is a very common trait with the GM NBS trucks. There are several things that can cause this. Your truck should already have the newer nickel plated yoke which was one fix. But sometimes the driveshaft had to be removed to grease the splines. In some cases, that was a short term fix and the clunk returned. Do a google search and you should have no problems finding lots of information. I thought GM would have fixed the clunk by now, but I guess not. My '99 does it too, but only under certain conditions. :sick:
  • duramax1duramax1 Posts: 3
    The truck is only 6 days old and already my fuel gauge reads MT when the tank is full. The low fuel light is on also. I know it is on warranty but I don't have time to bring the truck into the dealer. Does anyone have a known fix for this problem that I can do???
  • gmctruckgmctruck Posts: 186
    Take it back and tell them you need a loaner while your new truck is being repaired. How much time does it take to drive to the dealer compared to the time you will spend trying to fix it yourself. They might have to drop the fuel tank... do you have time to do that yourself? Take it back and let it be the dealers problem. You paid for the warranty... use it! :)
  • my 2004 sierra does it to.had it fixed at dealer (replaced some internal module)but it happened again last week.GOING BACK TO DEALER AGAthe clunking they say is normal.I DONT THINK SO!!!!
    My personal mech.says its something to do with the tranny or drive train
  • duramax1duramax1 Posts: 3
    Thank you for the info. I will make an appointment and get the gauge checked out by the dealer. :D
  • mike157mike157 Posts: 1
    Same problem here. 2001 GMC 2500HD w/8.1L engine, 65,000 miles and the transfer case is leaking. It is at dealer now. They state that a spring broke and bored a hole in the case. I have the extended warranty, but they had to call the "insurance Adjuster" ? to grant the claim. Will let you know what happens if you are interested. The truck has never been abused, and serviced per factory specs.
  • lee23lee23 Posts: 2
    My '99 GMC Sierra's air conditioner and passenger side window will stop operating sometimes. It seems to be induced by a bump in the road, or if I just go to turn it on it won't work right away. and then a ways down the road it will finally start working again. Please help!
  • gmctruckgmctruck Posts: 186
    Check for loose or bad ground wire connections. The AC and windows should be on different circuits, so a bad ground connection is one of the few things that could affect both at the same time. Loose ground wires are a common problem on GM vehicles. I can't tell you where they are located for sure, but look around on the back of the firewall. Your "bump in the road" description would indicate a bad or loose connection some where. I also have a '99 Sierra, but have not seen this problem on mine... (knock on wood).
  • boozerboozer Posts: 3
    Ihave the simular problem whit my 2003 sierra but it pulls to the left makes it difficult to keep strait especialy in windy days ...or/ and at hyw speed. brought it to the dealership numberous times to have them tell me that they cant duplicate the problem. one dealership did noticed it and couldn`t find a fix...then told me that it was normal caracteristic of the truck. wow hein! gm sells trucks that swerve all over the road...and to think that they say that there professional grade.
    since new it has had problems on just about every powertrain components,change some part in the transmission. later changed the transmission; had to fight for this to happen until itgot to the point that the transmission would slip when engaging the passing guear. And even at that point they were checking for abuse of any kind just to try to make me pay the bill.
    diff was worked on,tranfercase, 4x4 modual, drive shaft,brakes, brake booster, steering shaft,reprogram the computer x number of times and still today it drives like a geman tank. what a :lemon: what i noticed was that everytime they reprogram the transmission it drove like on a cloud...whit no pull.
    I think from my experiance that gm has computer problems (some glitch in the computer) becouse the shifting problem or the pull goes away sometimes after turning the key off and starting it again as I`m driving in nutral :sick:
  • onefbionefbi Posts: 1
    I have a 1999 Z71 1500 5.3 engine. I have problems starting it, usually taking 2 or 3 times to start and trouble shifting gears. However I took the pressure regulator off and put it back on and the truck ran O.K. for a little while.
    Has anyone had these problems?? :sick:
  • :mad: just got my truck back after 3 days in shop.yep NOTHING GOT FIXED.FREAKING GM DEALER.THEY REPLACED TRNSFER CASE MODULE
  • gmctruckgmctruck Posts: 186
    "I was wondering if anyone has heard a gurgling sound/ rattle coming from the dash area(passenger side more). It only occurs when truck is under load in 1st, 2nd, 3rd gear, you don't hear it in overdrive."

    If the sound is coming from the center area of the dash, you might have an air pocket in the heater core. You can easily fix this by doing a "purge" procedure on the cooling system and the gurgling sound should go away. I have a '99 Sierra and this procedure worked for me. I just copied this from another forum and take no credit or responsibility for it's content or creation. The procedure does work if the gurgling noise is coming from the heater core.

    Here ya go:

    Get a jug of DEXCOOL (Havoline brand is GM approved).
    Park on level ground.

    The engine needs to be cool, or just slightly warm is fine too.

    Add fluid in the surge tank until the level is slightly above the split line on the tank (an inch or so).

    Put cap back on loosely, don't allow it to build pressure.

    Start engine and let it idle for a minute.

    Then, cycle the engine from idle to 3000rpm in 30 second intervals until the engine coolant reaches operating temp and the thermostat opens.

    Shut off engine and remove the cap.

    Start engine and let it idle for a minute. Fill the tank to 1/2 inch above the "Cold Full" mark on the tank & put cap back on loosely.

    Cycle the engine like before and wait for the thermostat to open again, then shut off the engine.

    Put more fluid in if necessary, the fluid should be a half-inch or so above the Cold Full mark.
  • gmctruckgmctruck Posts: 186
    Sorry to hear you're still having problems. The best advice I can give you is to call GM Customer Assistance and open a case file. This is important because it creates a formal record regarding your complaint which may be critical if you exercise your rights under the lemon laws of your state. GM Customer Assistance will also work with you and the dealer to help resolve the problems. You can go to another dealer... all service departments are not created equal. Some service departments get offensive when you pull out a TSB because they feel as if you're telling them how to do their job. Other service departments appreciate it when you show them a TSB because they don't have to spend time looking up the TSB information and it saves them diagnostic time. I've had both experiences!!

    After going to three different dealers, I found one that took care of all the problems my truck had in one visit without giving me any hassle or run-around. Guess which dealer gets my service business now? I know that all brands have their share of crappy dealer service departments, but I think this is one problem area that GM has failed to address that turns people away from buying GM products. All brands have their share of problems, but the actions taken by the manufacturer and the dealers to resolve those problems is what makes a difference. They can't just say "it's normal" and send you on your way. Make them show you a brand new truck on the lot with the same noise if it's "normal". If you were out of warranty, I'll bet they would find something wrong to generate service revenue and get money out of your pockets. Try another dealer if you're not happy with your current one. :lemon: Don't give up because that's what the "stealer" wants you to do!
  • Has anyone had problems with the transfer case starting to leak? I just bought my 2000 GMC Sierra 1500 4X4 a few months ago. It had 52530 miles on it. I got a 3 year/36000 mile warranty with it when I bought it. Anyways, has anyone had problems with the transfer case at all and does anyone know if a the GM Warranty would cover this?
  • gmctruckgmctruck Posts: 186
    I have heard of some leaks caused by a bad seal, Since the transfer case is part of the drive train, I would imagine that the warranty would cover it. But those warranties have all kinds of fine print these days, so it's hard to say for sure. If there are any signs of past abuse by the PO, you could get stuck, but I doubt it since you haven't had the truck for very long.
  • One more question to my problem......When I go to 4HI or 4LO, it acts funny, but as long as I am in 2HI, it seems to drive alright. Is it safe to still drive as long as I stay in 2HI? If you have not noticed, I don't know to much about engines other than minor troubleshooting and minor maintenance, i.e. changing oil, alternators, coolant.
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