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Jeep Grand Cherokee PCM Module Replacement



  • nitronorm1nitronorm1 Posts: 2
    edited January 2012
    SIA Electronics Tilden Il. they will repair your PCM use google search engine later Nitro
  • if low on transmission fluid and an auto matic stalling will happen think not think again
  • pcm fuses in line links can but dont go unless bigger problem there is
  • Need help my jeep (better off as scrap) will crank but not turn over, sentry key light on, no gauges and not getting a code read. Last resort took to dealership paid the $85 they cant get a reading. They wanted to go further for $200 test wires (yeah right). That took whole 3 hours for them to tell me my pcm has internal failure should be putting out 5 volts but only putting out 1 volt. This would cost me $1500.0 minus the $85 woo-hoo thats $1415.00 pcm only $700. Last time I checked $700 for labor? I may be female but not stupid, so anyone have any suggestions please i'm all ears!
  • eugene639eugene639 Posts: 1
    edited June 2013
    Any suggestions? we all want to know. what fixed yours??? I find they are not all the same. they have different parts and systems. I go to the wrecking yard and see a bunch of really clean, well kept jeeps being torn apart and the pieces used. Some are all missing the same things. They have multiple modules. They intercommunicate. They are an AMC they have Dodge transmissions. there are GM p/s pumps FORD ignitions. Chrysler electronics. WHAT A MESS!!! How CAN it work???? They don't know. They cant write a book. Its full of errors. It's full of omissions. all you can do is goto your library and print the thing out. Then go back and print the updates. I have read all 150 plus entries of these discussions and time after time I say, HEY there's a TSB on that!!!! that's recalled!!!! or Jeep used to send us those at Ford when they couldn't fix them!!!! I suggest that each of you (if you care enough to spend parts money) print the MITCHELL repair info. If it doesn't make sense, look for the update pages under "dealer info" in the MITCHELL database. Then print up your TSB's and recalls that pertain. Go to your Jeep with well made tools. Follow as best you can, the steps in the testing procedures. Replace only parts that are failed. Get a handful of replacement parts at the wrecking yard. Try these when you get lost. Then, after you have questions that can be solved, ask your dealer service dept for help and direction. then, and only then , can you see why they aren't able to give a cheap and quick answer . Library info is free, I rely upon them for many answers. The cost is based on paper to print 10c a page. Whats that??? You dont have time??? Neither does the dealer, to do the required research. But, the money saved can be spent elsewhere. Instead of buying parts on a guess fix. I also received help by watching U-TUBE sensor testing for Jeep "Hall Effect"switches. It was a course led by a gifted teacher and videoed by his students . That lead to an understanding that is not available in any book. Thanks for reading. If you love your Jeep; you can make the time. They are all pieces of #$@%$#^&;%$#. so don't feel bad
  • katester79katester79 Posts: 1
    zdenneh said:

    Hi, I've basically got the same problem. I've been told by the Jeep dealership that I need to replace the Powertrain Control Module (PCM) which is going to cost me $900. I asked if there was a cheaper alternative and he said it's an internal short and there is really no alternative and that I can only buy this part through the dealer. This all started with my car being unable to start. It tries to start but will not turn over. He says the PCM tells the car its ok to turn over. Anyway, does anyone have any advice for me? $900 is a pretty heavy hit on me right now.

    I really appreciate any advice on this. Please click on my username and respond to my email. Thanks!

    This is EXACTLY what is happening with my 2000 Jeep Grand Cherokee. My bill is $918!! We've given the go-ahead today. I also had one put in, in July 2010. This is the LAST time. I take VERY good care of my Jeep, but I get hit again with another one of these, it's going.
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