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2013 and earlier Kia Optima Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • mega13mega13 Posts: 7
    Hey buddy, Im located in So. Cali, huntington beach. I purchased the EX 2012 basic back in march for 23k out the door. No trade/finance, straight up cash.

    I hope this helps you, let me know what you negotiated with.
  • mega13mega13 Posts: 7
    Hey buddy, I purchased a 2012 EX basic for 23k out the door back in march, by the way I'm located in Southern California, huntington beach. Hope this helps.

    For me if i would have added the premium package, the highest i would offer is 24k, just try it and see what the dealership answer.
  • bgkobbgkob Posts: 8
    Last night I finally closed the deal on a bright silver EX with premium pckg. I brought my beat up 2007 Kia Spectra LX (6 inch tear in the driver seat, missing the trunk trim piece, Kia trunk emblem all messed up, rear arm rests with some gouges in them, 44,300 miles on the ODO) for a trade. I still owed $3400 on it, but they offered me $5000 for it. I took them up on it and we started negotiating the LEASE price for the Optima. We settled at $260 a month after figuring in my trade which covered TTL costs, first month lease payment, and a little bit into the cost of the car. They also gave me a $1k credit for "loyal Kia buyer" or something. And...after about a minute of discussion (it was 9:25pm, the dealer is supposed to close at 9) I ask for either more on the trade or more off the Optima cap cost. They ended up just giving me $500 cash to seal the deal.

    So all in all, I got the Optima EX for a 36 month lease, 12,000 miles a year (my wife and I calculated we drive 10k miles a year for just work driving, and since this will be our work driver we should have some miles left over every year to waste on other car rides...we have a family Pacifica for the trips and kid hauling) for exactly $260 a month. Who made out on this...did i get the deal or the dealership??
  • bgkobbgkob Posts: 8
    By the way I live in Milwaukee WI. And the car is amazing!!!
  • Im about to purchase the optima ex with the premium package for just under 24,000 with my 1500 dollar rebate a thosand for competitor and 500 for military and im going to look into if I could also get the 500 dollars through kia if I finance through them not sure if this can be combined with my other rebates.I,ve done research on this car as well as i,ve talked to other owners and I hear nothing but good.
  • arvai2arvai2 Posts: 7
    First -- thanks for the posts in this thread. They are very helpful.

    I ended up getting a new 2013 black Optima LX for $19,700 with a 1.9% finance rate. We wanted leather so that was added on for $1,300 but it's aftermarket. This deal was out of Columbus OH.

    This is our first Kia and we chose it over the Accord. Hopefully it lives up to all the great reviews!
  • just leased a 2013 optima EX with premium package for $241/month $2,500 down. was this a good deal?
  • ernie55ernie55 Posts: 1
    I live in the Monterey area in California and currently looking into purchasing a 2013 Kia Optima SX with touring package, cargo net, cargo mat.

    From what i can tell here is what i am looking at:

    Base price with touring package and net and cargo mat: $30,670 (internet price listed on dealer website)

    Sales Tax: 7.25% =$2,224
    Tittle & Reg:$460 (used edmunds calculator)

    Competitive Bonus Discount: $1,000 (Kia website)
    (kia website shows $1,500 for model 55282 with options 81,82,83. What does that mean?

    Down payment: $6,000

    Total before financing: $25,354.00 (Kia website)

    Financing APR: I'm going for 2.9 at 70 months through kia. Will that get me an additional $500 discount? Can the special APR be combined with the competitive bonus discount?

    Anything else i should consider? Extra fees? Maybe additional discounts? Is the base price reasonable?
  • Looks like they are charging you about MSRP. I've been shopping prices for SXs in the Bay Area quite a bit lately. I think you can get at least $1,500 off MSRP if you look around. Are you interested in the SXL at all? San Leandro Kia has a bunch of those at pretty good discount (if you go through the internet dept)
  • A little better than what i got for the LX Auto actually.

    I got 270 a month for 72 months, with 1000 down.. 3.9% which is really good for 72 months i guess.
  • You should be able to get a total of $1500 for financing. 2.9% for 70 months is great. When I bought mine Jan/2012 I would had to pay higher interest rate for 70 months but that could just be here in Colorado and banks here. I agree that they are still about $1500 too high and try to get the SXL. Saw one and those daytime leds are bright. Take your time and keep coming back a few times. There are still plenty of cars around.
  • Thank you all for your help! We did purchase a new 2013 SXL for 29,700 it was a good deal and we got 1.9% financing! The car is great!! Thanks again
  • I'm picking up my 2013 Optima EX snow white pearl With PREMIUM PACKAGE plus CARGO net,mat, and tray this week. I traded in my 2011 Hyundai Sonata Limited (got $19,000 for it!). Out The Door price was $6,825.I live in New York.
  • 23K for the base EX or did you get the premium package with it?
  • Just finished my purchase:

    Optima EX
    Premium package
    Cargo net
    Cargo mat
    Cargo tray
    Rear bumper applique
    Titanium Silver

    MSRP: 27,525

    Invoice ~ 25,835

    Paid: $24,900 (including $1000 incentive)

    Note: Financed through bank, not dealership. In the midwest.
  • Just got back from dealership in S FL. Price paid 22799. 25101 out the door. First time buying in FL. Registration fees are over the top.
  • One dealer offered $25800 OTD. Is this a good price? I am in Houston, TX.
  • Just finalized a deal on 2013 optima SXL with premium, tech and chrome package
    $292/month for 36 months
    15K miles per year. No security deposit
    $2000 down (this includes first month payment, MV fee, registration fee and every other fee)
    Residual: around $19K
    2 years of free oil change/car wash
    I believe the final total price for the car was around $33K incl taxes and fees

    Can anybody comment on if this was a good deal?
  • ana555ana555 Posts: 1
    Hi honda_ig,

    Your numbers on lease sounds like good deal!
    I'm shopping around to get lease on 2013 Optima SXL - fully loaded for 36 months. But dealers in PA did not give me the numbers close to yours.

    Which dealership did you get this deal? Where it's located?
  • Wow! I want that deal. What did you do to swing that. I live in the Tampa Bay region and would love to get that price.
  • snowman22snowman22 Posts: 109
    Can pass along what is advertised in todays paper---2013 Optima SX Limited loaded with all options. $1900 down + tax and fee's. 36 months,12000 miles per year---$239. Northtown KIA---I'm sure you can find it online.
  • gtb2gtb2 Posts: 2
    What dealership was it in Houston? EX Premium - does that include panaramic sunroof, heated/cooled seats - just no nav?
  • It was at Delray Kia in Delray beach FL. I caught them at the end of the month and quarter. To be honest I really did not have to haggle all that much as I thought their offer was very fair.
  • cskicski West Springfield, VAPosts: 1,491
    edited November 2012
    2012 Optima EX
    Premium package
    Cargo net
    Cargo mat
    Cargo tray
    Rear bumper applique

    $24,265 sticker

    $20,500 paid

    4% 5 year terms.

    GAP: $500
    Lojac: $free
    EXT WARR: $1000* (bumper to bumper 10yrs - 100k)

    ***extended bumper to bumper warranty to 100k. It is 5/60 bump-to-bump w/o extension. 5-10 years is power-train only unless you buy.

    Total of payments @ $420 x 60= $24,000 Total of payments inc tax.

    Chris Skalski: Network Engineer 2012 Kia Optima EX

  • Can you please provide the details of your deal (packages Premium, Tech, extras, dealer delivery, doc fee, tax, etc). Also, name of dealership. I am in S FL and would like the same deal. I got an offer but it includes:

    Car with Premium: $24358 ($1500 incentives)
    Dealer Delivery: $700
    Doc & handling: $200 (does anyone know if this is required)
    state CVR: $32
    Tag Transfer: $200

    TOTAL: $27096

    Your deal seems a lot better! Can anyone please advise on your opinion.
  • I am talking with the same dealership regarding an 2013 OPTIMA EX w Premium package only (no tech). Here is the offer:

    $24358 ($1500 incentives)
    delivery $699 (was it the same charge?)
    handling & doc fee $200 (is this required?)
    State Fee $32
    Tax $1607
    Transfer $200
    Total $27096

    Can you please advise on your experience. It seems high in comparison to other deals on here.
  • My price included $4000 negative equity from a trade. My total out the door was $27,229 and that includes gap insurance. Honestly I know that I got an amazing deal.
  • 2013 Optima EX- Sticker Price $24,485 MSRP $23,500 (only two options included- floor mats and cargo mat).
    After $1,000 competitive bonus, it is right now at $20,616 + ttx; I have not purchased yet; can this price be still better?
  • My bottom line price for the car was 22788 includ1ng everything but the following:

    Tax 1379
    Tags 735
    Window security etching(199) It was late on a Fri night I was tired and they kind of sneaked that one in on me.

    Total out the door price 25101

    As I said in my original post it was my first time buying in FL and I was blown away by the cost of tags.

    It was at Del Ray Kia on Fed hwy
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