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2013 and earlier Kia Optima Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • Can't really tell is this was a good deal or not... Purchased the last remaining 2012 Optima in town (Las Vegas). It just so happened to be the exact color combination of Spicy Red + beige that I would have liked.

    Everything on it except Nav (so Premium and Tech packages) including taxes, fees, registration, floor mats, cargo mat, tray and net -- $25,250 OTD. Cash deal so no financing.

    I was particularly tickled with the heated steering wheel... didn't even know that was a feature!
  • I leased 12 Optima Hybrid in November.
    MSRP: 27670
    Residual: 14388 (52%)
    15000 miles/year
    $3599 down to include everything
    $115 X 38 months

    I live in southern california.
  • azoptimaexazoptimaex Posts: 4
    edited December 2012
    2013 Kia Optima EX
    Snow White Pearl (Extra cost)
    Premium Package
    Beige Interior
    iPod Cable (Dealer toss in)
    Rear spoiler (Dealer added -Promised me the SLX spoiler and put on generic)
    Wheel locks (Dealer toss in)
    Window tint (Dealer toss in)
    Door sill applique
    Trunk applique
    Dealer to give three synthetic oil changes free for first year and three tire rotations.

    Vehicle Price..........$ 26,814.64
    Doc Fee.................$ 498.00
    License Fee............$ 424.55
    Sales Tax...............$ 2,399.91
    Total financed.........$ 29,137.10 (Zero down / no trade)
    Terms 1.9% @ 60 $ 509.84/mnth

    WHAT WENT WRONG.... First of course I could have haggled more on price but I am very fair so I brought them an offer they would ultimately accept (thinking they would be fair the rest of the way). Well BE SURE that if you do any add ons you get model numbers AND photos attached to the IOU or paperwork. They verbally promised me the SLX spoiler and then put on a generic one. IF YOU HAVE A BAD FEELING IT IS BECAUSE SOMETHING IS WRONG AND YOU CAN'T PUT YOUR FINGER ON IT (AT THAT VERY MOMENT). Go home and think it over and go back when you have plenty of time. None of you nor me would ever turn down business and neither will these car dealers if you leave and return.

  • 2013 Optima SXL
    Black on Black
    Tint (Dealer throw-in)
    VIN Etching (Dealer Throw-in)
    Ipod Cable
    + CARGO TRAY! WOW. ;)

    Purchase made in Austin, TX
    MSRP - $35,368 (after delivery)
    Out the door price - $29,000 + TTL @ a terrible 3.9% financing which I've already refinanced (same day, hah).
  • jeffyeye,

    looking at this same car....did yours include the technology package and chrome package? the msrp on the one I'm looking at is close to yours. The dealer appearance stuff is showing $36400 I think. Anyway, I was quoted dealer invoice price of $33400 + some $200 dealer fee. There is a Kia competitive bonus of $2000 and a college grad bonus of $750. The question I had for you was did your $29000 price have bonuses off of it? I'm trying to see if the invoice they gave me is a good price or not. With bonuses, I'm at $30899 plus taxes and tags. thanks for your help!!
  • Where are you located? I am shopping in FL right now, didn't get anywhere close to your numbers, with $2000 down. Best I can find is $390/mo, incl tax. SXL . Need advice ASAP!
  • Still shopping for a better deal. Local dealer (SW FL) offered :

    White with white napa leather.
    .00107 MF
    56% residual
    $390/mo includes tax
    $2000 down.
    From what I figure the cost of the car is $32,000. MSRP was $35,800 to start. Trading in a vehicle with about $1000 negative equity that they are taking.

    Any thoughts? Anyone else get the SXL recently? I am seeing more posts for the SX with premium and tech packages but I really like the SXL, just not sure it's worth what appears to be an extra $70-100/mo in payments.
  • This 2012 Optima EX with Premium package is just what I am looking for.

    I have visited this forum before but am not accomplished at figuring out what is said in many of the posts. I am learning and thanks to all those who post here.

    I am interested in figuring out how to negotiate for a 2012 Optima EX with Premium package.

    I am wondering how did the negotiations go so a $24265 sticker comes down to $20,500 paid?

    If you paid cash, could you have obtained the car for $20,500 not including taxes, title and license (TTL)?

    If paying cash, would $20,500 + TTL equal the Out The Door (OTD) total cost of driving the vehicle away from the dealership?

    What is GAP: $500 for?
    Is lojac the same a lojack (stolen vehicle recovery system)?

    Thanks for your help
  • hitraceydhitraceyd Posts: 3
    edited December 2012
    Just wanted to update...we bought today at a competing dealer and got the following:

    Black optima sx limited with premium and technology packages. It also included the cargo mat, cargo net, wheel locks, and bumper decal. Optima floor mats, too, not sure if those are standard or not.

    Price was $2808 off MSRP, which ended up being $32737. We got another $3250 off in KIA bonuses (competitive, college grad, and KIA financing). So, final price was $29487 before taxes and tags. We added the extended warranty for $1000. The KIA financing bonus gave us $500 off but a slightly higher interest rate of 4.9. However, we are refinancing through our own bank for 2.9, yet still get to keep the $500 bonus. Hope this info helps!

    Oh, this was ellicott city, md.
  • dpbuffalodpbuffalo Posts: 3
    edited December 2012
    Just picked up a new 2013 optima lx
    base model, automatic, only options were $115 floor mats and $39 ipod cord
    the sticker price was around $22,200 i believe

    the residual was 57%
    money factor was low....0001....or something like that..very similar to other lease posts
    got lease bonus money and competive owner rebate which the dealer applies as a cap cost reduction

    our county sales tax is 8.75%...and the lease showed i paid a total of $975 in NYS and county taxes.
    I did need new plates as this was an additional car for a family member

    so the negotiated price was $212.97 for 39 months, 1,000 miles per month allowance, $.20 overage, it was done thru kia leasing company

    the only money at closing was $130 for new plates and NYS vehicle registration and the first $212 month payment.. no down payment, no other money down
    (so i owed 38 remaining lease payments,,,which is on the lease contract)

    i think this is a good price. what does everyone think.

    also dealer provides free oil changs for as long as i lease the car/own it.

    I would be happy to refer you over to my car dealer....they were terrific

    you can reach me at my posting name at

    i believe these incentives also required taking deliveryby 12.31

    i will also note that rochester ny delivery had similar offering for an advertised $215 month
  • Does anyone know about the following two incentives for Kia Optima EX buyers?

    First Incentive: On Edmunds web site in the area of incentives for the Kia Optima EX there is an incentive category called “Other”. In the “Other” incentive category there is an incentive titled: “Other Incentive 1”. The “Other Incentive 1” is available from 12/04/12 to 01/07/13. Below is the text of the “Other Incentive 1”:

    “You Pay the Same dealer invoice pricing plus $500 Supplemental Incentive is available towards retail purchase. Dealer participation in this program is voluntary and all dealers are not required to participate. Customer may purchase a vehicle from the dealers stock at invoice price plus receive a $500 Supplemental Incentive. Program can be combined with any available Customer Cash. Cannot be combined with any APR or leasing offers through Kia Motors Finance or Hyundai Motor Finance. See participating dealer for details.”

    Some of the wording in the text above is quite confusing. For example, what is meant by the phrase: “Program can be combined with any available Customer Cash”?

    I am wondering if I can find a local Kia dealer volunteering to participate in “You Pay the Same” program.

    My CHALLENGE to this forum: I am going to call all of the Kia dealers in the Minneapolis, MN area and ask them if they participate in “You Pay the Same”. I am asking you to do the same thing in your area. I will report my results back to this forum by replying to this post and I would love to see many of you do the same thing. Good luck.

    Second Incentive: Looking on the Kia company web site, , I found an incentive called “$2000 Competitve Bonus For Qualified Buyers” active from 12/04/12 thru 01/07/13. There is a list of eligible qualifying competitor vehicles available on the Kia web site. I do not find this incentive on the Edmund’s web site.

    Does anyone know about either of these incentives?

    Does anyone know of a dealer participating in “You Pay the Same” program?

    Any clarifying comments on these incentives are appreciated.
  • First off I do not see where there is an EX with Premium at a MSRP of $24,265. The EX starts at $24,911. So don't believe everything you see on here. Second, an EX in a basic color with Premium would be $27,225 MSRP and go up from there. However prior to any incentives it the dealer invoice would be back down to $24,911. THen you could get the competitive bonus cash @ $1,000 plus the loyalty cash at $1,000. College graduate and Military (if available to you) would be $750 and $500 respectively. Which would bring your price to about $22,911 or lower if you qualify for one or both of the others.

    Then you will have tax. You need to know the tax rate in your area so you can calculate that on your own because they will try to give you a "high budget number" to get you to agree on a final payment or price for the car out door. Be sure to get "Exact" numbers from them for tax, title, license before agreeing to a price. Then they are going to try and hit you with "Doc" fees and other dealers costs and add ons. After going through all of that be sure to get the best financing available. I think right now that is 0.9%. Remember right now ALMOST EVERYONE can qualify for Tier 1 financing. DO NOT let them tell you that you are not tier one and that they can't give you the best financing. That is another way for them to make money on the car. They get paid from Kia Finance which is completely separate from the dealer. Just like selling a mortgage.

    GAP Insurance is when you buy the car and drive it off the lot it loses value. So if it was totaled and you owed $26,000 to pay it off and then the insurance pays you only $24,000 to total it.... then you are stuck paying $2,000 for nothing. This gap insurance plan is to pay off that difference in the event that happens. THIS IS A BIG TIME GAMBLE. At a low interest rate you should have equity in your car in 14-18 months. so that $500 cost is only worth it for those first couple months. And as you slowly pay it off the value of the GAP plan becomes less and less.

    as far as the lowjack question you need to ask if it works with the local police department and if there is any type of subscription to it.
  • Be sure that if you trade your car in they give you the tax allowance on the difference. This is one thing they try to keep from you if you are not aware of it!!! They should only charge the tax on the difference of values regardless of your equity position.
  • I just found this information on the Kelly Blue Book web site in the Kia Optima incentive area.

    Supplemental Customer Incentive,

    You Pay the Same (Expires 1-7-13)
    (Under the "You Pay the Same" Program Kia Customers Pay the Same For a New Kia as a Kia Team Member) (Incentive Combinations & Availability May Be Restricted by Regional or Fleet Rules & Other Factors -- See Dealer for Details)
  • Purchased a new Optima on 12/31/12 for $22,248-$1500(rebate) = $20,748, does not include tax, title, & license.

    * Convenience Package
    * Upgraded UVO stereo
    * Backup Camera
    * Spare tire w/ jack & wrench(es)
    * Floor mats
    * Cargo Net
    * Window Tint
    * Mud Guards

    Bonus: Dealer also had a promotion that included an Ipad Mini

    Located in AZ

    Overall, Ii feel really good about this purchase. Did not opt for the extended warranty though. Still considering. Any thoughts on the warranty?
  • Purchased: 2013 Optima EX + Premium Pkg + Technolgy Pkg + (free Cargo Mat, Net and Tray)

    $24,700 (Optima EX + options) + $2051.25 (Taxes, Title and License) = $26,751.25 Out The Door

    I think any person in the market for a new Kia can use the “You Pay the Same” Kia national sales incentive (expires on 01/07/13) as part of your negotiation with any dealership. I think it helped me in my negotiations with the dealership where I purchased my 2013 Optima EX and they weren’t in the program.

    I emailed about 10 Kia dealerships in Minnesota asking for quotes on an Optima EX with the Premium Pkg in the evening on December 30. On December 31 I had 4 telephone calls (between 8am and 10am) in the morning from salesmen wanting to discuss my interest in the Optima EX. The first question I asked was if the dealership was part of the Kia voluntary incentive program called “You Pay the Same”. Not one of the salesmen knew about the program so I educated them by reading the Edmunds and Kelly Blue Book explanations of this incentive.

    The universal response from the salesmen was they would check on the program. The reason I say it helped me buy my Optima EX was when I connected a second time with the dealership from which I did purchase the Optima, I was routed to the new car sales manager and he said the dealership was not part of the You Pay the Same program but he would give me the same price. He then quoted $23,900 for the Optima EX with Premium Pkg. Edmonds shows this combination as $25,365 dealer invoice and $27,225 MSRP.

    $25,365 invoice - $1,000 Competitive Bonus - $500 You Pay the Same = $23,865 near $23,900

    About 10 min to 15 min of negotiation with the sales manager resulted in me buying a 2013 Optima EX with Premium Pkg and Technology Pkg for $24,700 (and they threw in the Cargo Mat, Net and Tray). I was more interested in the Technology Pkg when the sales manager told me the back-up camera in the Premium Pkg was 3 inches wide and the back-up camera in the Technology Pkg was 7 inches wide (paying $600 less for the Technology Pkg didn’t hurt either). My only other cost was TTL ($2051.25) and the dealership filled my gas tank before I drove home.

    Actually two dealerships returned a bid based on the You Pay the Same program. The second dealership returned a bid in the afternoon of $23,875 via email but I had already purchased my Optima.

    Final thoughts: My feeling is by asking about the Kia You Pay the Same incentive I changed the negotiations from looking at the MSRP to looking at the dealer invoice. I also think asking the salesman bout a Kia incentive program they knew nothing about put me in a better negotiating position.

    I also had that feeling December 31, 2012 was an important day to the dealership: end of month, end of quarter and end of year.

    Best wishes in 2013
  • tseverson1tseverson1 Posts: 13
    edited January 2013
    CHALLENGE: my report on finding a Kia dealership using the "You Pay the Same" incentive program.

    Of the 4 salesmen I talked to about the Kia “You Pay the Same” incentive program in the Minneapolis, MN area, NONE knew about the program.

    Read my post #447 with title: 2013 Optima EX with Premium Pkg & Technology Pkg.

    In that post explain why I believe it is beneficial to use the “You Pay the Same” in any negotiations with a Kia salesman.
  • On October 13, I purchased a black 2013 kia optima ex w/prem & tech packages at Southpoint Kia in Austin ,tx ( I live in SA but started calling around and austin gave me best price) Price after rebates ($1500 total rebates- $500 for kia motor finance and $1000 because my husband owns 04 optima) but before ttl and f & I extras was $24910. I bought service contract for $1100 but no gap. I absouletely LOVED this car ..I was averaging 30-32 mpg which was my main reason for buying the car (gas). It helps that it looks great. Long story short..I was in an accident on 12/18, I was/am ok but the car is now totaled. :( My first thought D@MN..I should have gotten Gap. Anywho, I am blessed and am actually going to walk away with $1500 after loan paid off despite not getting gap. So had to replace my car and yesterday just purchased the [non-permissible content removed]. silver 2013 kia optima sx (not limited) w/tech and prem package. I called same dealership, my sales guy was no longer there but of course they were happy to help me. Paid $27505 (invoice less $2500 rebates). plus ttl I did get gap this time and I got them down to $800 on the service contract. I will cancel the service contract I bought on the totaled car and get a 95 % refund since only had it for 2 months. I did alot of research and think I got a great deal. Hope this helps. PS- It is wise to get gap..unless you put alot of $$$$ down.
  • Does anyone have access to information on what the new incentives for the Optima will be? The current deals end 1/7/13. I am only eligible for the $1000 lease incentive at this time. I don't qualify for the $2000 competitive cash, college grad or military so wondering if I should wait and see what comes out next. Sometimes new deals are worse, sometimes better... Thoughts? Currently the best deal I can find on the SXL is $31,537-$31,800. I am in SW FL.
  • onefunkaronefunkar Posts: 113
    bought this week a 2013 ex with premium. msrp 27350. paid 23712 and got 8500 for my 2007 saturn which is on the upper end of what it was worth. very happy with car and deal. now 2 of my 3 cars are kia. also have 2011 sorento ex v6 built the first week the georgia plant was open.(10/29/2009) that been a great car also.
  • Just bought a Titanium EX with Prem and Tech pkg OTD for $26377
    MSRP $28749
    Incentives $1500
    Price $25829 - incentives + TTTL
    Maryland taxes are 6% ouch...
  • unlv_rebelsunlv_rebels Posts: 32
    edited January 2013
    I purchased a Silver 2013 Kia Optima LX Auto (without convenience package) last weekend (Odometer: 15 miles).

    Invoice: $21,175 (with destination fee)
    Acc: $814 (Rear Bumper Applique, Cargo Mat, Cargo Net, Cargo Tray, Carpeted Floor Mats, Door Sill Applique, Auto-Dimming Mirror, iPOD Cable, Mud Guards, Wheel Locks)
    Doc fee: $100
    Sub-total: $22,089
    Student rebate: -$750
    KMF rebate: -$500
    Additional savings: -$1600
    TOTAL after rebates and additional savings: $19,239 plus TTL.

    I also had an offer for a White 2013 Optima LX Auto (without convenience package) last weekend (Odometer: 15 miles) for $18,790 plus TTL that had fewer accessories (Cargo Mat, Cargo Net, Carpeted Floor Mats, Door Sill Applique, iPOD Cable, Wheel Locks).
  • I bought EX with Premium and Technology- 29,100 MSRP paid $24,900

    Plus VA sales tax, and $389 Processsing fee.

    I also got a few hundred $ high on my trade than I anticipated. I got a few internet qoutes in advance, so negotiation only lasted 15 minutes. Easy and overall pretty happy
  • sandman_6472sandman_6472 Coral Springs, FLPosts: 4,174
    Have driven a few new ones at work and what a sweet ride these are! Comfy seats, smooth ride and a nice dash...nicer than the Sonata truth be told, I like the look a bit better also. these were the LX models so the EX must really rock! Since these were rental units, they were base LX's but did have Sirius/XM which is very cool. A lot of the rental units that we move have SAT radio which makes longer treks a real pleasure especially when driving across southern Florida from Lauderdale to Ft. Myers/Tampa...go between the '60's, '70's and '80's channels and am a happy camper...especially love the cars with the controls on the steering wheel, a much safer way to go between channels.
    Got to give Kia/Hyundai a round of applause...they are finally building cars that folks really want to buy and the excellent warranty is just the icing on the cake!

    The Sandman :) :sick: :shades:

    2015 Audi A3 (wife) / 2015 Golf TSI (me) / 2009 Nissan Versa SL Hatch (daughter #1) / 2008 Hyundai Accent GLS (daughter #2)

  • twinniitwinnii Posts: 3
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    Good night all, I am currently looking into purchasing a Kia Optima EX maybe standard. I didn't know what would be a good purchasing price. I went to one dealership and was quoted MSRP 24735.00
    Sale: 23400.00
    2000 down
    359/month * 72(6 years) at 2.9%
    based on good credit. My credit is above 750. I had dealer check last year and they said it was above 800.
    What do you think. I am willing to pay out of pocket whole thing, but not sure if I should look for a better price. Thanks for any help.
  • 1. 2000 off msrp is easy for the Optima; much competition in that segment
    2. with your good credit, join penfed (PFCU) for $15 and get a 1.49% apr loan
  • Be careful what you pay---either leasing or outright purchase. There is no resale value with the Optima. NONE at all. With that said----the car is beautiful and rides well. But KIA is giving these cars away. That's a really good thing for you because your buying and you should be able to get a terrific deal. Don't let they dealer sway you into thinking invoice or below is not possible ---because it is---Again the big downside of this whole thing is the trade in or resale value. They will give you nothing close to the value---reason----the low selling price of the new models. It's cheaper to get a new one than buy used.So---as the song say's "Be happy". Bottom line--- don't pay anything even close to invoice. Pay below. They will take the deal. Then you have a fighting chance when trade in time comes around. Take it from someone that knows---I'm stuck for another two years on a car I want to unload in the worse way. My Optima is a loaded hybrid that is real crap--2011-- seats are as hard as a bleacher if not harder and 19 mpg in the winter. The car bucks and stammers until 30 mph. Horrible hybrid car ---then add those terrible seats---- well--- you get the idea.
  • You should be able to get $4,000 ($2K competitive and $2K loyalty) in rebates. If you have the money then opt for the 36 month 0.9% APR financing. With ZERO down your car should cost $20,735 then add your state sales tax then add your license fee for your state. Start your negotiation from there for the Out the Door price. Remember if you just name the price of the car, they will add their Dealer, Stock, Prep, etc, fees that are there just to give them more profit. Ask what the license fee is and the sales tax rate. You can add those to the $20,735. Also 2.9% financing is not great in these times. Credit score is almost not important right now. These dealers want to sell cars and half the US has poor credit due to the housing market. I received 1.9% for 60 months but the 36 month payment was just too steep for me to opt for the 0.9%.

    Here are some rates for you to look at within your price all with ZERO down.

    $22,000 OTD @ 36 mth 0.9%=$619.63; 60 mth @1.9%=$384.65
    $23,000 OTD @ 36 mth 0.9%=$647.79; 60 mth @1.9%=$402.13
    $24,000 OTD @ 36 mth 0.9%=$675.96; 60 mth @1.9%=$419.62

    $22,000 OTD @ 72 mth 2.9%=$333.28
    $23,000 OTD @ 72 mth 2.9%=$348.43
    $24,000 OTD @ 72 mth 2.9%=$363.58

    Be sure to look at your final monthly payment and multiply it out so you know what the total cost is you are paying for that car. The dealer makes money on the interest you pay too (if you use Kia Financing) They are just like a mortgage broker. But on the other hand you get a better deal on the car if you use Kia Financing. Just take advantage of the best rate and terms they have.
  • You CANNOT get both competitive and loyalty rebates on the same car. It's one or the other. Read the fine print.
  • I appreciate all your replies. I am deciding to Finance the car. Here is what I have now Kia Optima EX car is priced at 23,240 because of $1,000 car competitive and $500 bonus for financing cash; 21,700.
    With a 1.9% for 60 months. They want me in before end of month to keep incentive prices.
    I noticed someone stated above that there would be NO resale value. I plan on keeping the car for as long as I can. 7 - 10 years and more, as long as the car holds up. I have doubted the reliability of this car but depend on the warranty to back that, but the bumper to bumper is another thing. That's only 5 years 50,000. I want to see if they can up that because if this thing runs down after 5 years, then I will be paying a lot of money to fix it.

    This is at Yonkers Kia in Yonkers, New York.
    The previous information was from Kia of White Plains, NY.
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