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Audi A4 - S Line vs Premium Pkg

regutierrregutierr Member Posts: 2
edited March 2014 in Audi
I am in the market for a Audi A4 and love the little things the S Line adds to the look of the car but that's all it seems they are little things. I do want the sunroof and leather seats which I can get w/ the Premium Pkg at a fraction of the cost of the S Line. Any advice anyone??


  • byronwalterbyronwalter Member Posts: 220
    Make sure that you go with the sports suspesnion. Back in the summer of '05 the SS was a modest $250 option.

    I went with that and the premie pack (and most of the other stuff for my manual two liter). At the time the S Line wasn't an option and if it had been I would have skipped it. Too much dough on all show with no more go.

    Take a little of that cash and do an ECU upgrade after you put a 1000 miles or so on your car. I went with APR and have been happy with the results.

    I've had my A4 for about a year and a half now and it has been the best car that I've ever owned (third Audi).

  • prc2prc2 Member Posts: 16
    I have a 2.0T Quattro with the S-Line package, and I love it. Not only does the package make the car look more aggressive, the sport wheels are marvelous. The triple-stiched S-Line steering wheel is really comfortable and sporty, and the paddle shifters are extremely useful. I am not sure if this is part of the S-Line package, but given that this car is a turbo, it is nice to be able to keep the car in certain gears to keep the turbo ready. I live in L.A., and I use the paddle shifters on Sunset Blvd. all the time.
  • byronwalterbyronwalter Member Posts: 220
    Ah... L.A. and S Line do go together. I live in Ohio and I'm pretty sure the S Line is illegal but fuzzy dice are required :P Now if I can just get my gun rack installed...
  • regutierrregutierr Member Posts: 2
    Yes the S Line has tiptronic, more defined verticle lines on the grill and sportier look on the frond and rear bumbers. It also has the S line logo front and back and has the different sterring wheel. But since this is for my girl, she would never use the tiptronic. After looking into it more it seems to be all about looks and I don't think I'm paying approx 2000 more for implants.
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