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Ford Expedition Transmission Problems



  • sutton5sutton5 Posts: 1
    I have experienced the same jerking problem with my 2005 Expedition. I took it to my local Ford Dealer who stated: It's PROBABLY the "special" spark plugs and "special" wire. They announced a whooping $821 price tag to replace the plugs and wires. They say it is a slight intermittent misfire that causes the jerking. I bet you can guess what I told them to do with their "special" plugs and wires.
  • alwaysfords2alwaysfords2 Posts: 339
    By special if they mean specific to your truck, they are correct. There are three parts to the plug system - wires, COPS, and plugs. Four parts if you count the rubber boot over the COP. A COP from the dealer is around $90. You can buy a set of 8 on ebay for less than that. From what you got quoted, it is more likely a plug change and just wires when in fact it is the COPS and boots on the COPS that go bad. You should use the Motorcraft plugs. If by chance you break a plug doing it yourself you will have wished you paid the $800. Especially if you break #4 or #8. There is a reason Ford suggests a tool for taking out the remanants of broken plugs.
  • russel8russel8 Posts: 1
    "Hi i get a chattery feel ,when i take off and give the truck a little more than normal gas.I have changed the magnetic solenoid cluster before because of slippage .1999 ford ex.eddiebauer 5.4 help please .
  • Hi Everyone,

    I wanted to let you know that I was finally able to get my car fixed. After driving my car with the problems described in previous posts for about 3 weeks, and talking to Ford as well as my own personal mechanic, we figured it was a Coil-on-plug that was the problem and causing the engine to missfire.

    I have 128,000 on my car and the coils have never been changed (although the spark plugs were changed at 100,000). FINALLY, after 3 weeks, just as I was about to order coils and plugs, the check engine light came on and indicated a missfire in cylinder 5. Instead of just replacing 1 plug, I decided to replace all 8 since the other COPs would probably start to fail soon after.

    By buying the parts myself (I bought 8 accel coils on Amazon, and Spark plugs from Kragen), I was able to save a TON of cash. Part cost = $200, labor cost = $300 from my mechanic. Total cost = $500. By buying the parts myself, I was able to replace all 8 plugs and coils for the quote that Ford and my mechanic gave me to replace 1 plug. I guess the average consumer is able to buy parts cheaper through various sources (Kragen, Amazon, the internet) than a mechanic or ford can from their own supplier.

    Car runs great now and I'm very glad I did the research through this forum as well as others out there to diagnose the problem.

    Not sure if this is the solution for everyone's problems but it worked with mine. Good luck!
  • 514329514329 Posts: 60
    is this problem related to a certain model yr., looking to get new 2011 expedition EL. i check the chevy suburban engine issues too so now leaning on ford and hoping the 2011 already resolve the issue. anybody driving a 2011 expedition EL? any input would be greatly appreciated.
  • eb6eb6 Posts: 1
    I have a 2005 Ford Expedition Limited with 72k miles. My extended 5yr/75k mile warranty just ended in December 2010. Last week I noticed my car whining when stepping on the gas. It makes a weird sound when in gear also but in neutral there it is quiet. The more i give it throttle the louder the whining sound gets. What is this problem? Transmission, planetary gear, torque converter, etc.? The dealer will only take care of 50% of the bill. They're charging me $800 just to drop the transmission and diagnose it. Anyone have or heard of this problem?
  • noryelnoryel Posts: 1
    I have a 2001 ford expedition eddie bauer all wheel drive 5.4 engine and when taking off it feels like it is missing a gear, then 50 to 60 Kph it downshifts hard also with clunking sounds, it feel you step on the break really hard and it will pull to the right then before it comes to a stop it will back to normal or you will feel the transmission shift dowm. I only have 98.000 click and we hardly used it. Please help. Thank you...
  • cobcob Posts: 210
    Be happy they will pay 50%. My 2004 EXP XLT with 113,000 the truck just stopped going one day with no warning would not take off from a stop sign. Bearing failure within transmission gearset cost $2800 for a full rebuild. At least I now have 75,000 miles in which to destroy it again and get a free (ha ha) rebuild. Than it will only be $1400 per transmission.
  • zeev1zeev1 Posts: 1
    i have 05 expedition i drive really good and its shift nice, i get to over drive its dosent engage.
    its any body knows.
    please respond. thanks
  • cobcob Posts: 210
    It may be the O/D shift solinoid in the transmission is not working. Ususally the O/D off light will blink if it is an internal problem in the trans. Also check to see that you don't have the O/D off by pressing the button on the end of the shift lever.
  • I drive a 2007 Ford Expedition EL. It has been having problems "getting going" when I try to take off at times and its getting worse. This morning as I drove off the parking lot, it turned off and the engine sign turned on. After resting for 10-15 minutes (while I waited for roadside) I attempted to start and it started without a problem. I have also noticed that when and if Itry to take off from a stop, it "jumps" and the peddal goes all the way to the floor and then it "fixes" itself and I drive off. I have taken it in for this reason for fear I might get into an accident one day and was told there was nothing wrong with it. I am a woman and am easily brushed off at the dealership and would like any advice you have to give in order to arm myself with some knowledge when i go to dealership.
  • My 2007 with 87,000 miles just started doing this same shuttering at 45 mph. I can't decide if it's a transmission problem or a coil/ignition type problem. Anybody ever figure out what it was?
  • Could be either, at some point it should give you a CEL that can be read. Have you had the tranny serviced at the regular intervals? You should be just about due for your third service.
  • tcradotcrado Posts: 3
    edited October 2011
    I recently aquired a 1999 XLT 4WD. It would shift noticably hard into the next gear and the person I bought the vehicle from said it had a "shift kit" installed. 6 months later, it was acting sluggish to get up and go. I knew something wasnt' right and turned around to go home, didn't make it. I loss all my transmittion fluid in the street. I can tear apart a manual transmission but have zero experience with automatics. I can do the labor if I had ideas on a direction to go. I can read a manual, then perform the task.
    Can anyone help me with a direction to go?
  • tcradotcrado Posts: 3
    I have silver slivers that are not magnetic. I lost transmission fluid and it was coming out of the torque converter section. What are the chances of the silver slivers are from the torque converter and if so, what are the chances the transmission is still in usable condition?
  • Replacing the plugs does fix the jerking problem you feel when coasting on the highway. Have a professional or dealer replace the plugs. The plugs on the Triton 5.4L break often. I had all but two plugs break on my 2005 Expedition 5.4L. Don't replace the plugs yourself unless you know what you are doing. I had to buy a broken plug removal tool to get my plugs out. The tool costs around $100 just by itself. I can see why the dealer charges $700-$800 to replace the plugs on this truck.

    Good luck
  • cobcob Posts: 210
    The problem is in the fact that the silver slivers have been flushed around the entire transmission system. They will eventually clog up the lines and cause other issues within the transmission. They are pieces of aluminum (non-magnetic) and usually the valve bodies are aluminum so you probably will be looking at a new or rebuilt transmission. You can try doing a fluid and filter change but may want to have a shop remove all the fluid instead of just the 5 quarts from dropping the pan.
  • my daughters ford expidition turns on ok, but when i put it in drive the engine shuts off. I have been told the transmission is messed up. The thing is that if i put it in gear while i step on the brake and gas at the same time the truck takes off just fine, but when i get to a stop sign or traffic light it shuts off. Could that be a sensor or is the transmission messing up. If anyone can help it would be very apreciated thank you.
  • tcradotcrado Posts: 3
    Thank you for your response. Very helpful.
  • I would like to know what was wrong with it too. My EXP is doing the same and I am going to start by changing the Auto Trans Control Solenoid. But I would like to know what you did to fix it.

    My EXP. is stalling when you give it gas at 35 to 50. The engine even backfires. If I mash it to the floor it run fine . But between 35 and 50 if you just give it enough gas to maintain speed it starts the jerking and the tach. falls and then jumps back up.
  • law2lettlaw2lett PittsburghPosts: 4
  • law2lettlaw2lett PittsburghPosts: 4
    Ford had tranny problems since I can remember. I had a 62 ford fourty years ago, and its the same problem wont go forward now I have 05 its the same problem dont you think its about time for perfection? I called Ford and complained they took my information and vin# and said theres not enough complaints for a recall everyone should call you will be reimbursed if you usede Ford to do the work on your vehichle heres the # call and complain 1800/232/5952
  • my 05 was doing the same thing. when i dropped the trans pan there was metal flakes on the mag. in the process of dropping the trans with the help of a friend, we saw the flywheel move. it would move about 1/4" in and out of the motor. we were told by others that it means the thrust bearing is "gone" in the motor. we are currently working on pulling the motor. sounds like this is very common. i know this is not what you want to hear but hope this helps.
  • hatin05hatin05 Posts: 2
    edited December 2011
    be sure to check your motor or have it checked if you have to pull the transmission. while pulling mine, we found the flywheel would move in and out of the block about a quarter inch. the thrust bearing was shot but the motor was running good when we found this. just recently oil was showing up on the motor. the rear main and front seals were shot because of the play in the crank shaft. awesome motor to quietly run with major failure! very dissapointed in Ford to have these problems with only 85,000 miles!
  • kimaanjakimaanja Posts: 1
    Have a 2005 Expedition, Eddie Bauer, with 85K miles.

    Driving yesterday and it slipped out of gear. Was shifting smoothly up to then. Was able to continue driving by manually shifting from 1st to 2nd gear, but when upshifting to D, after about 5-10 seconds it slips out like its in neutral. Transmission fluid didn't look good, pretty dark (not red).

    Thoughts? New Tranny? Other Options?
  • cobcob Posts: 210
    Sounds like its time for a rebuild. Don't buy a new one or install a used one just have a reputable transmission shop rebuild the one you have. They will install upgraded parts if they are available and warranty the parts and labor. I had the trans in my 2004 rebuilt about 20,000 miles ago and have had no problems since. Similar problem, stopped at a light and it would not go when the light turned green. Turned out to be a bearing failure at 114,000 miles.
  • justfixitdjustfixitd Posts: 1
    I have a miss at low RPMs in OD, If i give it gas it stops. Could it be a problem someone has had and found how to fix it. are what the problem would be? Transmission,sparkplug,wires or fuel preasure ? HELP car has 120,000 miles
  • lhwilllhwill Posts: 5
    Did you ever get your miss problem figured out? My 03 is doing the same thing. Seems like a skip or grabbing?
  • alwaysfords2alwaysfords2 Posts: 339
    Are you talking about a Mark VIII also? If so this forum won't be much help. if you are talking about an 03 Expedition I'd suggest it is probably the COPs. How many miles do you have on it and have they ever been changed?
  • bradw2bradw2 Posts: 1
    My 1999 Expedition, 5.4L, has a similar problem. Occasionally under a load, like going up hill it will start jerking/hesitating/stuttering. Seems to fit the description of the Coil on Plugs (COP) going bad. But the check engine light has never come on and there have been no error codes in the computer. A mechanic suggested that it may not be the COPs but might be the transmission. He suggested taking it out of overdrive when it starts jerking. When I do that it of course downshifts, the revs go up and the jerking stops. Cycling the overdrive on/off button a few times generally seems to stop the jerking for the whole trip. Seems like this means the problem is with the transmission? Or is it really the COPs?
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