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Older Chevy and GMC C/K Series (20+ years) General Discussion



  • I think my power steering cooler is leaking. Anybody know how to get to it? It is attached to the radiator on the side. I can see it though the grill. Maybe I have to remove the grill to get at it?

  • just had new shocks put on drove it about 100 miles.went to go out started when i put it in gear .manual it sounded like metel 2 metal screaming it does it sometimes when i try changing gears.can someone help me PLEASE? sparkles2
  • Just bought 1975 K20, 350eng, Holley Carb and others, it starts right up, idles great, put it in drive or reverse no problems... press on the accelerator and it wants to die, for 1 i was told the Holley carb is probably in need of some adjusting, but they can be a pain in the neck, and frankly i have no idea what i'm doing, haven't checked the timing yet but that'll be next, please someone give me some tips, i'm an automotive idiot
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