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Should I get an ‘03 Cavalier as my first car?

Megatron_PrimeMegatron_Prime Member Posts: 1
edited February 2022 in Chevrolet

I’m a beginner driver and I’m getting my first car after getting my license.

The Cavalier is a 2 door, has 150,000 miles and the seller said it has a broken tail light and needs a coolant sensor replaced. Should I get it? Thanks.

I really like Chevrolet and older cars. I really don’t want a Honda or Toyota.


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    Edge87Edge87 Member Posts: 43
    you get what you pay for! Honestly, get the newest car, with the lowest mileage, well maintained, within your budget. While every car has its fair share of quirks, the Cavalier is a mediocre car at best. It also has marginal crash test ratings in its time. If its a car you just need to get by before getting a newer and better one, I would go for it, but try to have all those small things replaced prior to buying it. It amazes me that sellers never want to fix the smallest of things. They all say that! Just make sure those small issues done turn into a major one. Good Luck
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    stickguystickguy Member Posts: 51,022
    for that car with those issues, it better be cheap.

    also, sellers are notorious for claiming a problem is a simple fix (just a sensor) when they know it is something more serious, such as a blown head gasket or bad water pump.

    if possible would be good to get a mechanic to look it over first. But at least a Cavalier is pretty easy to work on with relatively cheap parts.

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    oldfarmer50oldfarmer50 Member Posts: 22,955
    Ditto on what stickguy said. 150,000 miles on a 19 year old Cavalier is just about it’s design lifespan. Don’t pay much. $100 for a mechanic’s inspection could prevent you from wasting your money.

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