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BMW 3-Series Starting Problems



  • 5539655396 Posts: 529
    Ah, Triumph. I had a Bonneville that I raced at the drag strip. Now have a Ducati and a Honda VTX 1800. I've had multi's but guess I like the twins.
  • Having similar if not the same starting issues problems at first then no starting period with my 2000 328i I checked the starters ignition terminal and there's no power when the key is turned to the starting position but has 12v battery power and cranks the engine when touching terminal together also no fuel at the injectors and no spark when I crank the starter I'm guessing ignition switch but would like to know if that sounds likely and how do i know if the switch is bad I checked the #3 wire input on the harness at the switch (the blue and black wire) and didn't get any power with a test light but I don't know the diagram for the switches circuitry please help also read something about the key and anti-theft system could i have more info
  • Also BMW makes a great car in my opinion they're just costly to fix i suggest learning how to or don't buy luxury cars lol my 3 series has over 250,000 mi and besides this most recent problem I've had little issues. Not trying to be inconsiderate but they are somewhat above average when it comes to the level of difficulty fixing these cars and requires a lot of specialized tools in any case German cars are usually pricey to fix at a dealer
  • I'm having this same similar issue as everyone else. It's so frustrating because this is my only vehicle (2000 328CI). I've had this problem since I got a new battery 2 months ago, Nov 2014! My brother and I got our batteries together in Sept 2013 and he had warrantied his out because it needed to be replaced just two weeks before my car wouldn't start. So I did the same and warrantied mine out as well. Got battery changed and next day, car wouldn't start. Tried to jump it and tighten terminals but nothing. Got it towed to my mechanics and they said I had the wrong size battery in my car. They jumped me and I went back to where I got my battery and they said it was the same one they took out. Weird. After being stranded and car not starting once again, I took it to a different mechanic and they replaced my cam and crank sensors. My car was running again! Within the same day of getting my car back from the shop, it wouldn't start on me once again. I had someone jump me and unfortunately that got me to an Autozone. I got battery post shims, but the terminals didn't fit around them so that didn't work. Leaving there, my car didn't start on the first time, but it did on the second time and when it did, I went to another mechanic. They end up putting screws down in my battery terminals to keep it together/connected. I was driving fine with no cranking issues for a day and once again, my car wouldn't start and I was stranded. This couldn't be realistic!!! I got it towed to the same shop and they said it could be the kill switch on my alarm which is aftermarket. So I had the company that installed my alarm come out and uninstall my alarm and my car still wouldn't start! UNBELIEVABLE. I had it towed to yet another shop because this shop was just not doing it... So today, is when I found out that all this has to do with my anti theft system and that I will need a new key cut for my car. That is the only key I have. A BMW technician is going to have to come out to the shop my car is at or have it taken to the nearest BMW Dealership to have this new key cut. My guy at the shop said this could cost $1200.
    I will never in my life purchase another BMW.
  • roadburnerroadburner Posts: 10,278
    I can't see why you blame the BMW for all of your misfortune. What did you expect? You took the car to a series of incompetent hacks who had not the slightest clue how to troubleshoot an E46 no-start issue.

    If you had taken your car to a knowledgeable BMW independent shop or to a good dealer your car would likely have been fixed the first time. I'm a DIY BMW enthusiast and three sentences in I suspected it was the key(I've also corrected more than a few problems on my friend's BMWs that were caused by so called "technicians" who lack opposable thumbs).

    As for your $1,200 quote- I sure hope they kiss you and send you flowers the next morning. You can go to any BMW dealer and order a key for your car. You just need proof of ownership and the VIN. A remote master key will run about $230-$300; the last time I checked, it will have to cut and shipped from BMW NA in NJ.

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  • inky88inky88 Posts: 1
    I have a 2001 325i ..when I turn the key I hear a loud spinning noise sounds like my flywheel is just spinning ..all the lights come on ..I think the starter bolt is not tight enough .i can see a lil gap in between the starter ..what do yall think ?
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