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Nissan Pathfinder Fuel Problem



  • I have used regular gas in all my vehicles for the past 30 years and have never had a problem with the engine because of it. I have recently purchased a 2006 Pathfinder and it gets 87 octane gas as well; at todays prices that is all it is going to get. Unfortunately, I am reading about too many problems with the Pathfinder and am getting concerned that I have purchased a LEMON, tranny and radiator problems seem to be the greatest concern as well as the fuel level sensor. Hope this helps.
  • The fuel consumption is outrageous. the mileage is as low as 1 gallon to 6.2miles only. The service engine and air bad lights shows yellow on the dashboard.

    Please what do I do? can somebody help, mechanics have eaten my money so much.
  • aj101aj101 Posts: 2
    i have a 2000 nissan pathfinder never had any problems until 6 months ago had to get the distributor changed and was perfectly fine. now it starts but will turn off randomly seems like wasnt getting enough fuel i changed the fuel pump and filter but the problem is still there. it starts and drives but will turn off and then sometimes it will restart and sometimes it doesn't for a while. Does anyone know what to do??
  • hemi18hemi18 Posts: 1
    I was wondering if you have resolved the starting issue. I have what sounds like the same problem. I changed the crankshaft position sensor and the fuel filter. Not sure what to do next? Any idea!?
  • I have a 2001 Nissan Pathfinder and when I am at a traffic light and I hit the accelerator the whole entire truck jumps for a few seconds until I give it more gas and then it is fine. It seems like it is starving for gas for a few seconds, but when I hit the gas pedal a little harder its ok. Does anybody have this problem?? Now a mechanic said it was a fuel related problem, however I don't know what to replace for this split second jumping issue.
  • i have an 03 pathfinder and i JUUUST got off the phone with my mechanic regarding the cause of a problem which sounds exactly like yours. He said that something was wrong with an ignition coil and my spark plugs needed to get replaced. ill be paying around $250 for repairs:(
  • I also have a 2000 nissan pathfinder and had the same problem about 2 years ago after moving to Hawaii. I took it to a nissan dealer and they just started replacing random parts and charged me a lot. I finally just had my car towed back to my house and then started trouble shooting the problem. It ended up being the ignition relay that needed to be replaced. One way you can try to see if this really is the problem is change the remote entry relay with the ignition relay. That is if they're the same part/model number. They were for my car. If this works then you know that you need to purchase a replacement relay.
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