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Chevy S10 - GMC S15 and Sonoma Engine Swap



  • s10x3s10x3 Posts: 1
    I have a 84 S 10 that has the 2.8 5 speed in it. The motor is in need of major repair and I have been told multiple times that the motor is not worth it and to put a 4.3 into the truck. I am pretty sure it will need a flywheel, clutch, and motor mounts but I am not sure if it would be such an easy swap. Any info as to this swap would be appreciated. Also, if there is an easier engine swap than this, I am open to suggestions. I do have a Pontiac 3.1, would that work?
  • I have a 1985 S15 with a 2.5L Iron Duke. Threw a rod. Found a 88 jeep with an AMC 2.5L. I have been told that the bell housing will match up. Anyone know if the electrical, motor mounts and transmission (5 speed manual) will match up?
  • I have 91 sanoma 2.5 5 speed two wheels drive. I also have 90 blazer 4.3 5 speed. I want the 4.3 (and tranny) in the sonoma, and maybe the other in the blazer just to get rid of it but dont care. If i just pull the wiring harnes at the outside fire wall and leave it with the motor and pull the computer will it all plug back up to the other vehicles wiring harnes, to keep it as much OE as possible?
  • steve1958steve1958 Posts: 1
    yes, this will work...
  • I would like to know what kind of kit I would need to swap my 91 4.3 to a 350 small block in a 4x4 S10 blazer. Thank you for any advice that you can give me.
  • 355s10355s10 Posts: 1
    check jags that run. they have a full book on everything you will need. depending on if you are goin F/I.... you can easily get a harness from painlesswiring. the do v8 swaps in s10, jags... n a few other vehicles. you will need a flip kit for the radiator (4.3 radiator or vette radiators work) and 2.8 motor mounts from an older s10 will work fine. being a 91 is it TBI or carb??
  • Ok, I have an S-10 sitting there, its not moving cuz the motor died (RIP). I don't know which way to turn. Crate motor, junk yard motor, factory motor, rebuild the one thats in there or call the tow truck and get a hundred dollars? What should I do? I welcome all comments, maybe someone wants to purchase-I could make a deal. Concord NC. 2000, high miles but looks good, 2.2L automatic, navy blue. But I would rather keep it for my daughter and I to share. A bit sentimetal.
  • ts_id=94
    This will probably be the source I use to find a rebuilt engine for the S-10, any and all comments are welcomed.
  • buckiejrbuckiejr Posts: 2
    can i put a 2000 s10 fuel flex vin 5 motor, in my 2000 s10 it has the regular 2.2. VIN 4 are there something you have to change .they both are 2000 s 10 2.2 motors
  • s10smooths10smooth Posts: 1
    I have a 2001 s10 with a 2.2..what the earliest year 4.3 liter engine can I swap in it and will the wiring harness and computer and transmission fit??
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