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Jeep Wrangler Maintenance and Repair Questions 2007 and newer



  • The other forum seat thread mentioned rolled up towel since the couple both had right leg discomfort. One answer was to go to a baby shop and get a foam pad for a child's carseat. Remembered that I saw $12 seat cushions with a zippered cover at walmart. B-H's knee is worse than mine. Between us we have one set of painless legs. The cushion was a big success for the trip this past weekend. I feel lousy I didn't at least buy that cushion when I first saw it. Maybe I should join the other forum and give those guys a big thank you.
  • Last few weeks with cooler temps the steering is nice and solid again. May do the fifth wheel grease mod or see my local gmc dealer about their grease tsb for their steering shafts. May just add a heat shield, around the steering shaft, from a flexible aluminum/ss tube like a dryer vent. Also, the motor is getting nice cool air to help that hot running (for low emissions?) v6. Seems like maybe the tranny fluid temp is staying low, maybe lower than the high operating temperature because the tranny feels like it has a real torque converter now. Or just my imagination. Tired of reading about hydrolock, sure do like her h3 fender intake. Thinking about a plumbing part solution mod to the airbox nozzle without a snorkel in the firewall or on the a pillar.
  • tired_old_davetired_old_dave Posts: 710
    edited November 2010
    Many months ago bought that twenty dollar aftermarket mic and was told by them I needed their pick to make my phone work. Ordered only the mic and while installing it the wires pulled out. Threw it away. Now that hands free laws are proliferating, ordered the mopar mic from lee, yes all the way up there shipping because they are smart and their use of ups tracking in your email is great.

    Sometimes I am stupid and sometimes well.. Installed the mopar mic along side the screen. Did the menu+seek+scan trick and nada. Downloaded zipped releases post my 1.220 but didn't unzip or install. Kept reading the 2009 rer mygig just needed a mic and the enabling button pushing.

    Back in my crd days kept hearing about the CAN Bus and what a pain, crd piggybacked computers against VM instructions. Grew up around people with the running joke Lucas, in bikes and sportscars. Going nuts so easy why wasn't uconnect working. A small spark of enlightenment after stepping back, with Mopar and electronics, check the battery voltage and if good just disconnect the negative terminal get a fresh cup of coffee. Wait. Connect the negative terminal.
  • Posted too soon. Thanks a lot Jeep.
  • It is now working. Thanks to the internet and not the dealers.
    Installed mopar mic (side of screen all that extra wire behind radio).
    Entered engineering mode and enabled vr on page 4. False success then failure.
    Mistakenly? also selected return to factory settings as only one post suggested.

    Downloaded 2.302 from the net and installed. Screen shows it as v3.010.
    Again why did I return to factory settings again.
    Entered engineering mode and disabled vr.
    Reinstalled 2.302 and uconnect is working.

    On reflection, guess if I had just downloaded and installed the software after the mic was connected it would've been over. But that download was after a lot of forums discussions and learning curve. Don't want all the stuff working just the hands free phone. If one gets a new phone will it require a new download, don't know and for now don't care.

    Add lost hours on the net etc to all those other hours lost to mtgs, forms, on hold, press 5, etc.
  • I also have a 2007 Sahara, & my passenger side velcro opens a 3 inch gap when I go over 65 MPH. I run the heat all winter & still freeze. Would love to know if there is a fix besides new top (this one leaked when new), hard top, or duct tape - thanks
  • I have a 2007 Jeep Wrangler Soft Top (4 Door) from my jeep I just traded in, I got an 010 just the same. Some one cut the back window and the back drivers side window to get in my Jeep and steal my CD's. Call me - four oh five four oh nine ninteen eighty - Oklahoma City. My top never leaked and it is Black with the tinted rear windows. My wife only let me have the soft top on it for about 3 months, then we put the hard top back on when the cut the plastic windows late one night. But if you don't want to go that rowt you may try Gorilla Snot. It is gray, and it may be able to close the gap???
  • Hey did you ever get it fixed?

    I got an 09 Wrangler Unlimited and i have the same problem.
    Went back to Safelite to get it fix and its still whistling..
    Any idea?>
  • Went to 4wp for a hi lift jack and ended up with an xrc8 w/syn rope. Cheaper than it was on sale earlier. The darn mounting plate was a third again the price of the winch. It may not have the appeal of a winch on a new steel or aluminum bumper, but I am pleased. Even the smittybilt cover, once the straps were re-arranged is decent. Adam and the guys at the Tribe 4x4 did a nice install and overcame a directions misdirection. It may not be lifted. It may have the factory bumper. But I got a winch long before I thought I would.

    Was looking a pullpal's and the like. Read about burying the spare or pounding an old axle into the ground. One web site tested the WASP and panned it. 4wp clerk got positive feedback from a customer about the wasp. Yeah, when you start buying when you are alone sometines you just keep buying. On order can't wait to test the new toys.

    Read a lot about that crappy Saginaw steering box. Of course, know about PSC. Brought this up because I thought one of Ed's links was to a story about the selling of the plant finally now to the Chinese.

    Years ago, car ads touted we now have precise rack & pinion steering like expensive sports cars or something like that. I have no problem with the box or linkage yet. Still stock with slightly lighter and smaller duratracs vs the bfg mt's. I would bet that people who don't know all this would not know that the wrangler is not rack and pinion. It is precise for me and a lot less complicated.

    Last night, had to get out and slightly adjust the head lights and fog lights to adjust for a little drop in the front bumper. But adjusted the fogs more to compensate for the weak headlights.
  • Any thoughts on a 255 80 17 Duratrac?
  • Googled folding shovels but ended up at omaha militaria in Ft Worth. Hadn't been there in over two decades. Ended up not getting that familiar GI one but instead the german model in the leather case. This was done right after getting the wasp.

    Got a discount on the wasp from the local store, a Christmas gift?, after I showed printouts of the cheap free shipping smittybilt winches from amazon. Guess I am bringing this up since I have been asked and saw a post elsewhere about the wasp. Yes, I too saw that video of the wasp in vermiculite or some such medium. One of the counter clerks at the local store received a customer positive comment about the wasp. Snatch block still needed for the wasp case.

    Think the rubi rides better with the extra weight taking up the front spring slop and the extra weight of the wasp and contents over the rear axle behind the rear seat does its' share also.
  • Interesting read in the March 2011 JP Magazine
    Guess my continuing softening front springs will be the next object of attention.
  • steverstever Posts: 52,572
    If you live in or near DC and have had fuel spitback issues with your car, please email before Monday, February 28, 2011 to be interviewed by a reporter. Please include your daytime contact information and the year, make and model of your car.
  • mstaasmstaas Posts: 2
    I was actually looking into a different problem I was having with my air bag sensor when I came across this. My jeep has done the same exact thing...I have the same jeep as you. Did the dealership ever do anything about it??? mine is out of warranty now but you are right it is so scary. It has happened to me 3 times once I almost wrecked on the highway going 65 mph.
  • mstaasmstaas Posts: 2
    I have the same problem with my 2007 jeep poping out of 1st gear every single day so annoying !!
  • tired_old_davetired_old_dave Posts: 710
    edited April 2011
    23K+ months and 37+k miles.
    Huber optics on front door windows, drilled the mirrors, charcoal canister cover, rubi rails replaced with real rock sliders(some side steel), hood spring removed, custom bracket and aux. tranny cooler, time and material to fix squeak from cowling, squeak still exists in drivers side dash during cold weather, indicated and not actual mpg's in dash display was as low as 15.+ and as high as 21.+. Front end not as tight as it was brand new.

    Winch, wasp, snatch block, strap, military folding shovel.

    A few extra dollars by the manufacturer to upgrade the vehicle, a lot less than the stupid advertising budget, warranty work (if not voided and), customer aggravation, and internet blasting, would've made it a definitive 4x4 vehicle.

    Is it a keeper. Yes. If nothing else, there is the aftermarket and those who love jeeps.
  • pstraubepstraube Posts: 2
    I have a 2008 Wrangler Sahara Unlimited.
    I live in Michigan on the western end of Oakland County. I have an inverter I'd like to put under the front passenger seat so my kids don't blow out the fuses on my 12V outlets with their laptops and other electronics. I have heavy-duty cables (heavier than what I really need) to connect to the battery but don't have the expertise or physical ability/strength to run them from the battery into the passenger compartment.
    The dealership and other places want two hours of labor, which is beyond my budget. I live off of disability checks but would gladly pay someone something reasonable to help me out. I hate to sound rude by being picky but I'd obviously prefer help from someone who has done this before.
  • mac24mac24 Posts: 3,910
    Is there a local college that runs a day or evening automotive class?
    If so they may be prepared to take it on as an educational project for a small donation or for free.
  • Not long after buying the JK, saw pictures of cracks in the driver's side exhaust manifold. Some told me they see it on lifted jeeps. Mine was replaced today. Quiet again.

    Wisconsin +1 Texas-1. Good Luck and Best Wishes Tami.
  • Has anyone had issues with a vibration in the rubicon? Usually around 20-30mph. Any input would be appreciated. Thanks!
  • mac24mac24 Posts: 3,910
    .......a vibration in the rubicon? Usually around 20-30mph.

    Most commonly (in order):
    1: Wheel imbalance.
    2: Worn steering or suspension joint.
    3: Worn universal joint.
    4: Propeller shaft imbalance.

    1 & 4 usually caused by a lost balance weight.
  • tired_old_davetired_old_dave Posts: 710
    edited December 2011
    Point to better_half's H3, sorry jeep engineering, you goofed again.

    Bought new wipers for her H3 and the JK. H3 no problem. Remember reading about JK rear wiper on other forums. Picture of sombody standing on a stool leaning over spare tire but no flame here we all have brain farts sometimes. Anyway, opened rear gate unbolted the arm and the blade came apart. Sure the rain x blade fits but it has to have something other than missing, broken, or whatever plastic clips still in the arm. Even a new old caravan blade is $60 full retail, so $60 and new plastic JK arm. Jeep please look at the rear wiper on an H3 and maybe learn something.

    On a side note, either plastic pieces for the holes in the firewall where the cowling grill clips go were missing from the JK or never built. The squeak came back. Cut off all the braces on the plastic cowling grill and plastic bolted the grill to the cowling. Unless some heavy weight or a ton of frozen slush bends it, it should be ok. But since it is high strength thin steel with modern flexible paint, I'll just bend it out again. Again, sorry jeep engineers. Maybe the big boys need to quit hiring college grads with computers and hire people who drive and better yet wrench and been aroung the block a few times.

    And yes the area under the cowling looks like some paint got on the dust, rust, weld splashes or whatever, so the cowling will be easy to remove to repair future rust holes or add to the dealer list of things to do sometime down the line.
  • jobrein214jobrein214 Posts: 1
    I have no lights no blinkers no high beams and esp kicks on when i turn like im sliding in snow. Can anyone tell me what could be wrong. Would very appreciate it. Trying to help out a friend.
  • New Kumho's installed today. LT265 70 17 C. Yes I know. Lighter than other choices and a lot lighter than the factory MT's. Almost considered Firestone AT because they always seem to be at the top at tirerack. Why not duratrac again. Didn't realize how much noise we have been subjected to. But they were a good road tire for 30K+ miles. At that point a discount tire store, not my purchasing store that road forced balanced the tires, said one tire wobbled so bad they had to break the bead and rotate the tire 180*. Huh? Rebalanced again xK miles later and a good employee noticed two tires with a wobble and three of four needed weights changed (balanced as found before rebalance). Keep the jk as factory as possible even if there are really no choices with that LT255 75 17 size. And keep the weight down to protect that just enough front end. At ~40k miles on them with tread left I had no wet traction. Gone today with 45K and one last spinout on sprinkler water on my way to get the new tires.

    Also going round and round about new shocks. At least one bill stine rear is shot and the others are just too soft. Drove the guys nuts at 4wp and they drove me nuts for weeks saying their shocks should be shipping. Past performance of kumho's on vehicles years ago reminded me of good kyb's I had years ago. Have no idea if I goofed by ordering gas-a just but they are ordered. Toyed with ideas of new non lifted springs but the only choice appears to be arb springs with a small lift that doesn't raise a rubicon as much as a sport jk as per arb. But saving that for a later day if needed.
  • Happy and contented.
  • tired_old_davetired_old_dave Posts: 710
    edited July 2012
    Even though I just read Ed's latest Star Telegram article, you can call this complaining versus observations.

    Have used synthetic and sometime time last year when motor seemed to get noisy (not as bad as mobil 1 was in a previous vehicle) started blending 50 syn/50 dino. The small savings wasn't that important. Sometimes gassing up twice in the same day with the option of RUG without alcohol in OKC. That meant a lot of oil and many oil filters were used last year. I also kept up with posts at bitog and other wrangler forums.

    Oil useage:
    About the time I noticed a drop on the dipstick at ~60k miles , posts started to show up about oil burning. Even a local poster who was using 5w30 started using oil about the same mileage. Oil use on early jk's has been identified as manufacturing problems and the original pcv's. Bitog posts have shown up again with the thin as possible and as thick as necessary. Thin oil with high hths, is interesting. One post claimed the piston rings were weak and to keep the rpms down. Could it be carbon from the pcv blow thru.

    Oil in the intake:
    I posted about this a long time ago (and catch cans) and went thru the lousy crd design and still can't believe it should even exist. Had the dealer change out the working pcv valve just to see if things would change. Who needs to pull a suction thru the crankcase (a little bit of less resistance on the bottom end?) and suck oil into the intake plenum. I clean the throttle plate and reach in to clean some of the gunk but will not touch the screws and disassemble anything should an issue ever arise. Also there is the discussion about too frequent oil changes with oils having higher noack numbers aggravating oil in the intake with the pcv systems out there.

    Oil change chime;
    After the first reflash, my chime/message would go off ever 2499 miles no mattter what. One service person didn't know anything and another dealer's service manager said don't worry about it you are using a good synthetic and changing within the 6months 6K miles per the manual. Months later a post mentioned the dealer can change that oil change message to very 3k miles, hence the chime at 2499 for the oil change within the next 500 miles. Bingo come back to the dealer for that 3k mile change baloney.

    Two summers ago used mid grade and noticed better performance. Last summer bought RUG. Now with the last heat and humidity, went straight to premium since gas mileage has been dropping. Motor sounds better mileage still stinks. Gas climbing again so back to RUG for now. Yes I understand premium is for high compression and using it can cause carbon buildup and reduced mileage but it felt like the motor had a heavy 5w30 oil in it. Can the systems be messed up. Is the computer unable to effectively control timing. Is the knock sensor not working correctly. Someone posted that jeep can retard timing(but how far) but not advance the timing if things change, don't know. One can always do the disconnect battery trick to reset the computer. On a side note on another forum, someone posted about mileage dropping. Someone answered that so did theirs right before the tranny ate its' guts. A respected poster at bitog slipped in using mid grade gas in a civic in a post about something else. One response questioned that decision. I think that's where it ended. Even though alcohol has high octane rating, I believe he like others feel/know something too. Two years ago when I mentioned the 89 octane usage, an informed person said others are doing the half tank fill with premium then when down to half tank buy RUG.

    Who knows other than the shadow. Just ramblings...
  • Before buying the Kumho, I contacted Toyo about the new AT II. They confirmed the tire is coming but wouldn't confirm when or a direct stock rubicon replacement. Earlier this month, a safari hit found the tire picture at moderntiredealer. Discussion with Sean at SLC was the first knowledge of this tire coming which was supposed to be first quarter of 2013. Turns out that is the projected release for another new tire an AT/MT mix. Sounds familiar doesn't it like a present directional tire. Couldn't wait for a tire. Posted this because Toyo tires aren't in everybody's inventory. I have no complaints with the load range D on the H3 just can't afford a heavy tire on the stock rubicon. However it seems a tire thread keeps getting started all the time.
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    Looks like I gave up more than my rim protectors. Like half the reviews for this tire, I gave up wet asphalt traction. I got a quiet tire and a nylon cap ply in its place. Everyone I talked to never repeated their purchase of Silent Armors, they moved to the next tire usually the hankook or falken. They liked the SA they wouldn't say why they didn't buy the same tire again. Won't be buying (again) the kumho made in Korea and shipped to TX discount tire from CA presumably after sitting there for well over a year in " the warehouse".
  • Gas. Believe in redline products even though I don't use the oil now because of my lifetime warranty. Believe in their FI cleaner even though the formula has changed since the "layer" doesn't exist at the bottom of the bottle. The price has gone up and even though it is the best over the counter product, I wondered how much upper cylinder lube is in it. With all the oil in intake, I wonder if it is needed. And yes car manufacturers say no additives at all and with the lifetime warranty is it worth the risk. Someone is using 87 octane and reduced MMO and claiming good engine performance. Yes, I even kept up with the latest MMO at Bitog in the pcmo thread. Just rambling again.
  • Finally opened up the mag I got recently and the inside cover and next page was the toyo ad for the at2. Jumped to to toyo site because the LT265/70R17 is listed in the small white print in the mag ad. On their site that size was listed twice, one for white lettering and one for blackwall. Wow you don't even have to put the white lettering on the inside (sarcasm unless there is a blackwall for a substantially lower price).

    Now the good part, load range E. No thanks even if only 48lbs.

    You also lost a sale from me for new tires for the wife's H3. Have your load range D AT now and hate to watch the air pressure in the sweet spot where the steering doesn't feel like one is driving through glue or the center of the tire wears out.

    Good bye toyo.

    Slid in the rain with the 3k miles on the kumho's today as bad as the duratrac's did when they were down to 7/32 tread and 40K miles on them. But oh the duratrac noise after the weardown.

    I guess maybe one should never buy a little duty anything if it has load range C tires from the factory if one isn't going to mod the heck out of it. Or the search goes on.
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