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Chevy Silverado and GMC Sierra Exterior and Body



  • textrucktextruck Posts: 3
    My '08 crew cab creaks as well, my drivers door also ratttles. How do I identify "fat" weather striping? Where do they put the tape? Thanks for your help.
  • gordoz71gordoz71 Posts: 1
    Hi, I have an 07 GMC Sierra SLE1 (New Body Style). I too have experienced cab creaking, but only when it rains, or when the weather is generally wet. I did take it back to the dealership and they could not address the issue. Additionally, I have developed a clunking sound in the rear end. It only happens when the body rolls laterally. It sounds like a hollow clunk. I have no idea what it is. I took it to the delearship for that as well, and they said that it was normal body noise. I know better and will be taking it to another dealer shortly. Otherwise, I love my truck. I actually bought it after having traded an 07 Silverado Classic that was nothing but problems. I would be curious to hear about similar rear-end clunking problems. Thanks.
  • Well tape worked well for the first two days and now I can hear the rattles coming back.
    In reference to the clunking noise I can tell I had a issue with the differential.When I would come to a stop it would feel as if someone would hit me from behind.

    My truck has become a topic of many conversations at work also since five of us bought trucks all at the same time but different brands. Now all I hear is the other lots have vehicles that don't rattle..............
  • natesmsnatesms Posts: 20
    It runs along the very top of the cab. It is about 2 inches wide. The key to making the noise stop is to use some silicone lubricant the front AND the back. I believe the creaking is actually coming from between the strip and the roof of the cab and not the strip and the door. I don't even mess with lubricating the seals that run completely around where to door meets the cab, doesn't seem to make any difference.
  • natesmsnatesms Posts: 20
    I have information for you on that clunking sound as well. I had taking it in for the same clunking noise. There is actually a service bulletin on that. They put in some kind of spring spacers in the rear leaf springs. I do think that it helped, maybe...

    What could have been the real cause is the rear seat belts. Those things will hit the sides and make a really deep clunking sound, not the kind of noise you would think they would make. I would have I never of guessed that they were actually making the sound I was hearing until I buckled them and it quit. Make sure you hook them into those little clips so they don't flop around.

    I experienced this clunking only when there was lateral motion as well, so I'm betting it is 1 of the 2 things listed above. I would seriously try buckling the seat belts in the back and driving over a curb a few times first, then go after the service bulletin which is number 03-03-09-002
  • natesmsnatesms Posts: 20
    I was afraid of the creaking coming back with that tape. Lubricating that top strip along the top is getting me by for now. I have a reminder set on my calendar to call the Dealership every Tuesday to see if there is an update.

    If you get any more info on the problem please pass it along. I will do the same.
  • textrucktextruck Posts: 3
    Thanks, I pressed the door, while shut, against the stripping at the top of the door, it made the exact creaking sound. What type of silicone? Like a grease? I had the clunking sound as well when my truck levels off after a stop, doesn't do it all the time. I have buckled all my belts in the rear and it still does it. Thanks again.
  • natesmsnatesms Posts: 20
    It just needs to be some silicone spray. You can pick it up at any auto parts store. The stuff I have specifically states on there "For weather stripping". Actually if you read in the manual GM states to do this every 6 months or a year as routine maintenance, we just have to do it once a week...
  • natesmsnatesms Posts: 20
    Has anyone made any progress on this. I'm still having to clean my weather stripping once a week and the dealers have been no help.
  • obyoneobyone Posts: 8,054
    I've used silicone grease in the past and it lasts way longer than the spray. If I remember correctly it was $25 a tube but on a recent visit to that website I noticed you can get considerably more for the same price.
  • dispencer2dispencer2 Posts: 299
    I have a 1986 Silverado that was originally sold somewhere in Idaho. Is there anyplace in GM that I can send an email to get the name of the selling dealer so that I can contact them?
  • Does anybody other than me have a problem with paying the high price of a Silverado HD pickup only to find out that the flashing bright bumper(end caps) that the new Silverado HD pickups is made out of PLASTIC!!!

    How long do you think shine will last before the front of $40,000 look like crap? Not only is it cheap it looks cheap too. I only wish you could option out of that style of bumper when ordering.
  • local7local7 Posts: 1
    I have a 95 chevy 1500 z71 with a 5. v8 my starter would randomly not work so after a few days of screwing around i discoverd that if i wiggled a wire connected to the sylenoid then it would start so we got a new sylenoid and put it on and after all is said we re connected the battery and without the keys in the ignition right when i touch the possitive wire on the battery back on it started to turn over right away.....ive tried wiring it different and tried another sylenoid on top of the first new one....Note this car used to have a remote starter i just thought maybe that might have something to do with it but im pretty sure it isnt hooked i tried wiren it different and nothing would happen period so i know i def wired it correctly.... what the hell is wrong here
  • dtietzdtietz Posts: 2
    Has anyone encountered air and water leaks into the box area on the new style Silverado's ?
    I have plenty of air rushing into the box and lifts my soft tonneau cover up while driving at highway speeds about 2" to 3" over the rail. and every time theres wet roads I get lots of road spray in the box.
    Great for my tools !!!
  • I have the lightweight Undercover ABS-composite solid bed cover on my new-style crew cab 4x4.

    I installed EGR bed rail caps to cover my stake holes. There are open areas in the left and right top front area of my bed, sealed using DapTex latex-based Insulating Foam Sealant that remains soft and flexible. I have a TrailFX bed mat on the floor. These minimize water blow-by in most of my vulnerable areas. I also added a TruxSeal tailgate seal in the back (mostly to minimize dust draw in the back).

    Both sides and bottom-front of my bed are not air tight. There are drain holes thru my front floor and body gaps behind both side walls. With my solid bed cover, air pressure is not a problem, although I can understand it's effect on your soft cover. This is one reason I selected a light weight hard cover that can easily be removed. Remember our truck beds are not designed to be air-water tight.

    Where are you noticing the most "water spray" in your soft-covered truck bed, front, back, sides?
  • Gene

    The problem with my tailgate (2000 Siverado 4.8L 3rd Door ) is is there is a little plastic piece that keeps breaking. The dealership want $150 to fix the problem. I am just try to find a detailed diagram of the tailgate so I could fix this myself.

  • sorry I didnt get back earlier ! The most leakage is coming in from the 4 odd shaped holes under the bed rails on both sides(8 holes total), I plugged the holes for a temporary fix with duct tape and didnt have any problems so I know thats where the problem comes from but yet the dealer argues that it's my tonneau cover that is causing all the problems, I have been dealing with Chevy customer service several times on this issue and they keep saying take it back to the dealer, what a run around ! CLOSE THEM UP! NO LEAKS ! open them up it leaks again, now I'm getting snow and salt spray in the box too !!

    Disgusting !!!
  • I decided to fix this myself... and actually it was pretty easy. If you unbolt the latch, it lifts out pretty easy and replacing the plastic clip is fairly simple. I thought about taking pictures at the time to document the procedure, but it was too simple... :)
  • I own a 2001 Crew Cab Silverado C1500 HD. The truck makes a rolling popping noise when moving from a dead stop. It only occurs only during the first few revolutions of the drive train. This occurs more after the truck has been driven for 10 minutes or so. The sound can be heard and felt in the vehicle.

    I have had it in for service several times and they cannot find anything. Does anyone know what causes this noise and is it destructive???
  • I have an 06' Silverado with a stuck tailgate,I tried WD-40 but no luck. The handle clicks to unlatch it and the left side unlocks, but the right side latch doesn't seem to be moving. I tried pulling, pushing and damn near kicking it open! Please send me some advice s I don't need the dealer. Thanks :mad:
  • snot2snot2 Posts: 1
    I have the exact problem with my 2007 Silverado ( New Style ). My tonneau seems like it could just fly off at 65 mph. I was thinking of a Great Stuff material, but don't want it looking like crap. What was your fix if any?
  • elentzelentz Posts: 5
    The right side actuating rod on my 2001 Sierra tailgate handle came loose and I had to remove the bezel and stick my finger in there to pull the rod manually. The plastic rod retainer is broken and I have not yet found a source for replacement parts. Duct tape worked for a few months. If anyone knows where to buy the rod ends, please inform us.
  • elentzelentz Posts: 5
    Where can I buy new plastic clips?
  • elentzelentz Posts: 5
    This sounds like the normal noise my locking differential makes for the first few yards while unlocking.
  • Hello,

    Did a little searching and was the cheapest price I found was 440 US. Anyone know a place that might be cheaper?

  • tommy67tommy67 Posts: 1
    :) Monroe Ceramics Series Premium Brake Pads

    Monroe Ceramics brake pads feature a true ceramic formulation that promotes cooler, cleaner and quieter stops.

    Cooler Stops
    - Up to 350° cooler than other brake materials
    - Minimal rotor wear
    - Longer pad life
    - Consistent, comfortable and smooth braking power

    Cleaner Stops
    - Formulated without ferrous metals*

    Quieter Stops
    - Precise control of vehicle NVH (noise/vibration/harshness)

    *Limited high heat and severe use applications contain some metallic fibers.

    *********** REBATE!!! ********


  • auntkrustyauntkrusty Posts: 3
    The green plastic clip that holds the right side rod broke. Where did you get your replacement clip?
  • otto8otto8 Posts: 116
    Those darn cheap plastic clips!!!!!!!!!!!

    Anyhoo either try your local big box parts store and look in the "HELP" section
    (aka Motormite or Dorman) as they have a bunch of china knockoff replacement parts. Bring in your broken clip and look for a replacement assortment pack of
    I know the dealer won't have the clip and a new replacement handle with clips is about $80. The HELP knockoff replacement with new clips is $30.

    Heres a company that sells them tho:
    Looks like this?:
  • theprothepro Posts: 2
    This truck has a power sunroof. It's possible for the dealer to add the sliding rear window to this truck? its the texas edition. he said u cant. its only glass.
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