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Ford Ranger Engine swap



  • No. You need to swap the trans to a v8 trans. Look for an M5OD out of an F150. If you're after an automatic a C4 will work just great. I have a V8 Ranger and I've built a few as well. The stick in a 4X4 is fun, but an automatic makes crawling a hell of a lot easier. The life of a ranger transmission behind a V8 could be measured in minutes (even if you found a suitable adapter). I have seen this question asked so many times it's not even funny LOL
  • grump1grump1 Posts: 27
    that might be my next change but for now i'm just going to complete the 1988 fi engine swap that i started....question how much wiring do i need to change for this change to work.?
  • It's not too bad wiring wise as long as you have the harness for the new engine. If need be I can get you advanced wiring schematics for both engines. Just shoot me an email and the specs for both vehicles @ I can fax them to you if you like.
  • i have a 1989 ranger with a 2.3L engine that has the duel spark plug per cylinder. It is 2 wheel drive and a 5 speed. I was curious of what all i would need to put a 302 carberated engine in it? How much would it cost? If there is any plans i could get? Do they make a conversion wiring harness?
  • hey i have a 1999 ford 2wd with a 2.5 four cylinder automatic with almost 400k on it and have the chance to get a 3.0 out of a 97 ranger can anyone tell me what i need to change to get this done. thanks fellas
  • I have a 1991 Ford Ranger, 5sp-std transm., a/c, 2.3 lter; my rebuilt engine is dying; it has been in the truck about 5 years but had to have a complete valve lifter replacement job after 3 years; money is very tight, so I need to find a supplier that actually does what they claim. I don't know where to go to find a reliable remanufactured or new Ford engine. I got the current rebuilt from Jaspar, but have found on the INTERNET a company claiming for much less money they can supply a rebuilt engine with a 7 year, 70,000 mile warranty. Jaspar was 3 yrs, 50,000 miles. What is a reasonable expectation for rebuilt engine life, and which supplier is the most reliable. thanks, bookdoodle
  • ATK engines is what I have always used for the past 30 years. I'm an ASE Certified Mechanic.

    Here is why;

    Warranty is 3 years unlimited millege.
    In the event of an engine failure, they pay a mechanic of your choice to put another engine in your vehicle. Other engine supplyers you have to pay for the mechanics labor and shipping back and forth on the engine and core.

    Take the ATK online tour on why their engines last. You can also get an online quote for your engine.

    Good luck!
  • phil112phil112 Posts: 2
    i want to put an EFI 5.7L chevy in a '99 ranger. i can deal with the wiring and electronics, but i have no way to fabricate mounts that wouldn't look like godzilla did it...does anyone know if there is a swap kit available for this application?
  • grump1grump1 Posts: 27
    They make one for the s10 , But not sure about a ranger..Every person I know with a v8 in a ranger - used a ford engine...Sorry.
  • rafaelnrafaeln Posts: 1
    I want to make the last adjustment... would like to mount headers on the 302, but can't seem to get around the steering column.

    Anyone overcome this obstacle? The shorty' don't work. Anyone in South Florida that can make something happen?
  • If you are good with a welder, just cut and re route the section that's causing trouble. Or you can get swap specific headers like Hedman 88400 or 89500's.
  • I'm tryin to find out where all the plugs from the wiring harness and the brain get connected to sensors on the engine in a 1989 Ford Ranger 2.3 liter w/ 5 speed manual trans with dual spark plugs ????
  • i'm in a predicament...because my stock engine seems to be busted or will soon be...i have to choose one of three thing sell this one and buy new one...fix the engine or swap my question is what engine can i swap my engine for?...
    the truck is a lifted '97 v6 automatic 4x4...
  • I have an 87 ranger 2.9 some nimrod either swapped the 2.9 with a 2.8 carb or swapped the intake to make it a carb engine. I bought a 2.9 out of an 88 and the engine harness is different. Does anyone know if they should be the same? The biggest issue is on the passenger side fender with all the vaccume solenoids. The 88 harness doesn't have those wires.
  • what do i need to put a 289 in my 87 ranger i have a v6 5 speed 4x4 i will use a carburator my 289 is from a 1967 galaxie do i need a trans adapter will the oil pan work i have a 4 core rad electric fan and fuel pump the truck is stock height pls email with your reply thanks dave
  • My '89 Ford Ranger, 4X2, Five speed manual trans, 2.9 engine has a rod knock. My original thought was to go through the trouble of putting a 302 in. However, I was informed by the Nevada DMV that it is a violation to swap an eight into a vehicle manufactured with a six cylinder engine. According to them, the fact that a 302 was installed was an automatic emissions failure
    ( with no consideration for how clean it ran.)

    OK. I looked around for a good 2.9 in the salvage yards. They were all in worse shape than my engine.

    Fair enough- I checked for rebuilt engines. The cost is prohibitive.

    While searching the net I found a site that described a swap to a 4.0. It seems the wiring is not difficult to accomplish. Of course one has to use the computer to match the engine. There are several available locally, the price is right, and the ones I checked were in good condition.

    There was some dispute as to weather the original transmission could be used. Are There any other problems I should know about?

    Anyone know about this swap? Is it as straight forward as it sounds? .... And why is a 3.0 not an equally good option?

    I really need help on this. Thanks in advance for your input.
  • Hey,, Looking to swap Taurus 3.0 to ranger w/ 3.0 same year, What mods are involved?
  • Check it out here:
  • bluestratbluestrat Posts: 10
    actually that is incorrect. all 2.8, 2.9, 3.0 and 4.0 blocks are the same on the outside and have exactly the same bellhousing bolt pattern.
  • bluestratbluestrat Posts: 10
    2.3 engines and trannys will interchange, just change wiring and intakes
  • bluestratbluestrat Posts: 10
    to each their own, but I never seen the point of doing something like that, regardless of the brand of choice. I fully recomend to put a Ford engine in a Ford vehicle and a Chevy engine in a Chevy vehicle.
  • bluestratbluestrat Posts: 10
    any 2.8, 2.9, 3.0 and 4.0 are all the same on the outside and will swap. just swap the entire intake assembly off the old engine onto the motor going in and it will work. shouldn't have to change anything else.
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