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Honda Element Cleaning and Care

david_waynedavid_wayne Posts: 8
edited August 2014 in Honda
I own a 2007 LX AWD. (Purchased it in October of ’06) So far, I love the thing, but I do have a few questions about cleaning and maintenance.
First off, the LX has the composite body panels. I have a fear they will fade over time so I was wondering how you cleaned and protected them?
I also have heard of others hosing out the inside floor, since that is a composite as well. This sounds risky to me. Has anyone done it yet? What was the result?
And let me throw in one last item: has any one unzipped the seats in order to clean them? I have two large dogs that love mud, and I run a painting business and the Honda is one of my vehicles I use for that.
Thank you


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