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Taurus/Sable Electrical Problems



  • scambscamb Posts: 1
    sounds like your getting a ground off ur fuse panel specially if its a dohc
  • 2001sable2001sable Posts: 2
    My 2001 Sable (84,000 miles) is randomly sounding the horn without the key in the ignition. The Anti-Theft alarm will sound randomly and then turn off.. It could go for a few hours and then start blowing again. I'm assuming it's one of the door sensors, the hood sensor or the trunk sensor. I have the Mercury Factory Service manuals, but my question is... Is there a simple way to check to find which sensor might be the problem,,, or is there a way to disable the Anti-Theft System? I don't necessarily need to use it and would be ok with permanently disabling it rather than getting into a ton of work to fix it...
    Any help/tips would be greatly appreciated.
  • 2007 Taurus with 100K miles has been losing electrical power while I am driving. The first time only the Theft light came on and it felt like the engine shut down or transmission was in neutral, but it came back in about a second and never completely shut down. Lately all the dashboard lights come on and then all go off and the engine loses power. Sometimes the electrial power and engine power come back on without the engine needing to be restarted. Other times the electrical power is out long enough that the engine shuts down and it must be restarted. The electrical power has always come back on by itself. It has so far restarted easily and it idles fine and usually accelerates fine. The problem happens more frequently when braking hard. It has been raining out when it happens.

    I will be having the battery and alternator tested today and will be checking for any obvious loose connections or ground wires. What else should I be looking at?
  • Did you ever figure it out?
  • The problem has not reoccurred since I replaced the battery. Advanced Auto tested it and said it was "not up to industry standards", even though it was only a little over 2 years old. The alternator also tested as having an open diode, so I replaced that as well. I have not driven far since I replaced the alternator, but I did drive about 100 miles since the battery replacement and have not seen the problem again.
  • I do not understand. I have the same problems; have taken it to local places AND the dealership; spent much $$$; still having problems. Should I take it back to the dealership and get the computer replaced or take it to my local place, whom I trust, but who can't find the cause of the problem? BTW, the dealership has already charged me lost of $$, said the fixed it, haven't and now want to charge me more, saying I need a new alternator (which was check other times when I took it in). PLEASE, PLEASE -- at my whits end, and NEED HELP!
  • Did you find out about your car? I am having the same problem, I have a new battery, new alternator, and had it serviced for electrical problems, but still cant figure it out.
  • ms180ms180 Posts: 1
    At the car wash my side mirror courtesy light assembly blew off. Now my windows or electric mirrors will not operate. I went to the right side in order to see how it was set up, and that one is broken about to fall off too. I have searched how to replace, or even find that assembly with no luck. Does the entire side mirror need replaced?
  • 2003 Mercury Sable burning out alternators. Changed coil, plug wires one year ago - problem seemed to go away - back again. Car accelerates on own will eventually slow down. If I take it out of gear at a stop light in some instances the RPMs will climb to 4000. Does not happen all the time. Just replaced the Mega Fuse but that was to no avail. And ideas will be greatly appreciated.
  • First is this a DOHC or OHV engine? Sounds like Camshaft position sensor. Solves the intermitten revving. Needs to be scanned and serviced not just replaced. But your choice. I know its scary in traffic could cause an accident and Ford knows of this issue and wont do nothing about it. Does it do it more in summer heat? Also if you have a vacuum leak it could cause these malfunctions to occur and then the parts get stressed and fail. Check PCV valve hose neck. Manifold gasket leak too could cause stresses. Cheaper to repair these fords than buy a new car. Just take good care of it and do regular maintenance don't wait til failures.
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