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Audi A4 Reliability



  • audiluckaudiluck Posts: 1
    I totally agree with you, I have a 2000 Audi A4 which I purchased in 04 V6 non quattro. after a 3 month the vehicle started to over heat. brought it to a shop and they told me that the water pump needed to be changed plus some module that cost 200 bucks. so in the process of changing the water pump they ask me if I would like to change the timing belt one time. also the Heater core was leaking so they just bypassed it for me since I live in Florida. to change the heater core they want 2000 dollars to do the job. next the valve cover was leaking, that was going to cost another 1500 dollars because the Chilton book says that the job is a ten hour job when it only takes them 2 hours at the most to do it. I have completely replaced my suspension uppers and lower control arms Struts sway bar links, Tie Rod ends, countless Alignments they still cant seem to get it right. Oh and I replaced the Transmission with another used Transmission. Replaced 2 front window regulators, the material on the roof started to hang down. I fixed it myself. the LCD screen on the dash when bad also the radio LCD is bad. replace 2 wheel sensors, I still have a bad Catalytic converters acutally both of them, and O2 sensors still need to change but we dont have emission testing in Florida so I will not change them. plus they are like buying platinum. after 7 years you can see that I still dont know when to quit. I must be f*$king stupid to keep the car so long or I am in love with a beautiful [non-permissible content removed] that keeps wanting money thrown at her. Well I am in the market for a new car now but I can tell you one thing, it will NOT be and Audi.
  • anithaanitha Posts: 15
    So, my A4, which I enjoy very much, started to burn excess oil in the last six months ("Add 1 quart" message every 1200 miles). Took it to the dealer, and Audi's recommendation was, install a new engine (due to pitting). I am getting a new 2012 engine. I can't decipher if it is a good thing or a bad thing. Any thoughts?

    Aside from this, the only other major problem I have had was with the water pump. It was replaced. Other minor issues were, door sensors failing one by one, which were all replaced promptly.

    I am wondering, after I get my car back, should I trade it for a new one, or keep until warranty expires. I will probably get a S5 or A7.

    It is EXTREMLY IRRITATING that, Audi hasn't addressed the reliability issue. On the other hand, all makes seem to have such problems (BMW/MB/Infiniti etc), though to a lesser extent.

    Any one else have similar problems?

    Any feedback/advise is greatly appreciated.

    Thank you.
  • spervezspervez Posts: 1
    I have a 2000 Audi a 4 quattro,I bought it three years ago with 90,000 miles,it now has 125,000 miles.First the a/c compressor went,bought it on the internet for 35 dollars and my son put it on,it chills pretty good.Then the timing chain snapped which broke every thing else in the engine,so I had to buy a remanufactured engine to put in because I really liked this car,after a few months the gear would not shift to 3rd or 4th,I bought a new transmission computer but it did not do the job,so I had to put in a remanufactured transmission .The car is a pithole,I am lucky that my son does most of the work except the transmission job which I had done professionally.I have sunk enough money into this car that I could have bought a used toyota or honda.I still love the car and german engineering but I think Audi stinks.
  • hpmctorquehpmctorque Posts: 4,600
    Thanks for telling about your experience. Two questions: First, where did you find an A/C compressor for $35? Was it new or used? Second, how much did the remanufactured engine cost?
  • My experience with my 2009 A4 S-Line has not been great. With less than 28000 miles, I've had three warranty repairs. After the first year, the engine cooling fans replaced because the bearings where going out, this past spring all the door sensors for the key-less entry were replaced and this past weekend, the alternator failed and left me stranded on the highway with a dead battery on a Sunday afternoon. I spend a night in a hotel and missed a day of work. Needless to say, it will be gone before the end of the warranty.
  • I have a 2007 A4 2.0L Turbo with 72,000 miles. I am concerned that I have to ad oil between changes. I found three recall issues for this car, after being told by an Audi dealer there were none.
    Ignition coil - inspection or replacement. Action 28F2/J1 02-2010
    Crankcase Ventilation Valve/DTC's. #170903 01-20-2009
    Fuel Pressure Senor. #24M4 10-22-2010

    This week I have experienced "transmission failure". I wish we could really know when the mechanic is being truthful. After a lot of research, I now doubt that I needed to rebuild the transmission. It may have been the result of a failed "range sensor". I was out of town, so I didn't have the ability to wait and see. Started off with a dead battery. Coincidence but, seemed to start the ball rolling. Still suffered hard starts, AutoZone checked it out and decided my alternator was also bad. So I bought it from them and they referred me to a Mechanic down the street. Remember I was traveling. My gear indicator lights started to flash a few days prior but after the intitial battery replacement, the car may have been a little sluggish on take off but not too noticeable. I thought perhaps the battery being dead, something needed to reset.
    The mechanic put the new alternator in, checked the codes for the transmission, inconclusive... Said he checked the trans fluid, actually drained about 4 tbl spoons out, said it was fine & added a quart. I was good to go. About 100 miles later pulled in to a parking lot, the RPM's dropped, then jumped I thought it was going to die. Never had that happen before. Gear indicator lights started flashing again, but I got back to where I was staying. Thinking I really had a problem, got up the next morning started the car everything was fine,no lights, ran great, a little low on gas I drove it around until I could fill it up. It seemed fine, I even washed it, no problems. Around 10 pm ran to the store, while parking I put it in reverse & nothing, just nuetral. indicator lights flashing, RPM's up & down. I couldn't believe it. I changed gears repeatedly couldn't get reverse. Next morning knowing an AAMCO shop was nearby, drove it over.. it went into reverse now, but no Backup lights came on. He checked it out, said they had to pull the transmission, it's a sealed unit Ma'am.. called me later and said there was metal everywhere.. I had a bearing failure. I am concerned, that because it was intermitent and AAMCO has taken 2 extra days so far, because they are waiting for the "range sensor" from Audi.. That I may have been dupped. Reading about range sensors, it sounds like that may have been it from the beginning. Should I have gone directly to Audi? Audi said they would not rebuild it, they would have put a new one in for $7,100. out the door. AAMCO gave me 3 options, from $5,800 to $7,700 depending on how I wanted to sleep at night, they said. This is my first repairs out of warranty, but it's major.
  • Hi Anitha,

    i am having a similar issue. what has your progress been? thanks
  • Hi All,
    About to purchase my first Audi here - 2010 A4 CVT Premium with 17000 miles CPO for $28,500. Forgive me if this has been answered before, but what is the verdict on the CVT issues? I am really concerned about these things now. My other alternative is an Acura.
    I test drove the car and it seems fine, but will be driving it again this Friday. Can someone provide me with a set of steps I need to carry out to check for CVT problems (like changing gears a certain way)?
    Really really appreciate any help. I really like the Audi but don't want it to turn into a nightmare. Also, are the 2011s any better?
  • There is not a lot of activity on this forum. I suggest you also check on
  • brepeibrepei Posts: 10
    I haven't had any experience with the CVT but I had an 06 A4 turbo Quatro and it was really fast and responsive (like my c-5 Corvette) but it broke down 2 times in less than 6 months(lucky it was under warranty) the coils kept burning out. But you gotta remember its made by Volkswagon. Get the Acura alot better track record. Regards sc
  • So tired of everyone bad mouthing audi's. I've known audi's to get to 300k, same with toyota's, honda's, ford's, chevy's, vw's, and every other car. the fact is, if you take care of your car, do all the scheduled maintenance like it was clock work, don't drive it like it was stolen, then any car is going to treat you right. Yes audi does has some issues, but so does every other car. One main issue on the audi a4 1.8, is the timing belt. i recommend changing it at around 80k. I currently drive an 03 audi a4. I've done all the scheduled maintenance on it, and it's at 170k. I've probably put about $2k into the motor, but that includes oil, filters, plugs, etc... I've had to change the started once, and the timing belt. If you are mechanically inclined, or know how to follow step by step instructions, then audi's aren't even that expensive to fix. order parts online or go to a local mom and pop parts store. Or start hanging out with a mechanic that has a business account with a parts store and get your parts at cost. that's what i do. Enjoy your audi, take care of it and it will take care of you. don't be afraid of minor issues. and even some of the major issues that you may have are not that major. Timing was easy to change. the entire front end comes apart pretty simply, so it's easy to get to. most pre 04 ignition coil packs have the recall, so it they go out audi will replace them for free.
  • my 2003 audi has 170,000 miles on it. same motor as the one you are looking at. i would recommend getting a vehical maintenance history on the car. if the timing belt has not been replaced i recommend doing that soon. other than that, don't drive it like it's a race car, and do all the recommended scheduled maintenance. it should last you another 150k if not more
  • surfsup4usurfsup4u Posts: 2
    new to this forum, i owned a a3 3.2 and had lambda sensors all replaced, and then was told i needed a new ECU at a cost of something like 2000GBP..this was in the same visit to Audi where they installed the 4 lambda sensors.! I complained and asked why they changed the sensors if it didnt solve the problem. the answer.. the diagnostic computer told them they were not working. anyway the same issue with warning lights on dash still was there. so i walked around the back of the audi dealer, went into the workshop and had a look at the ECU that they had removed. the gold contacts were all dusty and dirty. they asked me to leave the workshop as insurance bla bla bla..i suggested they clean the gold contact with a soft toohbrush and then try before installing a new one. they told me the audi service book does not allow them to do this.
    so i took my ecu and asked them for a tooth brush ~(which they had) i was nto allowed to clean the contacts in the workshop, so i walked into the street ... brushed gently on the contacts with ED40 until clean. then went back to the workshop and asked them to plug the ECU in. Everything worked and the car ran perfectly. these 3.2s are excellent fun but i am nit sure i would buy one again. i am very tempted but after reading about the issues you are all having and the ones i had with audi, i think there are better cars out there ... unfortunately they are all from Japan.
  • hpmctorquehpmctorque Posts: 4,600
    "...unfortunately they are all from Japan."

    Why is that unfortunate?
  • surfsup4usurfsup4u Posts: 2
    your right... i guess its not unfortunate :) , its just a shame as i love the look and feel of the 3.2 but its just so unreliably and expensive to live with. someone wrote that if you dont drive like your a racing driver then its fine, but this is the point of the car.. to use it as it was designed, (within the law of course) what [non-permissible content removed] car doyou think comes close to the a3 3.2 ? and no not a subaru..but i guess they are pretty nice..and reliable.
  • hpmctorquehpmctorque Posts: 4,600
    "Close" is quite arbitrary, but the Acura TL comes to mind. The Infiniti G37 sedan is rear wheel drive, but competes in the same segment as the A-4.

    We have a '99 TL with 135,000 miles and a '07 A-4 2.0T Quattro with 59,000 in our household, so they're not comparable with the new ones. Both drive very well, but judging from our experience to date, the TL costs less, in terms of maintenance and repairs. It's probably not enough of a difference to prevent me from buying another Audi in the future, if the Audi drives better and looks better. My wife and I drive older cars because we're not fans of the new ones in the "near-luxury" segment.

    Sorry I'm not of much help.
  • I have a 2001 A4 2.8L quattro and it's been a champ. Bought in 2004 as a former lease car and have had almost no problems with it. One cat went, but my shop is not into gouging, so it wasn't a killer bill. I've had the timing belt done once at 90 K (now 135K), and change the oil every 3K. I bought tires once and two sets of wiper blades. I've changed the air filter once myself an dwill do the cabin filter when spring comes, just to ensure it's clean and fully functioning. Had to charge the A/C unit once. Are you getting the picture here? The only thing I'd change is the thigh bolsters and the heated seat cushion on the driver's seat, which have gotten a bit compressed and soft. That's all, folks. I do feel for you with problems, but all of my cars have been great - from the '62 Beetle through other Beetles, a Ghia, Rabbits, Type lll, a VW Fox, ">link titleone Accord (?), a '94 100, '97 A6, and this A4. I've been very very lucky buying used cars that I am careful about inspecting before laying out cash.
  • hpmctorquehpmctorque Posts: 4,600
    edited February 2013
    It's remarkable that all of those cars, without exception, have been "great." You have indeed been lucky, if you're also referring to reliability, because some of the models you mentioned (the Audi 100, for example) have a reputation for being problematic.

    Approximately, what was the mileage on the Rabbits, Fox, '94 Audi 100 and '97 A6 when you bought them and sold them?
  • love2fly1love2fly1 Posts: 1
    This post may be a bit premature but I own a 2007 A4 2.0T quattro and aside from replacing the thermostat housing and buying new tires more often than anyone should have to, I love this car. I may have gotten lucky and gotten a well built car, apparently there are some lemons out there... by the way my A4 has 131,000 miles on it and is still going strong. I do have an issue with the backs of the seats wanting to come off but I fixed that permanently... lol Yeah she has some serious turbo lag even with 6speed man tranny but once this car warms up its pure nirvana to drive. The faster the more smoothly it seems...Maybe i'm one of the lucky ones but this car has been good to me and never left me stranded... Just thought i'd share my experience....
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