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Toyota Avalon 2008-2010



  • wwestwwest Posts: 10,706
    The typcal instrument designed to measure the brightness of light, say in lumens, will be all encompassing, inclusive even of IR "light", for which our human eyes have no sensitively whatsoever.

    Take an electronic camera and and watch an IR remote as it is used, the camera "sees" the remote's IR led, and everything it illuminates, even though your eyes cannot.

  • ajmtbmajmtbm Posts: 245
    should be covered during the bumper to bumper period, which i think is 3 years / 36k miles.
  • I cannot believe that your post, "human eyes have no sensitivity to IR light" and the other previous posts about 4300K vs 3500K, $400 to change headlight BULBS, having to drop the bumper to do it, etc. are real conversations relating to current automobile headlights.

    If this is truly the level of technology (?) that car buyers are accepting as "the latest thing", we had all better start diverting a lot of extra cash into an account called "fix the bleeping car...again".
  • I had the same problem with my passenger HID headlight. I purchased a phillips replacement bulb from factory_xenon on Ebay for under $ 40.00. This bulb is an exact OEM replacement. Changing the bulb on the passenger side took about 15 minutes - there is a round black plastic cover directly behind the headlight. It opens with a 1/4 turn. There is a power cable with also unlocks from the rear of the bulb with a 1/4 turn. The bulb is held in place with a hinged spring clip with two "ears"
    push down each ear to unhook the clip. It swings down and the bulb is easily pulled out. The driver's side will be more difficult. You will have to remove the battery and possibly remove the bolts to the fuse box to gain a little room to work in. I wouldn't think it would take more than 45 minutes or so to change. A mirror with an extention handle will make the job a lot easier. Just installed tonight will let you know if it solves the problem.
  • mlinggamlingga Posts: 58
    Just to clarify, what year and model Avalon are you referring to? I'm somewhat confused. The headlights I'm referring to are for the '08 Limited, which has the self leveling HID headlights, and use the rather rare D4R HID bulbs. They are the same ones involved in the Prius headlight problem.

    The Ebay site you mentioned appears to see a different bulb (a D2R?) for "07 and earlier Avvy's. Didn't see a D4R for '08 and newer models. I'm mostly curious since the description I've gotten on how to replace the bulbs in the "08 self leveling system appears much more complex than what you're describing, but maybe that's my service guy blowing smoke up my #$%.
  • bought a pair of low beam hid bulbs on line took to my mechanic to install he claimed he had to remove front bumper cover to gain access to bulbs . paid $90 for the bulbs and $160 for labor is this really the only way to gain acess to the bulbs or did i get ripped off.
  • mlinggamlingga Posts: 58
    I think he was correct.

    I just did had the same thing done yesterday. '08 Limited with the autoleveling HID headlights. I paid $100 on Amazon for the bulbs and had them installed at a body shop where I know the owner personally so hopefully I didn't get ripped off. He charged $115, and yes indeed, he said you do have to drop the bumper to change the bulbs. So, your $250 is in the ballpark. Unbelievable that they design it this way. Still better than the $800!!! the local Toyota dealer tried to rip me off for. I have been disappointed by Toyota and their supposed reputation for reliability and great service.

    Are you scared to drive the Avvy? I just keep my hand on the shifter ready to hit Neutral.
  • kbetts1kbetts1 Posts: 36
    I can't say for sure about removing the bumper cover....But on my 08 Touring I just went to my garage and popped the hood. LOOKING DOWN FROM THE FRONT WITHOUT REMOVING ANYTHING....on the passenger side there is the normal high beam bulb connector and next to it is a 3 1/2 inch cover over the low beam with an arrow. I rotated the cover and it came off exposing a large connector for the HID bulb but with a retaining spring just like some of the H4 bulb headlight retaining springs. I didn't remove it but it appeared there was plenty of room to do so. On the driver side there is much less room. It appears that you might have to remove the battery and loosen and move the circuit breaker box back out of the way.

    You can remove the bumper to remove the headlight assembly to access the HID bulb but why bother if you can just move the battery. You may or may not have trouble with the circuit box but if you don't like trouble then have someone else do it.

    As for the recall.....

    There were and average of 132 acceleration problems per year for all of Toyota. That's 132 out of at least 10 million vehicle.... maybe more. It's more likely that you'll be murdered.(1 in 18000) than have an accelerator stick (1 in 75000). That said, if your pedal is giving you ANY trouble then DON'T DRIVE IT. If your car has a lot of miles maybe you want to get it checked out sooner than if you only have 35,000 like I do.
  • My 08 Avalon Touring will intermittently lose the left low beam headlight. It works again after I move the light switch on the stalk from Auto to Parking, then back to Auto. It is starting to drop out more frequently now, always correctable with the above switch movement. Doesn't sound like the bulb. Any suggestions?
  • If your Touring does indeed use the D4R HID bulb, and NOT the standard halogens on other non-HID Avalons, then it is almost certainly the bulb . Take a minute to go and read the series of posts from me, whetherson etc from the last rew weeks. They include a link to the Toyota service bulletin in which they admit that the same problem noted in the Prius (which also uses the D4R bulb) is indeed due solely to bulb failure. And, as additional evidence, my '08 Limited which was having the same problem has been completely corrected with just bulb replacement.
  • I had the same problem with my 08 Limited. The bulb will continue to go out at shorter and shorter intervals. It is the bulb -- bought one on Ebay for under $ 40 and changed it my self. Drivers side bulb will require the removal of the battery and possibly loosening of the fuse box
  • My Avalon is a 2008 Limited and the replacement bulb I purchased is a D4R (4300K) bulb. I would assume that since the bulb is fixed that the auto level feature results in the reflector moving not the bulb. Changed the bulb two weeks ago - all is like new again.
  • Are Avalons engine noisey. The dealer said that they are. I been experiencing clicking noise when the car runs for awhile. It does not when i start it up in the morning. Is this normal.
  • How often should the fuel filter on a 208 Avalon be changed? Where is it located? Is it difficult to change?
    Thanks in advance for any assistance.
  • I find my '08 Avalon very quite. Sometimes it's hard to tell it's running.

    The other post about fuel filters: I believe they change every 45,000 miles.
  • urspider76: Where did you get your bulbs from? Mine are still okay but would like to know where they're available when the time comes...
  • Not sure about urspider, but I bought my D4R's on Amazon for about $100 for two. The actual seller was Halo Automotive. They are working fine over the last month and corrected the flickering/cutting off problem. A simple Google search will turn up many other vendors.
  • The clicking noise is not normal. If you have a warranty, bring it back to the dealer. The car should run quietly. On the road, you hardly hear the engine.
  • How do you erase the "Maintenace Required" message on the dashboard panel of a 2009 Avalon? I had the car serviced ahead of schedule and apparently the mechanic forgot to reset the message.
  • finfin atlantaPosts: 591
    On a 2007 the instructions are on page 153/154 of the owner's manual. Probably similar page numbers for the '09 models...
    All you do is turn the engine off with the total car mileage showing (not Trip A or B). Then..Hold in the the mileage button as you move the key or the start button to ON. Hold the mileage button in for 5 seconds and the light should blink and go out.... you will also see the mileage show 000000..briefly...
    Good's not hard once you know the secret...... ;)
  • Thanks, will try it today.
  • Toyota maintains a website for all its old brochures. Go to:

    All the older "original" brochures can be downloaded from there.

  • Has anyone had similar problems? This seems extremely weird. The dealership is giving me headaches and is blaming me for the problem. The care WAS garaged for 11 months (because of a death in the family) in Southern CA, but it was in a garage.

    :mad: The dealership does not want to take any action until the tires actually fail. My warranty on the tires is still in full effect; but the wording is unclear on what to do in this situation. I don't want to run the car on tires that could blow out at any time. These are original Michelin tires.

    Any suggestions, or other similar experiences?

    My 16 year old daughter is learning to drive now. I don't want her driving an unsafe car. How do I convince the dealership to replace the tires????!!!!

  • Look in your car manual and follow the steps they outline. It is not that difficult and it works.
  • nceencee Posts: 419
    I didn't have tire rot, but did have a flat with 10,234 miles on it, and the dealership said "Tire warranty is handled by the tire manufacture, and not Toyota". I called the tire manufacturer who said "We will gladly replace the tire, and you will be pro-rated on the tire, for the miles it has on it". Now this could ONLY happen, if I had the car brought to an authorized dealer, and they did the work. You guessed it, the Toyota dealer ISN'T and authorized dealer!

    I would have had to have the dealer take off the tire (yes I had them replace it), they would have had to put on the bad one, I would have had to take it to the place (35+ miles away, and after all of that, it would have cost me $150.00 + (I paid $215.0 at the Toyota dealership) - and a ton of wasted time.

    If you can believe this, the Tire Company (Headquarters that I called), suggested that when I purchase a new car again, I consider getting it WITHOUT tires, and that I purchase tires NEW from an authorized dealer, and that way I'd get a much better warranty! Now how's that for weird?


    PS If it wasn't for the fact that Toyotas will likely have a VERY poor trade-in value at most places, I'd likely be looking at other makes / models of cars for my next one.

    I'm kind of hoping Toyota dealers give GREAT trade-in values towards a new Toyota (I think I hoping:)).

    I'm thinking, this might be an issue for several years to come? What do you folks think?
  • I have a 2008 Avalon that sat in the Long Beach, CA Toyota lot for 11 months even BEFORE it sent to the dealer. All four tires rotted out, both rear pistons sprung leaks, and the seal around my sun roof was failing.

    I learned all this NOT from the Toyota dealership who claimed to do a full inspection on the car (nor told me how long the car had sat), but from a Firestone dealership where I stopped to get an early oil change. (at 1,800 miles - just to make sure there were not any metal fragments in the oil).

    I went back to a different Toyota dealer, SPOKE WITH THE SERVICE MANAGER, and after some arm twisting, he agreed to make an "accommodation" for me because I was "such a good customer". I had never been to that dealership before.

    Lesson: PUSH for what is right. The 11 months of my Avalon sitting in a TOYOTA holding lot was their problem, not mine, and NOT the tire manufacturers fault.

    I have since learned that Toyota Service Managers have a lot of discretion on making "accommodations" to customers - even more so in the past month.

  • Anyone ever have an issue with a window rattle? I have a rear passenger side window that rattles going over bumps when fully raised. Poor seals, perhaps? Any guidance would be appreciated. It's take me quite awhile to isolate the I what to make it go away!

    BTW...2008 Limited.
  • D, I assume you are talking about "dry rot", and I am puzzled as to why new tires would dry rot in 11 months, regardless of where they were. What was the manufacture date on the tires?

    Did you actually get the tires replaced? At the Firestone dealer or at Toyota dealer, and was there any charge for tire replacement if it actually happened?

    A tire dealer recommending tire replacement on a new car with only 1800 miles would certainly raise a lot of questions from me.
  • bobbb1bobbb1 Posts: 2
    I have a 2008 touring also. The dash indicator shows high beam but the lights stay on low.. Can I replace the high beam bulbs myself? If so, do you know the lamp number? Is the high beam circuit fused separately and could that be the problem? The highs worked fine until I drove a dark winding road at night and switched repeatedly, after 20 minutes of this they failed. I've heard rumors about the cost of a repair on this at the dealer.
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