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Toyota Avalon 2008-2010



  • nceencee Posts: 419
    Ok, so far so good. No noise. The real test will be when it gets cold (anytime in Maine). The left does it still, but they only replaced the right drive axle.

    They said it appeared something "Funkie" was going on, but that they couldn't tell what, because they can only replace the whol thing and they can't take apart, because they have to return it to Toyota just as they replaced it.

    It's not suppose to be to cold this weekend, so I may not know if it fixed the problem or not.

    $577.00 to fix under warranty. I point this point so folks will know what they might be in for AFTER the warranty has expired. Almost $1200.00 for both sides, if needed. That would suck. Hell, I would consider trading for a new car at that point, but that's just me - any excuse to have a new car

    Here's hoping.

  • nceencee Posts: 419
    Here in New England, I'm getting MUCH worst results.

    I'm getting between 280 and 360 miles to a full tank of gas. That means, I fill up - To the top!, and fill up again, after the fuel light has come on, and that's what I'm averaging.

    It gets a bit better on the highway - 435 is the best I've got on a tank of gas so far.

    I'm averaging 16.5 gallons to each fill up or about 26 MPG at the best, and between 17 and 22 on average.

    The dash says everything from 10.3 MPG to 28.7 MPG. Not what I was hoping for, but it is what it is.

    I will be taking a long trip coming up here in a few weeks, so I'll get a better handle on highway mileage then. The trip will have me driving to South Carolina via I95, so it won't be stop and go traffic. I do have a heavy foot, so my mileage will be based on 5 - 15 OVER the posted speed limits during the trip.

    The car, a 2008 Avalon Touring model, will have had it's first oil change just weeks before the trip. The car has 3700 miles on it now, and likely around 4,000 by the time I head out.

    I love the car, just not the gas mileage. And this from someone who's NEW Avalon has been in the shop several times for issues.

    The left front drive axle was replaced yesterday. The VSH sensor had to be replace, the spoiler is lose and the right side axle may need to be replaced, not to mention the car doesn't have a coin tray (a side joke folks). Damn, I might be talking myself into buying a (better / different) new car, maybe a Mercedes, Genesis, G35 Infinity, Lexus E350???

  • I typically reach 260 miles when the range shows zero miles. I average barely 17 miles per gallon. The mileage was better when I first got the car..The car has been very reliable, though. The only issues are a gimpy power jack that needs to be fixed and this weird popping sound I get where the windshield meets the dashboard when the weather is very cold.

  • I'm very surprised at the mpgs you two are getting. I live in Western Arkansas so I don't do "city driving" but my local mpg is 24 to 25 and my trip mpg, depending upon mountains, is 28 to 30 at 75 and 80 mph. My '08 Avalon is one year old this month and has 18,000 miles on it. I've gotten as high as 34 mpg in flat country. My lowest mpg was 22.4 and that was driving around Salt Lake City for the whole tank of gas.

    The original post on this subject had to do with only being able to get 16 gallons of gas into the tank when the "low fuel indicator" was on.
  • nceencee Posts: 419
    I'm a bit surprised as well. Maybe even more disappointed then surprised.

    I guess more rthen anything - it bounces all over the place, 245 Miles to the tank, 320 miles to the tank, 278 miles to the tank, 435 miles to the tank. As I mentioned before, I always wait until the fuel light has come on, and even then I'll drive another 20 40 miles before putting any gas in. I do this so I can always try and get about the same gallons in the tank each time. I'd say I get between 15.8 and 16.9 gallons in the tank at each fill up.

    There has been one road trip where I got only 15 gallons in the tank, and it said I had gone 453 miles so far. That was a good day.

    Again, I'll be heading out in a few weeks and should get a pretty good idea as to my MPG then.

    Now here's hoping it's not to cold, or stormy, as that will change the MPG a fair amount.

  • I'd be interested in the mileage you get on your trip.

    At the end of March my wife and I have to go on a trip east of the Mississippi and cover about 3,500 to 4,000 miles. We haven't been in that direction with the Avalon yet so I will be interested in the mpgs. I don't really like driving in that part of the country with all the traffic, etc. Once you get east of Memphis it's a different world. I like the west where you can have hundreds of miles of flat nothing.
  • nceencee Posts: 419
    I'll have to try and and remember to post the results before you leave.

    My trip is from March 11th - 16th. I should put on around 2,500 miles, 980 each way, via the highway, and the balance driving around the area I'm visiting.

  • fmflfmfl Posts: 16
    This is an interesting situation ... also scared heck out of me. This morning at 4:00 a.m. I took my wife to the airport. I arrived back in my area about 6:30 a.m. ... low beams on, running lights on, radio on, navigation on, cruise control on but not being used. It was foggy and I missed my intersection by about 100 feet, so I stopped, put the Avalon in reverse and zipped backward. I got within 20 feet of the intersection, starting to touch the brakes lightly, and all my electrical systems died ... lights off, engine stopped ... pushed everything and the car stayed dead. Meanwhile on this dark street cars were stopping a couple of feet behind me, and I was getting more nervous. Finally the car started and has been running properly since. I took it to the service man at the local Toyota dealership. He didn't have a clue about what could have happened. He offered to take the Avalon into the shop and look it over, but we both understood he didn't expect to find anything, so I came home. It was like the car had a circuit breaker that popped and then reset itself ... took a couple of minutes. I have never had a car's electrical system turn off everything in the middle of a street. I'm posting this note in case I'm not the only guy in the world with a strange Avalon elecrical system.
  • Hi,

    Just curious but, is the one-touch opening/closing for your front power windows and moonroof working? When power was restored, did you notice if you briefly get a MIL on the dash?


    ’08 Limited
  • Interesting indeed. I had nearly the exact same experience about 10 days ago. I was traveling down a highway road and missed a turn. As I was turning around (in the middle of the higway) the car totally died. It took a few minutes to come back to life. My assumption was that I shifted too quickly from drive into reverse, causing the engine to die. I am curious to learn more.

    BTW, the vehicle is an 08 Avalon LTD with about 9,800 miles.
  • Had my 07 Avalon on an inclined driveway recently. The car was in drive, but I wanted to look at something so I just took my foot off the gas and let the car creep backwards 6'-8' feet. At that point the engine just died and the car sorta lurched to a stop. It took me a few seconds to figure out what had happened. After putting the trans in park, I restarted the vehicle, but it was a little reluctant to fire up immediately.
  • fmflfmfl Posts: 16
    Yes, the windows and moonroof work O.K. I was too busy pushing buttons and levers to look at the instrument panel, except to note that it wasn't doing anything.
  • Thanks again for the info.

    '08 Limited
  • I clean my windshield every day that I drive the car and use "Invisible Glass", however, I'm not happy with the results. No matter how much I clean (inside and out) you can still see, if the sun is at the right angle, a haze and streaks.

    Has anyone got a magic formula for clean windows?
  • A method I like is to use window cleaner to get them mostly clean, then use 0000 steel wool (completely dry) to get all the streaks out. Only drawback is sometimes you have to vacuum debris from the steel wool.
  • nceencee Posts: 419
    Well, I'm called upon by friends and family members to clean windows in general all the time:)

    I spray the windows down with Castle Streak Proof, glass cleaner, and then after it sits for a short time, I wipe quickly with good brand paper towel. If the windows are real bad, I go over them afterwards with hot water and a mild mix of Lestoil, and then do the Streak Proof cleaning again. I've only had to do the second step on cars with people who smoke, but after both steps, the windows are very CLEAN.

    Now part of the secret is letting the cleaning sit long enough, and the other part is wiping dry using fast movements.

    It works for me.

  • nceencee Posts: 419
    at 89, it's the highest rated Large Sedan. A nice score, and justified, for the most part.

    It came in at #8 in the over-all score category. Still a nice placement when you look at what came ahead, were not all the same style car one would be looking at.

    1) Lexus LS - Luxury Sedan
    2) Infiniti M M35 X V6 - Luxury Sedan
    3) Infiniti M M35 V6 - Luxury Sedan
    4) Infiniti G - Upscale Sedan
    5) Hyundai Genesis - Upscale Sedan
    6) Lexus ES - Upscale Sedan
    7) Mercedes-Benz E-Class sedan E320 BLUETEC V6 - Luxury Sedan
    8) Toyota Avalon - Large Sedan

    and the next Large Sedan came in at:

    26) Hyundai Azera, with a score of 83

  • I have a 2008 Avalon XLS w/o navigation. Can anyone explain why every time I fill up the gas tank the MPG display drops down to 10 mpg. Then it takes about 5 to 10 miles of driving to go back up to the normal 25 to 26 mpg (local driving). Is the accuracy of this readout any good? I fill up the tank and it shows a 363 mile range and I'm getting 25 to 26 mpg driving around town. A conservative estimate should read at least 400 miles on a full tank (16 gal X 25 mpg).
  • neil5neil5 Posts: 118
    I have a 2006 avalon LTD and have had no problems with the car. I have BU camera and tinted and love the milage/power and comfort. The years of my having this car I recommend:

    Regular gas
    BU camera aftermarket for this big car
    Blue tooth system
    BMW gummypledge (for seals)
    Heavy mudguards for the carpet

    Battery for FOB (radioshack) use inner key to open
    wipers online since they have sensors (expensive)

    Pics at toyota nation galleries
  • doug3030doug3030 Posts: 20
    Best way to find out your mileage is the old fashioned "Fill 'er up to the cap, drive it and fill 'er up again, seeing how many miles you've driven. Computers are great but after awhile I gave up trusting the message board. My 2008 Limited is #1 in my book but give me a pencil and paper to figure the mileage.
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