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Ford Ranger 4x4 Problems



  • thomas60thomas60 Posts: 1
    i waswondering if u ever figured out your problem, i have a 91 4x4 ranger with the same exact problem. any help would be appreciated.
  • bears123bears123 Posts: 2
    I purcahsed a set of manual lockking hubs for a $164.00 from Tellico 4 x 4 and installed them and everything works great. I have to manully change them when I want 4 wheel drive but at least I have 4 wheel drive now
  • Get your 4x4 control module checked. That was my 4x4 problem. Works great now.
  • I have a dilemma. According to my VU meter the voltage making it to my fuel pump is about 8.5 volts compared to the 12.5 volts at the battery. I don't understand where the missing 3.5 volts are going to. I tested the fuel pump it works fine. I checked the fuel interia switch, which is also fine. and I replaced the fuel relay switch under the distribution box located in the engine, just to be safe.

    this really isn't related but the fuel filter was also replaced.

    One day while driving down the road the truck just quit on me... I didn't lose power the pump just stopped pumping. At first I thought I needed a new fuel pump, but like I said it works fine. I'm apparently short on voltage by 3.5 volts.

    Is anybody aware of this problem ever happening and if so what caused it?
  • bolivarbolivar Posts: 2,316
    Lots of problems on Rangers with the fuel pump relay. Bad contacts inside might let the pump still work or be dropping some voltage there. The relays are usually beside or inside the fuse box under the hood. There are from 1 to 3 identical relays there. You can swap them around, but a new relay is only about $25.

    You did not take the measurement with the pump running, did you? This might not show total voltage since some would be dropping across the pump when running.
  • avalonjaxavalonjax Posts: 2
    hi, i have had the EXACT problem! dad was a ford service manager for 35 years..
    he put his best mechanics on it..they heard NOTHING...oasis compute..told them Nothing...! many more knowleageable mechanics, and specialists..still nothing!...finally my dad rode with me and heard it....I test drove with a local mechanic...and sure enough it bogged down after the "thump" sound in the sand...he replaced the engager motorr..This .only made it worse. Afer that, they completely broke down my transfer case and front differential....he could find nothing wrong there!..PLEASE let me know if you were ever successful in getting this fixed...and especially, what was wrong!,, and how they fixed it! this point i would just be happy knowing what has broken!!
  • Hello,
    I ended up Changing the Plugs & Wires out. That seemed to Help. Lugging Down. I haven`t used the 4x4 Since Winter Time. I did try it in the Spring but I was on a Rough Road. I couldn`t Tell. I will have to Check it Again before Winter. I will let you Know soon if it is OK . Have a Great eve.
  • bluestratbluestrat Posts: 10
    if you have auto lockouts on the front axel, that is most likely problem. get manual lockouts and problem should be solved.
  • bluestratbluestrat Posts: 10
    if you have auto locks outs on the front axel, that is moslt likely the problem. the auto ones are infamous for that. install manual lockouts.
  • bluestratbluestrat Posts: 10
    fluid is over filled or you have a plugged filter
  • bluestratbluestrat Posts: 10
    if you have auto locks outs on the front axel, that is moslt likely the problem. the auto ones are infamous for that. install manual lockouts.
  • bluestratbluestrat Posts: 10
    if you have auto locks outs on the front axel, that is moslt likely the problem. the auto ones are infamous for that. replace or the better choice ... install manual lockouts.
  • bluestratbluestrat Posts: 10
    if you have auto locks outs on the front axel, that is most likely the problem. the auto ones are infamous for that. replace or the better choice ... install manual lockouts.
  • I have a 94 ford ranger. The 4-high works great but will not go in low range.
    no lights light up and does not engage.
  • I Keep Getting A Code On My Scanner Showing A #4 Cyl Misfire, Truck Runs Rough, I Changed Wires & Plugs, Helped For Awhile But The Problem Came Back? No Oil On Plugs Cyl Pressure Good?
  • have you tried replacing the ignition coil pack? that could be where the problem is.
  • I am having problems on the electrical part of the 4x4 last night the 4wd worked perfectly when i got home the dome light and the 4wd stopped working. fuse on the panel keeps blowing everytime i replace it.checked all the wires from fuse box to the 4wd actuator and also the transfer wires broke. everytime the electronic 4wd box is plugged up it blows the fuse and still doesnt have a working dome light. is there a relay or something that im missing?
  • I havge a 1998 ranger 4x4 with auto locking hubs. The issue I have that seems to differ from most that I have read in this thread is that I am able to engage my 4x4 each time I turn my knob to a 4x4 position (with a clicking followed by a clunk if moving or quietly if not moving) but, it will disengage on it's own within a short distance without any sign of disengagement. I can test it by turning the wheels sharply or stopping and then giving gas. I'm close to ordering the manual lock outs but, wonder if this may sound more like a vaccum issue to someone with more experience. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  • did you ever get this fixed my 07 is doing the same thing in 4x4 it feels like im hitting a big pot hole every15sec or so?
  • I have a 07 ford ranger xlt 4x4 and any time im in 4 wheel and driving it feels like i am hitting large bumps or pothole that arnt there. its like a thud or thump that i can hear and feel dosnt do this at all in 2 wheel drive and also im am not driving on dry pavment this is on icey and snow covered roads. This is not just a little thump or thud its loud and hard this isnot a normal 4x4 noise or feel i have always had 4x4 trucks and never nothing like this.

    Any help would be great need to get this fixed roads are bad here. thank you
  • I had same answer to problem we were going to replace xfer case.......I ended up buying new truck
  • I have the same problem on a 2000 Ranger do You have any advice?
  • Good evening,
    It`s been a While since I was here Last... I have an 06 Ranger. It`s winter in Pa. again. So the Ranger is acting up again. I changed the Plug wires. Frequent oil changes. Only use 4 wheel when I Really need it. It seemed to run Fine during summer off Road. But when it`s blowing & drifting snow . It started again this week. Feels like you are hitting Bumps or sticks in the Road when the Road was clear . On a good note it will engage in 4 Hi & 4 L ... We do not have a Garage to work on it at home. My 98 Ranger did not do that. so what Changed during those years . The bugs should be worked out by now. Let me know if you figure it out. Prayerhiker
  • When it is in two wheel drive it feels like that?? Or 4 wheel drive? Mine will feel like that when the road is clear and I am making a turn in 4 wheel drive.
  • Good Evening ...Today the Roads were clear. No snow . I put it in 4 Hi on the way home and it started again after about a mile or so. It only happens in 4Hi . I was going to stop at the Ford Dealership to have them check it again on Fri. but I`m sure I`ll get the same Response. We can`t find any problem. so I drove by.... I drive it every day and you know if there is a problem/ funny noises etc. My wife even noticed it last winter. We are to get more snow in Pa. by Wed- Thur. Maybe I will request to go and drive with the Mechanic and point it out when it happens... if possible. Just frustrated when your paying for a quality Truck you expect the 4 wheel to work . Prayerhiker
  • do you by chance have the vaccum pulse auto locking hubs?
  • ttpttp Posts: 1
    What year is your truck? I have a 2000 xlt ranger and it was not designed to run in 4x4 on clear roads. Due to the front axle design the diff does not allow one wheel to spin faster or slower than the other which can cause it to buck and cause damage to the truck.
  • Good evening, Replying to cschwartz2
    I have a 2006 Ford Ranger 4x4 . It still feels like it Bucks or hits bumps that are not there. on snow Covered Roads or Dry Roads. That should not be an Issue . Lets say it snows 4" and You pull off and engage the 4Hi and it starts doing that again. When I first bought the truck 2 years ago . Used & Low mileage . It did not do That at all. So what Changed? I only use the 4x4 when I really need it. Some times the Front locks up. If I do not take it out of 4Hi and Use the Emergency Break. Now I just park it in Gear / 2wheel I don`t seem to be getting any answers to this Problem. It runs fine in 2 wheel. It has been very Frustrating to find an answer. PrayerHiker
  • Mine is a 2002 xlt. That is odd. Mine is a automatic. Maybe that has something to do with it, possible not fully engaging for some reason. Before mine locks in totally it sometimes grinds or will have a hard time moving if going slow(5 MPH). But it will engage and be fine. My truck has 68,000 miles, What does yours have? Have you had anybody look at it? Have someone also check your 4x4 control module. Small brain on passenger side under kickpanel that controls 4x4. Mine was shot costed 200 to replace it. Works perfect again. Good luck!! Also, I'm tired of my small truck! Anyone want to buy it!
  • Mine does the same thing I have a 2000 ford Ranger 3.0 4x4 and I need help, and I don't know why is doing that. Can somebody help?
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