Have a annoying ground somewhere

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Can not open my truck, glove box does not close, front parking light (driver side does come on but very dim, shows it has a ground on one of the wire), other than that car runs fine. Also window only open (work) if i hold the golve box in a close position. Can someone help me trace the ground or point me in the direction so i can locate the problem. Please Help me solve the problem, I love the car but it has become a pain in the back side. I live in Cary NC, if some one can find me a person who will be willing to work on it and find the problem for some reason amount.


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    The trunk (or should we be saying boot?) is controlled in the rear by the rear trunk release and operated by inputs to the rear electronics module inside the trunk. The schematic shows that it is on the computer data bus so it's possible that a scan tool that accesses that system might help with the diagnostics. All of the associated grounds for this module are also in the trunk. It might be possible to open the trunk from the inside by working through the ski storage opening if your car is equipped with that or by removing the rear seat.

    The glove box, and the front trunk release are connected to the front electronic control module which is inside the left front kick panel. The command from the interior trunk release would be sent to the rear electronics module via serial data, so again a scan tool would really help here. The grounds for the front electronics module are also in the left front kick panel.

    As far as one of the lamps being dim, both front parking lights share the same front electronics module provided ground. So since one of them works the problem has to be in the left front corner of the car. Question, how exactly did you test for power to and ground for the left front parking lamp.

    As far as trying to find someone in your area that can work on this try using the member search of the iATN to try and locate a shop/technician equipped to assist you. https://iatn.net/repair
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