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2000 Ford F-250 Super Duty Problems and Solutions



  • tgarrett3tgarrett3 Posts: 3
    Thanks I'll check out the lines again, I looked them over and don't see any that looked cracked or broken. It's got a pretty simple vacuum system. That's whats got me stumped. There are 2 solenoids in the vacuum diagram called air D and air B, Do you know what these are?
  • fordmechfordmech Posts: 2
    The hose is a vent hose to prevent pressure buildup that happens as the diff lube expands from heat. The hose will mount to the body or frame above the diff as high as possible with enough flex room for full suspension movement, check for blockage (hose, nipple) also disconnect from diff connection, run a wire thru far enough to make sure there is no blockage. I use a small tie wrap around the hose at the diff fitting for a good seal at the diff. The valve at the top of the hose keeps water from entering if you are forging a creek/river, check that also. Should allow air out, nothing in. Blockage in the vent will cause diff lube to leak thru the outer seals, soak the brake material, must be replaced. Hope this helps. Woot
  • fordmechfordmech Posts: 2
    Dam that's a tuff one, I fixed 10 of them. 5.8 or 5.0 doesn't matter. Is the idle smooth or sometimes rough? Lots of problems with EGR valves sticking open somewhat, vacume pump can check that, remove and clean, or just remove the vacume line, while the idle is smooth, plug the vacume feed line, tell me if there is a difference. There is also specific routing patern for ignition wires. Hope this helps, Woot
  • tgarrett3tgarrett3 Posts: 3
    wpalkowski Thanks a bunch You were right. The vacuum hose going through the firewall to the vacuum valve that closes when you go to max air was rotten inside the plastic wire holder. I was able to pull it through and replace it. It took care of the problem Thanks again Tom
  • leif7151leif7151 Posts: 1
    I have had my 1999 F-250 in the local Ford dealership for a week now and they cannot figure out what is wrong with my truck. The symtoms are: Running realing rough as if the engine were about to stall due to flooding, smoke from the tail pipe with a rich smell of fuel not being efficiently burned. The dealer has identified he beleives it is some type of short and has been on the phone with the tech reps from ford with no luck so far. Any ideas?? I bought this truck used and I currently live in Lousiana but the truck came from Canada and had the heater coil plug in for cold weather. Thanks
  • Does anyone know what Ford vehicle radios can be put in a 2000 F350 Super Duty with just plug and play with the available wiring harness. I want to replace an AM/FM Cassette with an AM/FM Dual Media CD/Cassette radio. Does anyone know where I can go on the internet to find a compatibility chart for Ford vehicles? Thanks in advance.
  • wpalkowskiwpalkowski Posts: 493 - they have charts to show what radios will fit in the vehicle and can also sell you wiring adapter that plug into trucks's wiring harness to allow quick and easy radio hookup.
  • wpalkowskiwpalkowski Posts: 493
    :shades: You're welcome! :) I had similar problem a few years back w/ my F-150.
    Sometimes the simple stuff will make you nuts.
  • vizerdrixvizerdrix Posts: 3
    I hope someone can help me with a problem my hubby and I are having. We just (yesterday) had our '86 F150 tested for the Ontario Drive Clean Emmisions, and it took the mechanic most of the day to get it to pass, on the curb-side idle CO2 test. To do this, he had to play around with the carb and get the fuel mixture so lean, the poor truck didn't have any power! Legally, he wasn't allowed to change the settings afterwards, but he showed us how to readjust the carb, which we started working on. Took it for a drive last night, and it still needed a bit more adjusting. So this morning, hubby inspected the fuel filter and put it back on, everything looked fine. Adjusted the mixture a bit more, then he took it around the block for a test drive. Didn't make it to the end of the street! The carb was leaking fuel at the base, and spewing fuel from the top! Also, it was noticed that the gasket from the air filter compartment was missing after we picked up our truck, and we thought it might somehow have accidently fallen in, but we can't see it in the carb... Any suggestions?
  • vizerdrixvizerdrix Posts: 3
    Sometimes, a hammer will solve the worlds problems. :) Turns out the float was stuck, and a few light taps with a hammer loosened it up, and the truck is running fine again. Next question: how do I prevent this from happening again? Will I need to take the carb apart and do something with the float, or should I just make sure there is always a hammer available in the truck? ;)


  • mac24mac24 Posts: 3,910
    I dare say the carb would behave better after a good cleaning and the installation of an overhaul kit.
  • vizerdrixvizerdrix Posts: 3
    That carb is so clean, you could eat in it! :p It's also a fairly new carb, recently replaced by the previous owner. Will look into an overhaul kit too, though. Thanks for your suggestions!

  • Thanks so much wpalkowski.

  • After looking at that site it doesn't have a guide for changing OEM to OEM just OEM to aftermarket. Maybe someone else will know of another location. Thanks though. Richard
  • dave150dave150 Posts: 5
    Does anyone know of solutions to a brake problem with my 2004 F-150? From the beginning, and now at 32,000 miles, I have been into the dealer 7 times because of vibrations (warped rotors mostly). This is getting ridiculous. I have been told every line, from brake shorter & harder, to the pads are now harder than the rotors, to...You name it. Well, bottom line is, they're giving up on working them. I have even had the rotors replaced @ 11,000 & 23,000. As a past repeat F-150 owner, I have never had such problems with brake wear. Does anyone have a solution? Would be gratly appreciated!!! I don't want to go through brakes every 9-15k miles for the rest of the vehicles life!...P.S. I rarely drive in the city & very rarely tow anything.
  • lucasredlucasred Posts: 2
    I've found that I only have 1 volt coming into pin 4 of ICM during cranking. Manual calls for 90% of battery voltage during cranking. I followed this wire to PCM at pin 4 there also. checked voltage coming directly from PCM computer and still only 1volt during cranking. Does anyone know the fuction of pin 4 at ICM or pin 4 at PCM? Thanks
  • Upon acceleration from a stop my F350 has a clunk feel rather than a sound. It feels as though something shifts under the truck. Has anyone experienced this. If so what was the problem and the cure? Thanks in advance. :confuse:
  • boats69boats69 Posts: 1
    I have a 2004 F-150 4x4 with about 18,000 miles on it. About a month ago, I noticed a vibration that seemed to occur whenever traveling up or down hills on the highway. I have also noticed it on sections of the interstate where a slight incline is encountered. At times it becomes very violent. I notice the windshield wipers bounce of the windshield. I just had it in at the Ford dealer where I bought it and they installed a new driveshaft assembly and both u-joints. At first I thought the problem was fixed. Then the other day it started doing it again. It's just as bad as it was. I am sure it is not the wheels or tires. When it happens the truck actually loses power. It feels like it is coming from the back of the truck.The problem never reveals itself whiile the truck is at the shop. I am very frustrated and would appreciate hearing from anyone with the same problem.
  • We have a 1999 F150. Today the front right u-joint broke. It only has 40,000 miles and no rough driving.

    We bought the truck brand new. No previous owner.

    Has anyone heard of this happening a lot?
  • wpalkowskiwpalkowski Posts: 493
    Not a lot of info to go on. Could be a warn universal joint - check the drive shaft. How about a broken motor mount. Does engine sag on one side, or if you've got it in Park or neutral and step on the accelerator, do you see the motor torque excessively to one side? Is truck 4x2 or 4x4? 4x4 has its own unique noises.

    Is this every time you accelerate, or is it just the first time you get started in the morning after the truck has sat overnight? Some times brake pads stick a little, and move a bit when you start out and because the small amount of play they make a clunk as the fully release.
  • mevsfordmevsford Posts: 1
    I had a similiar problem with my 2004 F150. With a mere 300 miles on it, the rear started
    to whine. I took it to the local Lincoln dealer at 800 miles and they
    had a service bulletin on it. Replaced the ring pinion gear.
  • I will get someone to assist me so I can check for the engine moving excessively. This is a 4X2. This condition occurs everytime I accelerate from a stopped position.
    It doesn't do it if I hold my foot on the brake and accelerate only when it starts moving. That kind of sounds brake related doesn't it.
    Thanks, Richard
  • I have someone with a similar problem, one of our employees (Dexter) brought his truck to a local dealer for a vibration in the steering.

    The following is my notes on this issue, I’m not sure what to do, I’m just keeping notes for now and I will drive the truck home today to see for myself what its doing.


    7-14-05 Dexter informed me that he brought his truck to a local dealer. Once he was there he informed the service writer (David) the vehicle recently started vibrating really bad between 60-70 when he hits a bump.
    He said david informed him there is a TSB out on that problem and that he has had several in for the same problem.

    I called david @ 1:00 he said the same thing and added that the sheriff office has three that has already been in his shop for the same thing. All three came in that the TSB said to check steering adjustments that they adjusted the lash in the steering box and that two of them keep complaining of the same problem.

    He mentioned that its only on F-250 4x4 gas trucks and that ford is waiting on their engineering department to come up with a fix.

    I asked about the TSB, that I looked on Alldata and the only one I seen that was even close was a shudder/vibration at acceleration. He said alldata isnt updated fast enough that it must have just came out. I asked what does it say, he said he will print it and fax to me. He put me on hold came back and said its no longer in the system that ford must have realized there was no current fix.

    At this time the driver refuses to drive the truck and the dealer is not sure how long the truck will be downed in his yard.

    7-18-05 called David, ask if he heard anything, he said nothing yet. I told him I will send someone to pick it up and I will drive it myself.
  • tyler7tyler7 Posts: 1
    I was told that ford was having a problem with vibration problem when i mentioned it to the service advisor at the dealership.....that was 4 tires and 2 new front rims a drive shaft, new rack and pinion and work done on the rear end also replaced all 4 rotors and vibration is still present we are now going to arbitration on this truck...if you need more info go to alldata website for tsbs and also look for seatbelt not to retract as well as the chirp from the belts on cool mornings. Ford has tsbs on alll this but aren't telling anyone. i have had it. and then was told ford would settle but didnt. now we go to arbitration. good luck the problems and hits just keep on comin.oh yea i forgot to mention the new transmission at 1700 miles
  • fordgal9fordgal9 Posts: 2
    I just had the fuel pump go on my truck. I only have 49,000 miles on it. Several people have told me that this is low mileage for this type of problem. Has anyone else encountered a similar problem? The dealership has basically told me that the fuel pump goes when it goes. Thanks for the info.
  • atvlouisatvlouis Posts: 3
    i have a 90 f150 and it has to warm up before i can drive it , it stalls when i put it in drive, i have clean the cold air intake (it was real dirty) but it still stall, also can not go over 60mph.the is alot of pedal left just will not go over 60mph.any help please
  • ronm4ronm4 Posts: 1
    I have 2004 F-150 4x4 with 17,500 miles on it. Since June I have been experiencing severe intermittant vibratiion. I traced it to the left rear emergency brake drum not releasing properly. Sometimes after travelling approximately 10 miles, the problem would present itself. Brake drum is very hot to the touch and infrared thermometer readings are approximately 375 degrees on the left rear brake drum. Other brake rotors/drums are approximately 150 degrees. Very noticeable brake drum lining odor is present. Dealer response has not been satisfactory at this point. They can find nothing wrong. Truck is going back to the dealer Thursday, July 21, so a Ford Rep can inspect the situation. Will let you know the results.
  • similar trouble with 92 f150, at first died while driving, then the elusive spark, after replacing the pick up coil i got first spark in days, found stator wire from back of alternator sheared off so connected it to a wire very similar..mistake! you tried the fusible links? i wonder if they have to be removed to test, that is what the book says. i have an inline 6, 1bbl, 4x4, seems different vehicles with same troubles???
    well good luck
    jaime">link title
  • mghmgh Posts: 43
    My air conditioner does not cool properly. This was my first complaint when I bought the truck and they took it for service but nothing changed. The A/C cools down after 10 to 15 minutes on the Hwy. but is not cold like any other car I have owned before. I took a look at the condenser coils in the hood and the condenser is the same size as the engine radiator but slimmer (FRONT) and I notice that it does not have an electric fan. It seems like it is very close almost together with the engine radiator and it gets the heat form the engine. I also notice that my compressor does not stay on and cuts prematurely

    **Does anybody here works or has work for FORD (mechanic)before and can explain this flaw?Can ford just install an electric fan? Is ford doing this trick to save on compressors? What is going on?????

    Thanks in advance

  • psewell66psewell66 Posts: 1
    My biz partner bought a 2005 F250 4x4 Super cab 4 months ago.
    He has had it to the dealer twice to correct the loss of control and vibration in the front end when going down a dirt road at 30 to 40 mph.
    He also just about lost it on the highway at 65mph and nearly swerved off the road.
    Jacked it up and got the wheels off the ground and can not find anything loose.
    Taking it back to dealer today but has anyone else experienced front end problems and loss of control with this model?
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