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2000 Ford F-250 Super Duty Problems and Solutions



  • anclasanclas Posts: 3
    I have the same problem with a 98 150 shifting hard from 2-3. I let off on the gas before it shifts to avoid the hard jump into the next gear. Has been getting more frequent.
  • ldholtldholt Posts: 3
    Mine is a 2000 Ford. Someone said it could be the modulator valve. Who Knows?
  • ldholtldholt Posts: 3
    My 2000 started shifting hard at 104,000 miles. It now has 139,000 and getting worse. Kinda strange that it started right after warranty expired.
  • KCRamKCRam Mt. Arlington NJPosts: 3,516
    This sounds like seal leak. Wherever you take your truck for service, have it put on the lift and "drive" it in 2wd, then shift to 4-High and see if it dumps fluid again. That should pinpoint the exact problem for the mechanic.

    kcram - Pickups Host
  • My 05 F150 Lariat 4x4 with 2,700 miles just got back from the dealer after having a vibration problem between 55 mph and 65. The vibration was felt more in the gas pedal than in the steering wheel or anywhere else. I guess the dealer had seen this problem before because on just my first they rebuilt the entire rear end replacing both the rack and pinon gear and some other small plates (clutch plates?). The problem seems to be gone for now but I still feel a slight vibration in the gas pedal at all speeds. Does anyone feel a vibration in their gas pedal?
  • I have about 62,000 miles on my F350SD Diesel. Just recently when I hit a bump in the road the front end will vibrate. The vibration sounds and feels like you are running over rumble strips in the road. When I strike another bump in the road the vibration will go away and come back when another bump is struck. Yes, I have plowed snow with it this past year. The problem seems to be worsening, but the
    steering wheel does not shake and the truck goes straight.
  • fox2005fox2005 Posts: 1
    Has anyone had any problems with the 2004 6litre F350 superduty - problem is engine making a missing noise, doesn't matter if we are pulling the fifth wheel or just driving around town, it happens during acceleration. Have taken it in to numerous Ford dealerships however, they haven't been able to pinpoint the problem, the EGR valve has been replaced twice, that wasn't it, then they replaced the turbo, that wasn't it, so it sits at the dealership for another 'great' idea. CAN ANYONE HELP - IDEAS ANYONE.
  • I had a similar problem with a 1994 f150. It was downshifting and upshifting hard. It took about 4 years to resolve my prolblem. It was the MLSP switch on the side of the transmission. Part and labor was $143.00. The irritating part of it is Ford issued a TSB for this problem in March, 1995. I talked with Ford at Dearborn and a local dealership about the problem I was having and neither mentioned the TSB.
    You can backup and review messages #1270, 1273, 1276, 1280, 1286, 1292, and 1319. I wouldn't guarantee it but it might be worth a try.
  • Dear Chuck, I am writing you to inform u of a problem i had with a 1993 ford escort. It seems that i wrecked the electrical in the steering wheel. Now with the great brain trust at ford this shorted out the fuse when shifting the car into drive, so in order to drive i had to put new fuses into the fuse box just to get the car moving. I would hope that this problem still is not an issue 10 years later but hey its ford. I hope this sheds some lite on the matter. One question with all these probelms why stay ford i moved on, lets just say i joined a revolution.
  • Yep I had the same problem ,so far they have replaced the clutch plates and rack and pinon twice, replaced all 4 rotors, and i still get a little vibration , I think the timing might be off a degree or two. ford said everything checks out ok , yea right,
  • timk4timk4 Posts: 1
    I have this same problem - I just bought a 2005 f150 lariat with the moonroof
    with the moonroof completely open I get a severe vibration at about 25 mph which smooths out over 40 - it is the soft sliding cover vibrating against the roof - now even with the roof closed this same slider rattles every time i hit a bump - took it to the dealer and he said it happens with all of these and to crack a window - This I cant believe - when i test drove one didnt notice this if I had known this was going to be this kind of problem never would have bought this truck - kinda ruins the new truck experience
  • ozman1ozman1 Posts: 1
  • xforderxforder Posts: 1
    :sick: We bought a 2004 Ford F150 FX4 in Nov of 04. We experienced a vibration on the test drive but we were told it was the tires. We have since been experiencing clunking and hesitation along with the vibration becoming worse. We have tried to get out of our lease but the dealership in Nanaimo BC, Canada has made it impossible to do. They have had the truck in for approx total of 2 weeks and replaced the drive shaft. This has not fixed the problem and they are now (eventhough we are still under warranty) refusing to fix the problem. They showed us a memo from Ford dated in Oct of 04 (which is a month before we purchased the truct) that stated the clunk on downshift is infact a CHARACTERISTIC OF THE FORD TRUCK and NOT TO ATTEMP TO FIX THE PROBLEM!!!!!!! If anyone has any ideas of what to do about this please let us know...I do not think that Canada has a lemon law and we pay $643.00/mth for a bum truck. It is most uncomfortable to drive. If I had of known this was a CHARACTERISTIC prior to signing I would have gone to Toyota or Nissan.
  • rsettrsett Posts: 1
    I have an identical problem with my F250SD Diesel. I also plowed snow with it this past season. I cannot figure out what this problem is. It doesn't seem to be the transmission or a U joint since the problem does not cease if I shift into neutral. Any insight would be greatly appreciated.
  • pick1pick1 Posts: 2
    buy a superchip it will make you happy :)
  • pick1pick1 Posts: 2
    Has anyone had problem fixed yet.
  • Thanks for all the help, zero that I got from here, glad the other edmunds pages are more user friendly and get replies.
  • micomarkmicomark Posts: 11
    To all regarding 04/05 F-150 drive train clunk and persistent vibrations. 3-4 months back I read all the problems with drive train and vibrations experienced by others. Also, after many attempts by my dealer to correct problems proven uncorrectable, I have come to the following conclusions on the aforementioned two problems. The drive train slack, slip and clunk appears to be in all of the F-150’s and the dealers will not make further attempts after running you through a few potential repairs such as drive shaft, rear axle, and u-joint replacements. The problem doesn’t seem repairable and thus an engineering problem. The vibration is more complex but another engineer type that cited the problem on this forum, as the stiff frame in the 04 and 05’s, makes more sense than ever to me at this point. This truck frame and cab/floor board seems to resonate any vibration that exists. If the engine vibrates up steep inclines, so does the frame/cab. If your tow vehicle has a slight wheel vibration, the frame/cab vibrates. If a tire is out of balance the frame/cab vibrates and so on. The original axle and differential apparently had a flaw that made the vibration appear right from the get go at 40 to 70 MPH. Mine had that and it diminished after axle differential replacement. However, I have still have the vibration up inclines and during other high engine torque situations, when towing, and now after rotating my tires. Thus, I have determined any vibration that occurs is felt up through the frame and cab but only when present by an outside force. There has to be a trigger for the vibration to be present at its worst and that is why it is so hard to replicate the problem at the necessary time. i.e. during inspections and such. If the truck is driven on smooth level road, no tow vehicle, and well balanced tires the vibration is minimal. Although, I still feel it some in the floorboard at all times. I believe the dealers know all this and thus test it only when the conditions are in place to favor them, just after service, on smooth road, using soft acceleration, etc. I am filing a lemon law suit as I feel this vehicle has serious engineering flaws that just can’t be fixed. My attorney tells me Ford probably is hoping most of us will go away or trade out of the vehicle. Only a small percentage will pay the cost of pushing them to the court house steps yet that is the only place where they will likely settle up. Last, I have kept a detailed gas mileage record under all driving conditions and am averaging 13.6 MPG, below the advertised 14 – 18 MPG. At 18,000 mile per year and at $2.20 per gallon this translates to nearly $500 dollars a year more in fuel costs over averaging say 16 MPG. This is another issue you may want to make a part of any legal complaint. In as much, you will likely have to make the legal investment to win on these issues. Good luck all.
  • tharttthartt Posts: 1
    Both of my electric door actuators have quit. Are they repairable or do I need to give my dealer $175. per door to replace them?
  • mikei2mikei2 Posts: 2
    Hello, I have a 97 F150 4WD with the stickshift transfer case auto locking hubs. For about 2 months I noticed the 4wd would not engage sometimes when I pulled the lever back. Then it stopped working altogether. I jacked it up on all fours and noticed that when I put the transfer case lever in 4 hi or lo the front driveshaft does turn but the front wheels do not. I checked on the front axle and noticed a round black flying saucer type disc that had a pink and blue wire going to it. I pulled them off, they looked ok and put them back on but still no luck. Any ideas other ideas before I rip apart the front pumpkin? Thanks.
  • mac24mac24 Posts: 3,910
    I think I'd check for correct function of the auto hubs before tearing into the diff.
  • papa5papa5 Posts: 1
    i have a 2003 6.0 deisel super duty dual wheel.bought new now has 26000 on it.
    has anyone out there had the displeasure of there accelerater sticking upon passing. no matter what i did would not decellerate had to brake it and shut off. dealer of course can find nothing wrong. to date they have had to replace front ball joints 15000 3 friends also needed there done (ford has no grease fittings on theres ), rear rotors (vibrations in pedal) this is a pleasure vehicle not used as a work horse.
  • I have a 2004 F150 Off Road...It too has a similar problem....The vibration is felt through the floorboards and seems to be from the chassis (front) itself. It is slight and has been on and off for the year I have had this truck. It does not affect handling, or anything else and only lasts for a few minuites before it goes away...Of course, ford service can find nothing wrong, and while it is not a severe problem for me it is annoying. I get about 16 MPG average and all else is great with this truck.I just wish Ford would acknowledge that a problem does exist and do something about it.
  • micomarkmicomark Posts: 11
    Annoying is the operative word. Every time I get in this truck, I think about how much I paid to be this frustrated. Because they process these disputes using apparently, not so smart individuals, Ford and BBB both acknowledged the drive train problem in their communications. Attorney says they have shot themselves in the foot. It is going to cost me about $4000 temporarily, collectable from Ford along with all other costs, to exercise the lemon law and about 6 -9 months but mine is going back to Ford. What really makes me sick is that I traded a perfectly fine 2002 F-150 in on this junker. My 1994 Chevrolet 1/2 ton, stick shift, strippo model is a better rider.
  • aleemapaleemap Posts: 1
    hello guys,

    I am new @ this so help me out, please.

    my problem started when i melted the wires from the solenoid. and yes as a desperate woman i replaced the solenoid and everything was fine. then my husband drove it to the store and the starter got stuck, and naturally it was my fault. so he replaced the starter, and that didn't fix it, then he replaced the switch under the steering column, that didn't work so while he was at work i replaced the solenoid again, only i didn't attach the starter wire (the big black one, not the red)
    at that time i was getting power to the truck. then he came home, touched the black wire to the solenoid and now no power at all.
    please help me.......before i do desperate things like blow this truck up. jus kidding!
  • galen4galen4 Posts: 1
    I have a 2005 FX4 with the same problem. It is not a vibration, but severe shaking. I just got home from the dealer and they are ordering a part for the steering. They had a truck in recently with the same problem and think they fixed it. They couldn't tell me exactly what the part was as their computer system was down and they needed to look up the truck that was repaired. I can let you know what they found when mine is fixed. It sounds like FORD should already be aware of this problem. I have never had anything shake this bad before and like you say, usually if you come to a complete stop it is fine when starting up again.
  • I got a cylinder 2 misfire reading and the guy at advance told me to replace the coil pack. Well, I did and now it will not start. I get a sound like a machine gun popping off when I try to start it. Anybody know what that is?
  • Take to ford I just had the same problem.
    ford has a recall as of july 12th I believe it will fix the problem
  • I checked into the 4wd problem further now that i had my borther in law over to help me. On the front axle there is a black disc with one pink and one blue vacuum lines on it. when I move the actuator on the front axle that is attached to this black disc with my hand the front wheels turn (the truck is up on jacks and blocks) but the actuator does not stay in. I took off each vacuum line at that disc and only the pink line has a vacuum, the blue line does not even though I have the shifter in 4hi. I then followed the blue line up to the hood next to the batter and took it off appears to be mated with a white vacuum line that did have vacuum. So this leaves me thinking either it is the thing next to the battery that these twho lines plug onto or it is a sensor somewhere else on the transfer case it self that tells the blue vacuum line to start suction. Also, the 4*4 indicator light does not come on in the dash.....any ideas?
  • f450f450 Posts: 3
    If you manually turn your locking hubs on it should go away..One at a time will show you which hub is bad. Either wheel bearing or shaft is bad.
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