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2000 Ford F-250 Super Duty Problems and Solutions



  • mac24mac24 Posts: 3,910
    You're not the only one here to have that experience, just do a search.
  • Kirstie_HKirstie_H Posts: 11,025
    As mac24 hinted, you can use the "search this discussion" feature at the top of this list of messages and type in a keyword to bring up posts by others about this issue.

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  • just happened to me on my f-250 superduty 4x4 5.4l 43000km never abused never off pavement $4650.00 to fix.Check out It has been a FORD problem since 1999
  • Here's a WAG, but have you replaced the CPS to see if that fixes the problem?
  • jakec8jakec8 Posts: 1
    Hi, I'm new here to this group and was wondering if anyone else has had this problem and how did they fix it?
    A friend of mine has a 2001 Ford F-250 super duty with a 7.3L diesel and automatic with overdrive. The problem is when it shifts from first to second you have to let off the throttle sometimes or it wont shift. A local transmission shop told his wife that it needs a new transmission. He drives truck so his wife took it to have it checked out. The truck has 52,000 miles on it and it doesnt do this everytime they drive it.
    Please, Any help would be GREATLY appreciated!
  • lang1lang1 Posts: 1
    hello i was wondering if this service had any good feed back as i am having the same problem with my 99 ford f350sd. the steering keeps cutting in and out.
  • wpalkowskiwpalkowski Posts: 493
    Wow, you really dug up one of my old posts. My '01 used to wander all over the road. I looked like the stereotypical 3 year-old kid imitating someone driving a car. I was constantly moving the wheel back and forth a few inches to keep going in the right direction on a flat smooth, staight road. My truck just wouldn't go in a straight line at Highway speed. If you let go of the wheel, you'd drive off the side of the road in about 5 seconds.
    Dealer's tech drove my truck, recognized the problem and pulled up the TSB for the steering wander. He adjusted the steering gear mesh torque and it was like getting a whole new truck. You can let go of the wheel and it will just keep tracking in straight line. It's been fine ever since.
    I don't know what you mean when you say your "steering is cutting in and out." How many miles on your truck? Could it be your Ball Joints be wearing out? Ford cheaped out and didn't put the xerk fittings on them so they tend to wear out around the 75K mile range.
  • henry_chenry_c Posts: 7
    Anyhting on the 5.4 liter engine and the truck itself. information.
    have a K&N air filter in it qwith a dual exhaust system (three into form the manifolds to 2 two and a quarter tail pipes form the magna flow muffler). goingo to a K&N cold air kit soon.
    Anything would be helpful. things about the engine and the truck itslef that might help me in the futre. moved up from a 1997 Crown Victoria (knew everything about that car, don't know much about the truck...some, but not much)

  • henry_chenry_c Posts: 7
    talked to ford. My 2001 has the same problem..not as much iol, but it just dissappears. FORD says if it uses i quart in 1000 miles then they would fix things...but mine is under an extended service plan too.
    But, the 5.4 is known for it's Oil Burn issues.
  • henry_chenry_c Posts: 7
    check all vaccum lines (think I spelled that wrong)
  • henry_chenry_c Posts: 7
    I think I know what that is. My 97 crown vic had that issue...wouldn't idle. had FOrd look at it three times before I found the problema nd ripped them a new butthole. that went ahead and cleaned it out for me and put it back on. It was the Idle Air Control Module or maybe it was called the Idle Air Control Valve...cannot remember. might be the same thing. small metal thingy near the throttle body. mine was all caked up inside the valve with carbon deposits or something. Basically, it was frozen and would not allow my Crown Vic to Idle. I had it cleaned and put back on. Ford will say it should be replaced with a new one. I had Ford clean the old oneand reinstall it. it has ran Great ever since!

    Did some research...I am almost positive it is called the Idle Air Control Valve.
    ANd I don't think FORD has a FGault Code for that device either. That is why we could nerver get it. I guessed by reading through my Haines manual...called ford..and There it was.
  • henry_chenry_c Posts: 7
    fuel filter might be a great help, as well and ridding the engine of any deposits using some inner engine cleaner...>CAREFUL of that though. using an inner engine cleaner should clean Everything inside that will want to change the oil Right after you run that engine cleaner. Read the Caution statments and instructions carefully!!!
    switch to a synthetic motor oil too. That might halp you in the long run
    have the alignment checked. tires out of alignment could worsen your milage too.
  • lopezslopezs Posts: 7
    I have an 86 ford f-150...when i first got the truck, the guy told me nothing was wrong with after about a week of driving it i found out there was something wrong with.when you drive around for like an hour our so it just dies out of now where like it isnt getting any gas to the engine and when you wait for a lil bit it starts up right back likenothing was wrong and takes off...someone told me it might be the fuel filter..come to find out it didnt have one in i put one in runs alot better now then it did but still cuts off...sometime it wont start then like 5mins later it will start right up...i like the truck alot..or sometimes when your goin down the street it trys to die still like it isnt getting any gas to it..i wanna fix it up real nice..but i need to find out whats wrong with it it the fuel pump or something else..or just a tune up cause the plugs or real bad and need to be changed.and im about to move as soon as i get this fix so yeah i need someone to tell me something
  • jnealjneal Posts: 247
    Change the ignition module in the distributor....abt a $20 part and anyone can change it. Just take one screw out and it plugs into the distributor. You will have to have a special tool to remove it but AutoZone or and parts house has it for a couple of bucks.
  • lopezslopezs Posts: 7
    My 86 f-150 with a 302 pops when your driving down the road...when you take off it starts poppin and then stops when it gets up to comin fromt he it the spark plugs...or something else
  • Kirstie_HKirstie_H Posts: 11,025
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  • jasenejasene Posts: 6
    i have a 2005 f-150 supercrew fx4 and the 4x4 has been giving me problems from the beginning. sometimes it would work and sometimes it would not. when i turned the switch sometimes it would do nothing. others it would work perfect. now it won't do anything at all. 4 high or low won't work. i don't even hear the noise. what would be the most likely thing wrong with it. the dealership is giving me the runaround. i want it fixed before the warranty is up.
  • ford624ford624 Posts: 75
    My Ford truck I bought in 1982 is now being passed onto my son.
    Darn thing will not wear out.
    I got tired of waiting.
    Last Friday I bought a new 2006 Lariat Super Crew.
    It is very nice.
  • letoaletoa Posts: 1
    My F150 was going well until my check engine light came on soon after the car started vibrating wildly when it idles - then after a while it would just cut-off. In fact it didnt even wait till it came to a stand still even when while it was moving slowly (without my foot on the accelerator) it would just cut out. My mechanic is totally puzzled - first it was the O2 senors which have been changed and no go its still the same - now he is telling me its the aircondition unit which is drawing too much power and knocking the engine out. I am not a mechanic so i am finding this all too frustrating.

    Can anyone help with suggesdtions?

    Here are some the symptoms.
    1) wild iddling
    2)engine cuts-off after idling in a parking or very,very-low speed.
    3) check engine light constantly on!
  • mac24mac24 Posts: 3,910
    . My mechanic is totally puzzled................check engine light constantly on!

    Try finding a competent mechanic who has a code reader and can understand fault codes, or take it to Autozone and have it done for free.
  • jnealjneal Posts: 247
    As Mac24 said, take it to AutoZone and have the code/codes read and post them here. Someone may be able to offer some advice based on the codes.
    Also, while you are at AutoZone, have them check your battery and alternator....could be the problem.
  • peaveypeavey Posts: 1
    We have this same problem. Dealer has had the truck twice now and cannot duplicate the noise. while moving, our truck will suddenly sound like we are dragging a muffler and then pop. Last time it did it we managed to go 30 miles with it constantly making the even kept up through slowdowns and turns. It appeared to be effecting the low gears or idle while going slow. It only stopped once we pulled up to the ford dealer and came to a complete stop. Help...( )
  • 4byfour4byfour Posts: 2
    Lucky guy. I want one too!
    2wd or 4wd?
    I want a 4wd.
    where did you buy it and if you don;t mind how much?

    What is the reliability of these new Fords?
  • pbotpbot Posts: 1
    I have a 2000 F-350 with the 7.3L turbo diesel and when I try to start it under 55 degrees it fires a little then quits. The most recent case is today at 47 degrees. I end up having to plug in the block heater. After i get it running it's fine and starts the rest of the day without problems.

    Has anyone else had this problem?

    I was thinking it may be my glow plugs but it only has 85,000 miles on it.

    Thanks in advance.

  • Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright Sonoma, CaliforniaPosts: 57,613
    glow plugs need periodic replacement I believe on your truck. Not sure, but you should check to see if this is a normal "expendable" item that requires swapping out at a certain mileage. Diesels ignite solely on compression, so it's either the glow plugs or low compression as a rule.

    There are more radical solutions for getting cold diesels to start easily but for 47 degrees I don't think they apply here.

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  • wpalkowskiwpalkowski Posts: 493
    Check your Glow Plug relay. From reading Powerstroke posts it seems to be the weak link a lot of the time. Glow plugs do die, but your's aren't that old.
  • Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright Sonoma, CaliforniaPosts: 57,613
    That's a really good suggestion as well. The relay is probably fused, too, so check that too.

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  • shakeyf250shakeyf250 Posts: 2
    I am glad i'm not the only one that is having this problem with their truck, and service department at the dealership, i just got my truck back and the service tech adjusted the gear mesh load in the steering box, now my truck feels like it doesn't have power steering, i am almost leary to drive it on the interstate. My next step is to have the tech/ service mngr drive on the interstate and have it happen to them, i bet after they change their shorts they will find a solution!
    thanks, shakeyf250
  • rlewis1rlewis1 Posts: 2
    It sounds like you may have a vacum leak. Get a can of WD-40 and spray it around your engine while it is idleing. If the engine rpm's increase you found the leak. Fix it and your problems should be solved.
  • rlewis1rlewis1 Posts: 2
    My truck has 15,000 miles and it has started making a loud grinding noise followed by the sound of gears spinning freely and winding down in the front end. This occurs while driving at any speed. It will normally stop when I slow down or come to a complete stop and you hear a loud clunk and everything returns to normal. It grinds loud enough that everyone around is staring wondering what is wrong. I suspect a problem with the hubs or axles in the front end.
    Has anyone else had this problem fixed??
    From talking to other people it is not uncommon, but the dealers couldn't fix the problems. My truck has been in the shop for three days now and they are clueless.
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