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Mazda MX-5 Miata Starting and Stalling Problems



  • lz4004lz4004 Posts: 37
    Sounds like a bad crank,cam sensor.
  • My MONEY IS ON A BAD CAT!!! 99.9% believe its exhaust related (it runs great at start-up/evening. WHY? The little critters C-O-L-D, Hello?!!! Could be excess Carbon in the Intake manifold--the 99's-Y2Ks were infamous for thath was cured in 2001. Also, check yer CAT. My 91 had a blocked CAT and it would fire up great in the Morning but would choke & sputter when she got heated up. Doesn't sound like a SHORT because the problem is consistant---it doesnt manifest itself in the mornings/at start-up BUT when heated up?!!!
  • Being an old guy the old style of coil used to cause a car to die once the coil got hot. Then it might or might not restart and run rough. If this happens to a split coil engine like the Miata,and most new cars, then the car would run rought, sence it is running on only two cyl. My problem is that my 92 miata that my wife drives will not start. So having read all the post I guess I will go out and buy a edmund book for my car and get a CPS for my car. Thanks for all the posts.
  • cwybengacwybenga Posts: 4
    I have a 2000 miata and 2 years ago had to replace the coils. Was a pricy bill but I haven't had any issues since. At the time I had to do the exhaust as well (don't try to buy aftermarker exhaust) which was another pricy bill but when all was said and done I have had no issues since. Run it winter and summer. Love it.
  • Sorry guys for those who paid so much for the cam sensor especially the installation which is only one screw.That's it!!! A hundred dollars to install a cam sensor is like murder.I installed mine and I am not a mechanic at all. This is the easiest fix in a Miata.
  • My 97 Mazda M had to have a new - and really pricey battery - and now it must be put on a battery charger over night after driving a couple of days. I do not want to go back to the people who installed the battery - I was in a big city, far from home - and I am not sure where to take the car to get it checked out. The car was fine until the battery went bad, never had a problem.

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