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Jeep Liberty Interior and Upholstery



  • emmabemmab Posts: 43
    The bulletin number is 23-015-06 from March (06, I think?).
    I found a place to obtain the bulletin but I dont feel like paying for getting it, so I am going to keep looking to see if there is a place to find it for free.
  • faroutfarout Posts: 1,609
    The only place to get a copy of the TSB is a dealer. But the TSB does little good! There is nothing that the seats do not attract, the material is like a magnet to anything that can make any kind of stain. Think about ...rain stain? That's pretty far off and deserves a "fickel finger of fait award" in my book.
    Take your Jeep in to the dealer and tell them you want the seats cleaned. When they try to give yoy a bill go to the General manager with the bill and explain you unhappy experience. Bet he lets the bill go.

  • caribou1caribou1 Posts: 1,354
    Happy New Year Farout,
    Are you guys complaining about the water droplets that inevitably fall on the seats when a door opens? In this case it's pollution carried by rain drops plus pavement residues that collect on the seats.
  • emmabemmab Posts: 43
    I'm sorry. I do not believe seats should stain from anything you mentioned.
    That is just plain silly.
    How many vehicles with fabric seats have you had, and how many of them stained when rainwater got on them?
    They are perfectly capable of making good quality fabric seats, which look nice and hold up through anything.
    I have had a goodly few GM vehicles with cloth seats, which looked nice all the time.
    I dont buy the rain story.
    And like I said, we clean car upholstery for people through our business and we dont see spots from rain showing up on most of them.
  • caribou1caribou1 Posts: 1,354
    It's not pure rain water that stains, it's the oily substance that deposits onto the asphalt and that makes roads so slippery during the first hour after it starts to rain. When you have this solution under your shoes, you stain your carpets.
  • I don't buy the rain water story either. If that's the case how do you explain plain tap water staining the seats? My children are not allowed to drink anything in my car other than water. They occasionally spill their water and we have horrible stains as a result.
  • caribou1caribou1 Posts: 1,354
    I agree that drinkable water shouldn't stain the glass used to drink it.

    If there is an alteration of the material covering the seats when your children spill their water, then the dye is not fixed well or dust becomes a coloring pigment of the material.

    In industrial cleaning processes where ultra pure water is used for aerospace or scientific applications, a cascade of water rinses is standard practice after detergent(s) . It's a matter of dilution in this case.
  • emmabemmab Posts: 43
    Caribou, do you work for jeep?
    Not a word you said makes any sense.
    I'm sorry, no other vehicle we have ever ever owned gets stained from rain or any other kind of water or liquid.
  • caribou1caribou1 Posts: 1,354
    I work for a nuclear research center, and we have our own cleaning department ;)
  • Try the leather heated seats the next time. I've had them on the 2003 and now the 2008. Easy to take care of and keep clean just a couple of times a year.
  • I must replace the passenger side outside mirror on my 2005 Sport CRD. How do I get the front door panel off so that I can do this job?
  • I have had good luck with Maguires spray-on upholstery cleaner. Just let it set for a while, and vacuum it up. Or you can let it dry and whisk it off with a dry cloth.
  • I have an 2006 Grand Cherokee and I'm SO sick of the water stains. I couldn’t believe it when it happened the first time! It was raining and I hopped in the truck quickly, that's all it took! Even snow flakes stain the seats! The stains look as if Coke or oil got on the seats, it's so awful. It looks like I don’t take care of my truck, and that al I try to do. I called the dealer and told them about it - Instead of offering to HELP me they tell me to buy something for it.... I shouldn’t have to do that.. That’s the whole point. I'm going there today in person - as usual I'm sure I'll be treated like I don’t know what I'm talking about because I'm female. I'm almost temped to trade it in and take my business elsewhere (non-Jeep), which I hate to do. I LOVED my 2002 GC so much that I bought the 2006; unfortunately not such a great experience the second time around. We’ll see what happens. I’m glad there are others out there with the same issue because other people don’t believe me when I tell them that water stained my seats. :mad:
  • xtecxtec Posts: 354
    Thats why I bought A can of Scotchgard for my seats.I'm doing mine this weekend.A little over 5 bucks will cure your problem.Good Luck.
  • I can attest to that. I have a 2005 Jeep Liberty, bought it new. I went crazy with the water stain issue and for the first year, what I would do is soak the whole seat with a spray bottle of water, and do it evenly. Then I would let it dry overnight, and everything blended in then. But I can tell you that just simply dripping water from my water bottle AND if opening the door when it was raining out and rain came in on seat would do it! It was ugly and I hated it. I am a clean freak and it would always look like I had six friends in my Jeep, having dinner. I have no little children in there, no pets, no smokers, just me. So....I ended it taking my Jeep in (to a company here in Vancouver) and converting the whole darn thing to leather. I couldn't be happier!!
  • emmabemmab Posts: 43
    Well, if you are scotchguarding or teflon coating your seats, make sure they are cleaned first or you will just seal in a mess.
    Also, as professional cleaners we would never ever suggest soaking down vehicle seats. Truth of the matter is, and we all know it, this should never have happened and the only remedy is to redo the seats or buy covers (which I never did like).
    Btw, a few weeks ago a nice bit of snow fell off the roof onto my seats.
    Just lovely.
  • ehd24ehd24 Posts: 4
    I just received the new Jeep magazine and had a laugh. On page 6 there is a column titled, 'We want to hear from you...' Chrysler LLC is inviting Jeep customers to visit and encourages you to provide feedback on your Jeep products. I say we all repost our water stain horror stories there too!!!!
  • rgrobinsrgrobins Posts: 5
    2005 Grand Cherokee - I have posted in the past on this thread. I did not want to be too optimistic until it really happened. My local (Memphis) dealership has promised to replace the seat cushion covers (not the backs) due to water spotting. They said they are authorized to do that much, reference to the Tech Svc bulletin that was released. That was 2 months ago. I'm checking with them every three weeks to see if the fabric has been received; am still waiting. I will keepp you all informed when it happens. Ron
  • emmabemmab Posts: 43
    I say we should bombard them.
    Not only about the seats, but other things as well.
    My windows were all redone at my request a couple weeks back (two had stopped going up and down).
    Well, now I have a horrible squeak screech coming from the window they just fixed.
    I have my eyes set on a Hyundai Santa Fe, and nearly was able to buy one last Friday but darn if my stupid Jeep hardly has any trade in value (2006, 20000 miles).
  • jeepboy08jeepboy08 Posts: 49
    I tell you what! My dealer told me to put scotch guard on all of my seats! He also told me that he has never heard of water staining the Liberty seats before! Man, this whole YES! essentials thing is CRAP! I want NEW FABRIC, now! But I will ALWAYS love my liberty. :D
  • emmabemmab Posts: 43
    No, listen, we own a carpet cleaning company.
    You have to put Scotch guard on clean fabric, either brand new or cleaned.
    The stains that are most likely already there (if your Jeepy is like my Jeepy) are not going away. We tried to get ours out with our professional cleaning equipment. They are not going anywhere. It's too late for Scotch guard. It's just going to seal in more stains or sit there on stains that dont want to go away.
    Btw, mine are from snow which fell on the seats through the window. And in case you missed it earlier, my dealership told me it was from air pollution which the rain or snow passes through. ha ha.
    Now though, they admit the windows are flawed and so are the seats but they say Jeep isnt going to do anything ever.
  • jeepboy08jeepboy08 Posts: 49
    I figured that, but let me tell you all something. Yesterday I was cleaning my seats. I was so sick and tired of them looking like crap, that I said, whatever has to be done is going to be done!

    So I went to the auto store and bought what is called "Oxy Carpet and Interior Cleaner" and I sprayed it on one seat at a time, scrubbed for about 15 minutes on each seat, and wet the seat a little, and then used my wet dry vacuum to suck all that water up, and this morning THE STAINS WERE GONE! I was so happy. Try this method, it really does work.

    Man I sound like i am working for an infomercial. Tell me how it turns out for you all.
  • rgrobinsrgrobins Posts: 5
    I've already responded on this BB. There is a tech svc bulletin. I had my front and rear seat bottom covers replaced. They would not do the seat backs. Get with your dealer.
  • jeepboy08jeepboy08 Posts: 49
    I don't understand what you are trying to tell me, sorry.
  • emmabemmab Posts: 43
    Our dealership said no.
    Should we keep asking?
    And glad the Oxy cleaner worked for you!
  • jeepboy08jeepboy08 Posts: 49
    Maybe you should keep asking. Usually they will give in after a while. It took me FOREVER to get my dealer to order me a new tire cover.
  • emmabemmab Posts: 43
    We have gotten them to budge a little on this whole Jeep deal.
    First they said it was air pollution causing the stains, now at least they admit their is a flaw in the materials.
    They also admit the windows will continue to go bad.
    They also said dont try to write Chrysler because the people are overseas and dont really care what is wrong anyway.

    I think I have learned to live with my seats, because at least we have our own carpet cleaning company and can clean them when we want. It works a bit, not much.
    The windows scare me. Because when the warranty goes, I dont have the money to keep throwing into window repairs.
  • jeepboy08jeepboy08 Posts: 49
    All I can say is, "Now days, does anyone have the money?"

    You know, I think that your dealers are right, the people DON'T care. But I am with you, I just bought seat covers, and I am living with that. They look pretty good. I will post a picture of what they look like later.
  • ehd24ehd24 Posts: 4
    what kind of seat covers did you go with? i am thinking of going that route but since the front seats don't have adjustable headrests i wasn't sure what would work.....thanks
  • jeepboy08jeepboy08 Posts: 49
    On Sunday I will take pictures of what they look like; I got them from Walmart, because I went the cheap route. Haha. I payed about $25 for two captain seat covers. They look really nice. [:

    Also when you are looking for your seat covers make sure that you get the kind that can be used for adjustable or built-in head rests!
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