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Jeep Liberty Interior and Upholstery



  • jeepboy08jeepboy08 Posts: 49
    Actually, the ones from Walmart were taken back! Haha, I purchased some from eBay though. I will tell you all how that goes when i get them. It will be sometime next week.

    The package included the following:

    3 Head rests (2 for the back seats, and one extra)
    2 seat covers for the back seat
    2 captain chair seat covers
    1 steering wheel cover
    2 seatbelt comforters

    They had 11 different color choices, and I went with the black on white leather, which was a little bit more expensive, but it looks 100 times better. i will still take pictures and post them to show you what it looks like, but it will be late next week. Wish me luck!
  • blubayoublubayou Posts: 2
    I know I am about a year late with this forum but I am so glad I found it. For the longest time I thought I was just one of the unlucky ones. I have a 2005 Liberty and within the first month of purchasing it, rain stained the seats and they have progressively incorporated stains that are beyond help...all due to WATER! WATER? It is such a buzz kill to even wash and wax my little cutie because the interior always looks horrible. Forget the scotchguard crap...why in the world should anyone have to spend one red cent on a factory default that clearly is a nationwide problem? For almost 4 years I have battled these stupid stains, only to be disappointed. Has anyone gone to corporate with this problem yet? Whomever suggested a class action suit...I'm in, if I'm not too late. We all deserve some sort of recourse here...this is bloody ridiculous. What about the value we are losing once we decide to sell or trade it in? How do you explain those gross stains? It's almost a deal breaker...I know I'd be wondering what the heck was going on in that vehicle if I saw nasty stains like that. I am not trying to reduce our gender ladies, but it seems most Libertys are owned by you think this issue would go unresolved if this were occuring to men? Honestly?
  • I guess you have not read all the other posting. This is my 3rd Jeep with cloth seats and this did not with other 2; and I have owned many other cars with cloth seats that did not have this problem. Again, anything liquid including WATER stains the seats.
  • kimideekimidee Posts: 1
    Thank you all!!! I thought that I was the only one with this water staining problem. I also have never had this issue with any vehicle myself or my husband has owned. I have also had the drivers side window worked on and now the passenger side seems to be going. The thing that scares me now ( I bought a 2007 jeep liberty limited) is that the local dealer that I got the jeep from is on the list of dealership closures !!!! GREAT!!! I always wanted a jeep and was a little tentative about buying one because I had owned a Chrysler once before and vowed I would never own one again. It is amazing how the corporate world can take a good product and turn it into a piece of CRAP! Oh yeah, another valuable lesson I learned was to never put chrome caps on the aluminum valve stems with the stupid tire pressure sensors...AGAIN, with bad advise from the dealership mechanic, it cost me over $250 to get them replaced because they siezed and a lot of aggravation. If there is ever a lawsuit...I'M IN !!!!! :mad:
  • faroutfarout Posts: 1,609
    The seats were so bothersome to us we sent many notes to the Chrysler Consumers web site we finally got some help. Chrysler saw we had our 2005 "Green Beast" with the CRD engine bought back. There were many other issues besides the seats. Jeeps as far as I am concerned are very costly to keep up. They ride hard, and get poor fuel mileage. I will never own a Jeep again! We bought a Chrysler Pacifica AWD Touring and we really like it and it goes everwhere we went with the Jeep. For us the AWD works very well and we live on gravel roads that has snow and ice in the winter and the PAC did super good.

  • Hi - I had the same thing about 2 years into ownership - the lever just broke off - have you had any luck with fixing yours....I have an '03 Liberty Renegade
  • I want to thank you for your tip about OXY CARPET AND INTERIOR CLEANER by ZIP. I had stains on my 2006 JEEP LIBERTY seats. I tried a couple of well known car cleaners which seemed to make the stains worse. I went to Home Depot and picked up the Zips Oxy Carpet Cleaner and gave it a try. This stuff is great. All stains are gone!!! Now, the seats are back to new condition and I put on seat covers to protect them. Thanks again for the great find! You saved my seats. I am now using these stuff on my home carpets and it works on difficult stains.
  • I am in the same boat... I have an 07 Grand Cherokee still under warranty... I am getting the runaround... I am contacting a lawyer... Those who want to join in please let me know! ASAP! We need to get this taken care of... People shouldn't have to suffer and have terrible stained seats because they used faulty materials!
  • john415john415 Posts: 5
    Have you tried the OXY cleaner on a small area yet? It worked great for me and now I put seat covers on for protection. I am not sure that you can do much legally as the company was bought by Fiat. They may not have to honor claims if you purchased your Jeep while the company was CHRYSLER. If I don't have to pay anything out of pocket to the lawyer, I would be interested.
  • I haven't tried that yet because it is a fault in the material, they should have to fix it, not me... I also don't want to have ugly seat covers on my Laredo... I know it will protect it, but all my previous jeeps have never had this problem... It's ridiculous to have to purchase something extra to cover up their error... It's like Apple making you buy a case for the iPhone 4s. Eventually enough people complained that they gave everyone a free case! That is customer service!

    Ok, Well I am waiting to hear back from them... I am sending in pics, etc... So I will let you know what happens...

    Fiat or Chrysler... Someone should pay for this mistake... PS: They are not using this fabric anymore and are advertising stain resistant seats:-)

    They know there is a problem or they wouldn't have issued a TSB about it...
  • john415john415 Posts: 5
    I agree with you on all counts. I do not like my seat covers but I wanted to protect my seats after I removed all the stains. I am not under warranty so I am not sure who to contact. If you are able to contact anyone at the headquarters to talk to, please let me know and I will complain as well. Good luck in your quest and keep us in the loop.
  • Thanks!
    I finally got a District Mgr to look at them this morning... I even poured some water on the seats to show them the problem...

    They called me back and said my options are 1) Reupholster with the SAME fabric and they will split the cost 50/50 with me... Making me pay $1000 to get the SAME stuff put back in! Or, 2) Have my seats cleaned and try to keep them clean...

    Those don't sound like good options to me:-( So, not quite sure how to proceed from here... I heard that Jeep doesn't like publicity, and I work for a news station, so I am thinking about going to all the news channels "watchdogs" and writing them about the problem & write letters to the Papers... Then see what my lawyer friend can do... More to come...
  • john415john415 Posts: 5
    It was the answer that I would expect these people at Jeep. There is no reason that you should spend a dime out of pocket to fix their problem. I won't bore you with the JEEP LIBERTY electric window problems but only tell you that I will never ever buy a CHRYSLER product again. They have continually demonstrated a complete lack of customer care. At this point I don't know how bad your seats are but I had great success with the ZIP RUG&UPOLSTERY spray cleaner that I found at HOME DEPOT. Spray the entire seat following the directions and you may get a good result. I hope taking your problem to an open public forum helps bring you to a better conclusion.
  • meeker81meeker81 Posts: 1
    hello I have a 2007 jeep grand cherokee as well, i love everything about it but the freaking seats they drive me insane, the whole water staining thing is just crappy!!!! rain, snow, the sweating dripping off a water bottle etc.. I had gave up and bought seat covers for the front and back, after about almost a year of them im over them!! I took them off yesterday and decided to scrub my seats with hot soapy water , all I used was Reg dawn dishsoap, after scrubbing each seat one by one i used my dry/wet vac and just keep going over the seat to suck most of the water out, as of today my jeep looks brand new inside again =)))))))) and it cost nothing! I will be going and buying some scotchguard to hopefully keep them that way, at least I know now what works and its free! Hope this helps someone
  • Any updates on this? I just discovered this forum. I have a 2005 Liberty that stains with any moisture contact. It is extremely frustrating! This is suppose to be a bit of a more rugged vehicle to take myself and all my outdoor gear to where we need to be but when it stain with the touch of a drop of water I feel like I am driving around in a disaster all the time. I am extremely upset and dissatisfied! Unless Jeep does something to restore my confidence I will not be considering a chevy for my next car (which may be sooner, rather then later due to my current jeep problems).
  • emmabemmab Posts: 43
    We sold ours, but we found a great deal on a nice Volvo.
    That Jeep was my first car that was all mine, but alas it was not worth the horrible staining.
    I loved the ride, and everything else...not the staining.
    Or the windows that went off track and never worked right.....
  • faroutfarout Posts: 1,609
    I have had 2 Jeep Liberty's that have had this material a 2005 and a 2006. It was so upsetting that even a soft mist of rain stained the seats. We tried everything. The dealer even tried stean cleaning the seats........which made them look even worse! The material was changed, and I think that happened about 2008. I have not kept up with it to be sure.

    After 3 Jeep Liberty's and one Jeep Compass, and a hurting back, knees, and really poor MPG I gave up. We bought a Chrysler Pacifica Touring AWD. The PAC gets 22 tp 25 mpg and goes every where the Jeep's went except with a smoother ride and comfort that is fantastic. Franklt my 66 year old bones rattle to much in these go any where Jeeps.
  • gmbabgmbab Posts: 1
    edited May 2012
    I recently talked to an interior repair specialist about this problem in my jeep. He successfully cleaned my seats and explained to me that it is the material being used on most new vehicles. Jeep is not the only maker with this problem, GM, Ford, and most other manufactures have the same problem. For questions contact him at
  • I have a 2005 Jeep Liberty Limited. I just recently hit 22K miles on my jeep (I don't go out much obviously due to being a disabled Persian Gulf War veteran). I do love my jeep but like everyone else, the stains are AWFUL. Like someone else said, it just drizzles outside and a few drops of plain ol rain get on the seats, BAM IT IS STAINED for LIFE. I would love to get these awful water stains out and be done and put seat covers over em. I have tried several suggestions already just to stain my seat(s) even more. Someone PLEASE help with a legitimate solution for this problem.
  • The only thing that worked for me was ZEP upholstery w/oxy spray cleaner. It is available at Home Depot. You must spray the entire surface until it is evenly wet.
    You can use a clean new sponge to make sure it is all nice and wet. Let dry. You should be pleased with the results.
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