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2013 and earlier Mazda CX-9 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • zchengzcheng Posts: 4
    We purchased a brand new 2010 Grand Touring with Moonroof and powerlift gate for 30254 without 0% and before 500 rebate. The MSRP is 36250 as a reference. We negotiated a price for a 2010 Touring with moonroof and powerlift gate for 28500 before 500 rebate, but the dealer do not have the color we want.
  • circlewcirclew Posts: 8,609
    I am also in the market for the GT AWD with MR/B and Nav.

    Asked for the "What Others are Paying" from Edmunds and one dealer said ok, come on in but the local dealer where I live said I could not get the financing on that price. It would be a cash price.

    The one dealer could be a come on but accepted $37,553 OTD. I am in no hurry so I'll let it ride awhile to see if the local guy comes back.

  • lukes6lukes6 Posts: 35
    Got a quote left on my voice mail from my local dealer on this package for $35800, which is $900 below invoice with 0/60 financing. Didn't call them back today.
    Haven't pushed it further yet and still not where I believe it can be. Thought they might come in a little better being the last day of the month. Will wait to see what incentives Mazda offers for November. Still intrigued with some of the posts saying they are getting both the 0/60 financing and $2000 incentive. My dealer offered one or the other. Didn't push for both yet. If I could land both then would be a lot closer to where I think it should be from many of the deals on this forum. I've bought a few Mazda's from this dealer but may need to expand the search if things stall. Will update as negotiations continue.
  • suvehsuveh Posts: 2
    Just got the following initial quote w/o 0/60.

    Grand GT AWD, w/ Moonroof, Bose, Power Rear Lifted Gate, Navi for $32927 plus $100 processing fee plus TTL.

    Is this a good deal? Reasonable deal? What's should I go from there?

    Thanks in advance.
  • Just picked up a 2010 GT AWD Crystal White with Navi, RSES and Liftgate for $35,899 (plus $60 admin fee) with 0% for 60 months. Had to drive 100 miles to get it though, the local dealers couldn't do it they said.

    Any good? I am pretty happy with the deal. They gave me $10,850 for my 2004 Jeep Grand Cherokee (Limited), too, which was about $1,000 more than anyone else had offered.
  • lukes6lukes6 Posts: 35
    Could you provide more info. Was $35899 OTD? What was the MSRP for the GT and options you have?
  • rlarsen462rlarsen462 Posts: 3
    edited November 2010
    Sorry, MSRP was $40,315.

    I ponied up for an extended warranty (6yr/72,000 since my wife drives her cars forever) as it seemed fairly priced, and I will pay taxes OOP (they charge sales tax on the sales tax in MO from what I understand, if you roll it into the loan).
  • Dealer will only offer you 2K off or 0% APR/ 60 months. You just need to negotiate really well... eventually your final offer feels like they are giving you 2K plus 0%.
  • depends on what the APR is for 60 months. Sometimes it is better to take 0% APR in lieu of 2K off. TMV is around 34,761. Do the math when you find out about the APR. Shouldn't be anything higher than 2.9%.
  • Could you tell me where you are located?
  • Sounds like a great deal. I was being quoted 47,600 in Ontario, Canada. Reading this forum to get a feel for the deals people are getting
  • I am in the St. Louis area.
  • crikeycrikey Posts: 1,041
    I guess you realize that there is a big deviation in prices between the U.S. and Canada. If it weren't for possible warranty voidance, I would seriously recommend going across the border and buying in the U.S. especially since the U.S. greenback and the Canadian loonie are almost the same in value.
  • Just got my 2010 GT (Nav, Moonroof, Bose) for 27k. I got it used with 20k miles on it (was a Mazda rep vehicle).
  • Hello folks,

    Was just reading around and wanted some feedback.

    I purchased the 2010 CX9 T AWD for 32,990, 0% in the NYC area. Is that a good price?
  • Hello,

    Am shopping for a Black or Blue CX-9 GT AWD with the bose/moonroof package, Navigation and power rear hatch. I got a quote from a local dealer for a car that has all of the above plus tow hitch and harness, all weather floor mats and rear bumper step plate for $33,000. The MSRP (inluding destination fee) is $40,000.

    The $33,000 price includes the $2K incentive, and so, will not qualify for the 0% APR. However, I am planning to put a down payment of ~10K and finance the rest with a 2.99% auto loan. I save more with the $2K off than the 0% in this case.

    I was also able to get free oil changes for the life of the car.

    This seems to be a good price based on the posts I've read here. The other dealers in the area are quoting $34,800 for the same car (without the tow hitch and the rear bumper step).

    Is this really a good price? Any comments/thoughts? Thanks.
  • lukes6lukes6 Posts: 35
    I'm shopping for the same model in Black and the best price I got was $35,800 with the 0%/60months, same options minus the mats and rear bumper step plate. I got this offer Oct 31 and haven't tried to get it lower due to the fact that things here at work are looking a little shaky all of a sudden. Don't need a new car if I'm out of work. That said, you are getting a few extras that weren't in my offer which is $800 below what I was quoted (not considering the 2K incentive which you are taking). Not a bad deal at all. Where are you getting this price? Here in Florida, it seems that $400-$500 under invoice is about the best you can get. Haven't seen the spectacular numbers that I read about here in the forum. Also, watch out that the dealer doesn't hit you with huge fees while closing the deal! Good luck!
  • This is in Portland, OR. I will also qualify for a $500 Mazda loyalty discount (bought a Mazda 3 last year). Thanks for the heads up regarding the fees. Will watch out for it when I go in to finalize today or tomorrow.
  • ricerice Posts: 3
    Just purchased 2010 CX -9 GT, Color: Dolphin Gray with remote starter and all weather mats for $33,190. The dealer location is in Quincy, MA. Paid cash for it and it seemed like a good deal.
  • Hi,

    Did you get the car? I am trying to get to the same price in the SF Bay area but not succeeding yet. The dealers just got a shipment of 2011's so that might make a difference.

  • I got it at team superstores, vallejo ca. You need to go visit mazda website and view inventory. find the car you like and go to, edmunds, get the (great price) cost and go to the dealership. Don't hassle with the salesman, and just tell him what you price you want, if not, walk away.

    hope this helps
  • Thanks. Unfortunately they don't have the Touring AWD that I want. Putnam has a couple but they are holding out.
  • lukes6lukes6 Posts: 35
    I see that 2011's are on the lots and the incentives didn't change for November.
    Still a bunch of 2010's in my state and appears that sales have slowed according
    To my local dealer. Anyone bought a 2010 or 2011 in last few weeks? Anyone care to guess what Mazda may do as far as incentives for December?
  • 2010 Touring with wheel locks...its my commuter car to the train, and then half family car. Had a 2007 Mitsubishi Eclipse Spyder GT, auto and loaded, but with four kids, needed another family car too (we have a leased 2010 Buick Enclave - great vehicle).

    While I loved the Buick, I couldn't see getting another one, or a Traverse, or a Arcadia - needed something different.

    Came down to CX-9 and Pilot. Different animals, and might have gone Pilot if it had been comparably priced and did not have the cheap plastic on the dash, but the comparable Pilot was $6,000 more...couldn't see that for my "train car".

    Plus, love the sporty ride and quietness of the CX-9.

    Got $13,500 for my Spyder, and got the Touring CX9 w/wheel locks for $28,150 plus destination. Might have been able to get something better - but, seemed decent enough.

    Now - to lease or just buy. Probably buy. Opinions? I'll probably hold onto this for 6 years, so, probably makes sense to just flat out buy it. Have until Wednesday morning to decide.
  • cericceric Posts: 1,092
    edited November 2010
    I waited for the new Pilot to come out until I saw the spy shots, then, I went to the Mazda dealer for the CX9.
    I've owned several Honda/Acura in my life.
    The hallmarks of Honda are "noises and lousy brakes".
    My CX9 put a smile on my face every time I drive it around. And, I used to own a BMW 540iA for 10 yrs. :)

    Anyway, I usually own vehicles for about 7 yrs. Therefore, I bought all the vehicles I owned. Why 7? Even reliable vehicles start to show problems after 7 yrs statistically. ;)
  • aviboy97aviboy97 Posts: 3,159
    Anyway, I usually own vehicles for about 7 yrs. Therefore, I bought all the vehicles I owned. Why 7? Even reliable vehicles start to show problems after 7 yrs statistically

    I happen to agree.

    Seeing cars come in on trade that are 7 years old with miles ranging from 90,000 to 150,000 almost always needs thousands in work to be considered a "safe" car to drive by most state laws. Some of this is neglected maintenance but also defective or broken parts (ABS light, check engine light, airbag light). With needing thousands of work, does this make them "reliable"? That's a tough question. I would say no. Just because a car is drivable does not make it reliable. I have seen this is every car made including Toyota's, Honda's, Nissann's, Mazda's, Ford's, GM's, VW's....etc....There are also cars that come in not needing much of all from all manufacturers. I guess how the car is taken care of can determine how "reliable" the car is when it gets older.
  • gparrgparr Posts: 4
    Have perused the and others for the best price. They are still on the 2010 pricing.

    How do you figure current prices for 2011?
  • Try, they have the 2011 pricing...
  • gparrgparr Posts: 4
    I don't know what I am doing wrong, but only shows me 2010 on the CX-9 GT.
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