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2013 and earlier Mazda CX-9 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • New Car Price Reports/Mazda/CX9/ There should be a little orange triangle next to the 2010 - I just did it, it should work.
  • Dealer gave me the price is $34,234 + TTL for 2010 CX9 GT include MOONROOF/BOSE, NAVIGATION SYSTEM and POWER OPEN/CLOSE REAR HATCH. Is it a good price?

    by the way, I am living in wisconsin.

    Thanks a lot
  • Is the $33,000 price out the door price? or it is the price before TTL.

  • FWD or AWD? Everyone please state FWD or AWD when discussing your purchases/possible purchases - it would help us all!!!

  • I think it's a great price... where is it?
  • I have been reading on these forums for the past few weeks since I got interested in the CX9.

    I am planning to buy a used 2008 CX9 GT AWD with Navigation, Backup Camera, Rear DVD, BSM, Power Rear Hatch from a dealer. It has 48000 miles on it and price is $22500.

    Should I expect any issues with so many miles on it? The tires are pretty new 8/32.
    What do you guys think? Is this a good price?

  • Is Mazda financing only thru Chase?
  • Mine was through Bank of America. Logged on to my checking account a few weeks after the sale (10/23/10) and the loan was already there on my log-in page.
  • Just a note that yesterday I picked up a 2010 AWD GT with nav, moonroof/Bose, power lift gate, roof rack and wheel locks. MSRP was $39,615 and invoice was $36,596. Using the rebate, I got it for $34,500 plus TTL. I probably could have gotten a little lower than that had I been less picky on colors; got the Dolphin Grey with Sand interior. Most of the remaining 2010s in the DC area were black or white with black interior. I got prices from USAA's buying service, but ended up buying from a dealer that didn't participate in it. But overall it seems like a good deal and I'm real happy with the car so far.
  • Fully loaded 2010 AWD, e.g. moonroof, nav, power rear, roof rack, tow hitch. I was offered $36720 or $300 below invoice. Sound fair? This is before any other incentives.
  • I'm in Pittsburgh, PA. I was looking for a base mode 2010 GT AWD with NO options, just a few accessories (splash guard, bear bumper guard, retractable cargo cover, all weather floor mats).
    The dealer's asking price is 34,058 with 0% loan, or 32,058 for cash.

    The saleswoman insist that the TMV price is only good for a cash deal, which I know is not true ( says it factors in the incentive).

    The issue is that I can only find two car with the color that I like, and has no options on it.
    Am I out of luck for a better price?
    And what should I expect for a base mode GT AWD 2010 here in Pittsburgh anyways?

  • You should be able to get a 2011 for that price.
  • That seems like a pretty good price, although you might do just a little bit better. As I noted in a post today, I paid $34.5 including the rebate for a basically loaded GT, although I didn't get the tow hitch. So you're doing right about as well as I did. I figured if I wasn't picky about colors I could have cut around $250 off what I paid. That said, quibbling over a hundred bucks or so on a $35k car probably isn't a big deal.
  • Anyone here bought a 2010 GT AWD in the Pittsburgh area recently? What did you pay?
  • Just bought a 2010 CX9 Grand Touring AWD in Dolphin Gray / Black leather with the big options (Bose / moonroof, power liftgate, nav, roof rails, etc) for a smidge under invoice. Sticker was $39,500 paid $36,700 (price includes destination) with 0 percent. Would have been $2k under invoice without the financing (0% worked better for us). Probably could have done better elsewhere but we had a trade nobody seemed to want and they gave us a reasonable offer. Having a trade really screws the deal.

    Did not want nav at all, but the big touch screen is actually really cool. Have not driven it enough to determine if the nav will displace my beloved Garmin, but for the satellite radio, bluetooth phone, etc it is nice.

    I found the inventory locator on Edmunds very helpful, especially as I wanted a specific color - love being able to search by color.
  • How much under invoice is normal? I got offered $300 under, but is a far cry from $2000 under.
  • Thanks for the reply Maugham.
    I think I can accept the 32,060 offer, but only if it's with 0 % financing. I don't desperately need a new car, and I don't have to have a cx 9.

    Like you, I prefer my Garmin. Not only I'm use to it, I also think it's much safer to have your Nav on top of the dash board at more of an eye level. Looking down to see where you are at using the on-board Nav can be dangerous. I plan to buy another Garmin and have it professionally installed, so the wires can be hidden behind the windshield.

    Have a good holiday.
  • Looking at a 2010 CX-9 Grand Touring with FWD, Moonroof Bose, Towing Prep, Navigation, and Power Liftgate. MSRP is $37,815 and dealer quoted me $30,998 plus TTL (price includes the rebate). Is this a fair price? Seems pretty good after reading through this forum but curious as to other's thoughts. Thanks.
  • Can anyone confirm that Mazda is now offering $3000 Dealer Engagement cash off the 2010's CX-9s?
  • a few dealers are now advertising GTs "AWDs" for around $7500 off MSRP now. I recommend that you check inventory supply to decide if you want to wait a little further for more manufacturer dealer engagement cash. I heard a rumor that the engagement cash went up by $1000 this weekend, but I have yet to get confirmation.
  • It is true, I believe it came out Tuesday. I just got home from buying a 2010 AWD CX9 GT w/ roof rack for $28500. I almost bought one w/ the Bose/Roof/Lift for $30990, but I really didn't want the options. I was happy w/ the price, I'm sure could've knocked a bit more off, but they are getting so scarce that you're running risk of not getting one. I didn't see the value in buying a 2011 for $3500 more.
  • quattrodoc,

    so your MSRP was $35245? Around $7000 below sticker before TTL. correct?
    or another way to look at it.
    Invoice was $32,834 - $3000 DE = $29834. So you got around $1300 below invoice?
    Where you able to take advantage of the $500 loyalty cash?
    Which state?
  • White Miata, that is correct - this was my first Mazda, so loyalty cash didn't work, though I had another dealer basically tell me that they were giving that to everyone, even if you weren't a repeat owner. Those numbers look correct; I had to drive it home last night (165 miles) and all I can say is wow. I was really impressed with everything so far. This was in Denver, CO
  • quattrodoc,
    thanks for the confirmation. Enjoy your new CX-9. They do drive great!
  • white_miata06white_miata06 Posts: 15
    edited November 2010
    Just purchased mine tonight for $26200 (includes $3000 incentive) before TTL and loyalty cash. External financing. MSRP was $32905.
  • Alas, these fantastic deals must be regional. Found the perfect CX-9 for me: blue AWD GT with moon, nav, roof rack, hitch and even splash guards. MSRP is 40,115 and they were originally offering only $300 under invoice, then finally went to $500 under invoice. Yes, there was $500 customer loyalty and $2k or 0%, but when I tried to ask for both $2k bonus AND 0% they balked. During the 48 hours of negotiation, someone else bought the car, and they sold a few other AWD GT's as well. Alas, the number of blue AWD GT's with more than basic options in a 150 mile radius is less than the fingers on one hand.

    This is in Seattle, and they are they are selling so well there's very little they'll give you as there are plenty of customers with more cash it seems.

    So, the advice is know your market. Alas mine seems loathe to offer much at all below invoice (not including any incentives).
  • Bought from Lannan Mazda in Lowell MA last week. Great experience (really nice dealer and great internet manager, finance guy and salesperson) and love the car. The "base" model has bluetooth and a lot of great options. Mine has heated power seats, roof rails and remote start for options.

    Love the car, also got 2.79 for 60 months from non Mazda financing through the dealer (citizens bank). And it's heavy enough for a big tax deduction through our small business.

    Started with truecar, IRA got close on price but these guys beat everyone.
  • sun13sun13 Posts: 1
    For $26,685 , out the door price?
  • Doesn't include tax, doc prep or RMV fees, but does include destination. About $600 less than the lowest truecar transaction.

    They gave me a great offer on my trade, $100 above Edmunds TMV and $300 above blue book.

    It's a former Saturn dealer that just converted earlier this year to Mazda, so I think they're just looking for the business. But really nice people.

    I was bracing myself to be lowballed on the trade or some other catch, I'd say the only other area where they were looking to profit was that the first financing they offered was 3.49 but when I quoted Capital One at 2.6, they came back with 2.79.

    All around, I can't believe I'm driving such a nice car for 26k and we'll write off almost all of it year end on our taxes with accelerated depreciation (GVWR over 6k)
  • white_miata06white_miata06 Posts: 15
    edited November 2010
    if think it expires today, I wonder what it will go up to tomorrow. If anyone finds out, please post it here.
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