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2013 and earlier Mazda CX-9 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • what was the interest rate on the financing?
  • It was 3.7 something....3.74, I think.
  • It sucks that some dealers gouge consumers with ridiculous doc fees. Fortunately for me California caps the doc fees at $55. That's what I had to pay. It's also a good idea to use the DMV calculator to estimate the registration fees so the dealer doesn't pull a fast one.

    See here for state-wise limits on the doc fees:
  • mrnadirmrnadir Posts: 25
    edited December 2010
    In the middle of texas.
    My only recommendation to anyone about to buy this car is to use amex/zag to figure out the best possible price in order to negotiate with the dealer. In texas, amex/zag does not give the exact price so use a similar city elsewhere to figure out texas prices. I used Raleigh, NC to figure out Austin, TX prices. If you were in Houston, you'd probably use Los Angeles, CA prices.
    Edmunds TMV and truecar are useless prices these days. And after a couple of months/years, probably zag/amex would be useless too but for now, the prices quoted by amex/zag are correct. Lower than costco without the costco hassle.
    My first impression of the car: A minivan which looks like an SUV but without the minivan conveniences :( Hopefully the suspension is somewhat tough like an suv.
    ps: total research time from thought to purchase was 1 month. If I had known about the zag site from the beginning, this would have been much faster.
    pps: I got a rate of 3.59% from the dealer/capital one. I probably would have gotten a better rate if I shopped around but I was lazy and did not have the patience or the guts to argue with the financing person at the dealership!
  • My wife likes the white CX-9 GT. We are worried the sand leather interior will get dirty pretty soon and will be difficult to maintain. Any thoughts on putting an after-market leather interiors? Will that void the warranty? I also keep reading that the CX-9's NAV is pretty bad, and I completely agree after my test-drive today. Any thoughts on after-market NAV?
  • As I understand, the warranty doesn't covers upholstery, so getting after market seat covers shouldn't be a problem.

    I also have a white CX-9 with sand interior and I've been thinking of getting seat covers from I have a set from them for the front seats of my Acura. The fit is great and they've held up well for several years. I need to find out whether the middle seat covers allows you to drop down the middle seat arm rest.
  • The nav on the CX-9 is just OK, but isn't as good as the $100 Garmin device I got at Costco. Still, it's handy in a pinch and means I'm not worrying about moving the Garmin between cars.

    I've tried Garmin & TomTom, and even the base model Garmin is excellent.

    OTOH, the backup camera that you get works really well and I use that frequently, though the lens gets dirty easily.

    Still we love the car. I have to say the angle of the front door is more annoying than anything else, as at my height it can bang against my face if I'm not careful.
  • Good point about the front door angle. We noticed that in our test-drive yesterday.
  • In the market for a CX-9. I am open to buying a demo model with low miles on it. Any pointers on how much less I should pay for a demo with 6-7k miles on it?
  • circlewcirclew Posts: 8,661
    Go with Black if you are concerned but not aftermarket interior, afaic.

    Besides, we have a 2003 GMC with grey leather and the leather cleaner was just fine after 8 years.

  • Hugo_StiglitzHugo_Stiglitz Posts: 167
    edited December 2010
    2010 Mazda
    CX-9 AWD 4dr Grand Touring
    Vehicle Summary
    Colors Exterior: Liquid Silver Metallic
    Interior: Black


    Incentives Manufacturer-to-Dealer Incentive
    Expires on 01/03/11

    MSRP as configured: $41,780
    Invoice as configured: $38,548
    Overstock price:$34,547

    Tasca Auto RI
    same price but 1/2 document fee.
  • banman7banman7 Posts: 6
    edited December 2010
    Shopped around last week via email/phone for 2010 CX-9 either Sport or Touring. Specifically indicated I wanted the price with the financing, (not the $3000). On Christmas Eve went to the dealer with the best price, test drove, and wala...oh that price doesn't include the financing. They jacked up the price and I walked out. Went to dealer with next best price and made the deal on the spot.

    2010 CX-9 Touring FWD, Dolphin Gray/Black, no other options
    OTD = $29,950

    Took delivery today. Happy with the result!
  • circlewcirclew Posts: 8,661
    Best of luck!

    I had the same experience with the Cash price vs. the finance price.

    I complained in the survey they send you after purchase that this is deceptive advertising. You can't claim 0% and then raise the price if you don't pay cash....and expect customers to come back. Even though he was the lowest dealer considering both prices, I gave him a 5 out of 10 on the survey for satisfaction.

    Let us know if a class action is brewing on this because I would join in a second.

  • aviboy97aviboy97 Posts: 3,159
    I complained in the survey they send you after purchase that this is deceptive advertising. You can't claim 0% and then raise the price if you don't pay cash....and expect customers to come back. Even though he was the lowest dealer considering both prices, I gave him a 5 out of 10 on the survey for satisfaction.

    There is nothing false about it unless the dealer told you that you can have that price with the 0% financing. Did this happen to you?

    Advertising has been going on like this for decades and it is not illegal or deceptive. If an ad clearly states the cash price cannot be combined with 0%, it is your fault for not reading the fine print. A class action would not last as long as a fart in the wind....don't bother wasting your time.....
  • circlewcirclew Posts: 8,661
    So, basically 0% is false. This from Edmunds:

    Special APR Month Term Start End
    0% 60 12/01/2010 01/03/2011

    Vehicle must be financed through the manufacturer's captive finance company.

    Dealer participation may vary. Incentives and Rebates are provided subject to the terms of our Visitor Agreement.

    I financed through Mazda's finance company. They gave me an OTD price with 0% financing and a cash price $3,000 less.

    Either way, it's NOT 0% regardless whether it would not hold up in court or not.

  • Following are the quotes that I got from a couple of dealers in Austin, Tx:

    Dealer A
    GT (2011) $32,400.00
    Touring (2011) $30900

    Dealer B
    Touring (2010) $30,292.00
    Touring (2011) $31,111.00
    GT (2011) $32,879.00

    All vehicles have the Bose+moonroof package, Liquid Silver + Black. Looks to me like the 2010s are vanishing and the 2011s are being marked-down to get business moving. Looking to make a purchase tomorrow. Would the following be a good target to shoot for?

    Touring (2010) $28500
    Touring (2011) $29500
    GT (2011) $31000

    I was open to buying the corporate program vehicles, but it looks like with the year-end discounts, it just doesn't cut it compared to the new vehicles.
  • aviboy97aviboy97 Posts: 3,159
    I'm not really sure I follow you....

    Mazda offers two different incentives, 0% financing for 60 months, or a non advertised cash incentive of $3000. It's your choice on what you would like to apply to your purchase. I'm not sure how this is deceptive.

    If you took a 0% loan, and no interest is applied, then you are in fact financing at 0%. The $3,000 cash incentive is designed to help dealers clear out remaining inventory and those who have a lot of money down, or can pay cash, it offers something they can take advantage of. 0% financing is not an incentive to a cash buyer, now is it?

    Deception can come into play if the dealer you are working with is not up front about their pricing or how you can apply the incentives. If they disclosed to you two purchase options, one with the 0% and one with the $3,000 incentive, then they are operating legally and ethically by giving you the choice on what you would like to do. The only factor a dealer can control is the actual selling price. They cannot alter incentives being offered by the manufacturer.
  • Would someone tell me the best incentive ever for 2010 CX-9? Many thanks.
  • I can't find a reference to the unadvertised $3000 cash incentive. Anyone have something concrete that I can bring into a dealership? THANKS FOR YOUR HELP!!!!!

    Found this on edmunds but it only says "up to $3000".

    Plus an additional $750 cash back on a 2010 CX-9

    Plus an additional $500 if you already own a Mazda through 1/3 just scroll down to the bottom of this page or see below

    Mazda Owner Loyalty Cash Program $500 is good toward a new 2010 or 2011 MAZDA3, 2010 MAZDA6, CX-7 or CX-9. Excludes MAZDASPEED3. The Mazda Owner Loyalty Cash Program CANNOT be combined with other private offers but CAN be combined with other public purchase incentives including but not limited to customer cash back, lease and APR incentives/offers. The offer is transferable within household, must live at the same address. Present dealer with proof of ownership (copy of vehicle registration or title) at time of purchase. Offer expires 01/03/2011.
  • tad44tad44 Posts: 2
    2010 AWD sport w/ roof rails, wheel lock and heated seat.
    price $25275, which is $4500 ($3000 + $1500 incentive) below invoice.
    found it on ZAG/Amex.
  • pina63pina63 Posts: 8
    edited January 2011
    2010 CX-9 TOURING AWD BLACK ON BLACK, PRE-OWNED 23,400 MILES. PAID $24,000 + tax/fees on 12/31/10, ZAG/USAA, NJ.

    Out of pocket cost was $19,557, meaning, $18,000 + $1,260 taxes + $199 doc fee + $98 reg/title fees + $6,000 trade-in value for my 2000 Lexus ES300 sedan, with 92,377 miles.

    While I was at the dealer negotiating for the car, I had a 2nd dealer trying to get me a NEW 2010 CX-9 TOURING AWD from a 3rd dealer for $27,020 (same color; mats and wheel locks only options). The new one did not come through in time. Really wanted to hold out, but there were too many risks; getting the CX-9 from the 3rd dealer before the incentives expire on Monday, trade-in not negotiated, etc.
  • hortmihortmi Posts: 1
    Dealers here in Atlanta are offering $5000.00 off msrp on the 2010s left over.
    I leased a loaded 2011 because the lease was better on a 2011.
    $514.00 otd 0 down for 42 months.
  • pina63pina63 Posts: 8
    Thanks! I wanted a blk/blk AWD touring and here in NJ AWD and black are very popular. I think I at least got a good deal on what I bought. A new one for $27K would have been better but my deal is done so I am just going to be happy with what I have, and $19K out of pocket isn't bad!

    Happy New Year!
  • lukes6lukes6 Posts: 35
    Just wanted post a price I got for a 2010 CX9 GT AWD w/BoseMoonroof/Nav/Powerlift/Roof racks on 12/24/10.

    MSRP - 39565
    Dealer Price - 31950 with 500 loyalty, 250 special Mazda holiday cash email I received, No 0 percent financing.

    I was happy with price and their dealer fee was 599 plus TTL (not included in dealer price) but wouldn't give me a value even close to blue book. My trade is good to excellent with below average miles. I walked. My advice is to try and sell your vehicle if it is in great condition with all maintenance/repair receipts. Will give you more cash to make the deal. Wanted to try and make a buy and wasn't looking to get total blue book value. We were 700 apart in our final numbers which was OTD price. 27000 vs 27700.
  • Interesting. Just moved from ATL to Tallahassee and not sure that the dealer here is as aggressive to sell. Couple of question if that's ok:

    Does $515/mos. include taxes? Was that a hard negotiation? Can you share your residual? Basically trying to get a similar deal here. Thanks!
  • Wow chipachip, you did great! I just got a 2011 blue GT (MR/Nav/PG) for $500 under invoice and I was pretty stoked to get that price. MSRP was 39.9, invoice was 36.6 and I got 36.1 before handling and taxes. My first new car buying experience and before I read this site I was having no fun at all, the sales folks were pointing me to the sticker price to negotiate and I just did not want to spend that much. Then I read this site and looked at the true car report and the sticker price never came up again. Thanks everyone. Car is for my wife and she is one happy camper. That blue GT with the clear markers and the silver accents is beautiful + the wicked nice interior, if I didn’t know better I would think this was a 50K car and it is a lot of fun to drive. I think we all did pretty good.
  • circlewcirclew Posts: 8,661
    Excellent choice and great price! Best of Luck!

  • No extra packages as I am doing aftermarket nav/sirius.

    Montgomery Mazda, Charlotte, NC

    Pretty lame that they don't include the retractable cargo cover on this.

    Took my trade, 12,175 OTD

    Used the $3000 to not finance and pay cash.
  • I test drove a 2010 GT Cx-9 today, MSRP of 39.5k, they were asking about 34k. I told them I wasn't going to buy today no matter what, but just sat down briefly to discuss financing. They told me that the 34k price did not include 0 percent financing and that if I wanted 0 percent financing the price would go up 3k. Is this correct?
  • pina63pina63 Posts: 8
    The $3000 mfg to dealer incentive is unadvertised, but yes I believe you are correct. You can take the $750 cash back with the 0% financing, but not together with the $3000. There is an additional $500 loyalty cashback if you already own a Mazda. See here:

    Edmunds has a chart showing the $3000 mfg to dealer incentive you will not find this on Mazda's website. -

    BTW where do you live? In NJ I got an offer from a dealer for a 2010 GT w/nav/Bose for $28,020.
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